Big, Bright, And Beautiful: Jacob Anderson’s 2015 GMC Sierra Denali

 Growing up as a kid, you’re excited about getting behind the wheel. From going to the parts store with dad or going on family trips, it didn’t matter, you’re ready to drive. That is the case with Jacob Anderson of Navarre, Florida. Anderson has been into custom cars and trucks from a young age, so it was only a matter of time until he had one of his own.
“My first truck was a 1988 GMC Sierra 1500,” said Anderson. “It was nothing special by any means, but it didn’t take me long before I started messing with it to make it more to my likings.” Anderson has had nearly fifty different vehicles including cars, trucks, and motorcycles. In this massive array of vehicles he’s accommodated over the years, he’s had the pleasure of taking two different builds to the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.
As for the diesel side of things, his first diesel was a 2012 Ford F-250. Little did he know, that was going to trigger a satisfying hobby that is diesel trucks. That leads us to his massive 2015 GMC Sierra 2500 HD Denali. This GMC was supposed to be a daily driver but plans changed quickly once the truck arrived after being ordered.
“I first ordered the truck in November of 2014 when the new, updated body style came out,” said Anderson. “It arrived in February of 2015 and I drove the truck for nearly 1,500 miles until I had a change of heart.” The truck rolled in the shop with basically no miles accumulated and was hooked up with a seven to nine-inch Cognito lift with 37-inch tires. Happy with the way the truck looked, Anderson wanted more.

“I had the truck in that form for almost six months,” Anderson said. “Wanting more, I sent the truck to ADA Off-Road in Conway, Arkansas.” While at ADA, they quickly exchanged the existing parts for a 15-inch Full Throttle Suspension lift. After seeing other similar builds, Anderson appreciated the details in the builds previously done by ADA which pushed him to get them involved.
Knowing Josh White, owner of ADA Off-Road, is used to coming in the clutch during crunch time, Anderson gave him the go-ahead to get this truck ready for SEMA 2016. “Coming through as always, White not only got the truck done and ready, but also got me a feature spot in the American Force Wheels booth debuting a set of their new flagship series wheels,” Anderson said. “The wheels were definitely my favorite part of the build, especially with them being the first set ever to be made.”
All Of The Flash
This GMC Sierra rides on a set of 26-inch by 16-inch Majestic American Force Wheels. In this tactical forces line of wheel, Anderson chose a wheel finish of polished with prismatic illusion blueberry plate. The wheels are wrapped inside of 40-inch by 15.5-inch Fury Off-Road Country Hunter tires.
Riding way high, the Sierra is sitting on a 15-inch Full Throttle Suspension lift with rear four-link and coil overs. Wanting to keep the color scheme’s to match, the suspension was powder coated to match in the prismatic illusion blueberry color.

The front and rear bumpers are low-profile units from Hammerhead Armor, with the lighting distributed by four Rigid Industries Midnight Series Pods and a 20-inch light bar. Other lighting modifications include 16 Rigid Industries Rock Lights, smoked rear tail lights, and custom headlights built by Plain An Simple.
The mirrors, fender trim, and grille shell have also been painted to match the truck. Other dress-up mods include a CL1000 6.5-foot Bedslide, Undercover TriFold bedcover, Amp Research Power Steps, and Mag Hytec differential cover and transmission pan.
As for power upgrades, the truck has been equipped with 5-inch FloPro turbo back exhaust, the engine has been deleted of emissions and custom tuned by PPEI using EFI Live, and maximizing air intake with an AFE Power cold-air intake system.
Anderson credits all of the people involved with this build for the experiences and fun that it has brought him. Josh and Rebecca White of ADA Off-Road, Amy Gilbert of Stainless Diesel, Andy McFarlane, and Joel Chan of American Force Wheels, James Bertao of Full Throttle Suspension, Austin Henderson of Hammerhead Armor, and Katherine, Nick, Rick, and Alessandro of Industry Specialists.

To stay up to date with Anderson’s wild builds, check him out on Instagram!

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