Finishing Up The First 10: Drivers 9 And 10 for UCC 2018

 #9 Wesley Beech: Beech Performance

While succeeding in other sanctioned events, what else would Mentor, Ohio native Wesley Beech want to do? The 2017 Ultimate Callout Challenge was Beech’s rookie season and had the determination to make it deep into the day. The truck had other thoughts.

Beech drives a crew cab, short bed Ford F-250 powered by a 6.4-liter Power Stroke with a  complex triple turbo setup. It was designed and fabricated by Beech and uses a pair of BD Diesel custom S480s drawing air from the atmosphere with a single BD Diesel custom S482 in the valley.

An undiagnosed oil pressure issue reared its ugly head during Beech’s initial fuel-only pass down the Lucas Oil Raceway drag strip and seized the engine he coasted to a 10.59-second pass at 128.80 MPH. While the pass was good enough for 12th place points in the drag race portion of the event, the seized engine would not allow the team to continue on in the competition giving them DNS and no score for the dyno and sled pull events and 23rd place overall position for the weekend.

Beech and his team want redemption for the poor 2017 showing and plan to attack the 2018 UCC with a renewed sense of determination and proven race parts and tactics. They are starting with a new Powerline Engine 6.4-liter Power Stroke engine build that when combined with the triple turbo system and massive fuel upgrades the team hopes will deliver more than 1,600 horsepower on fuel alone with extra horsepower delivered via a healthy dose of nitrous oxide to push the numbers much higher and propel the regular cab long bed 2008 Ford F-250 down the track.

Beech also handled the chassis fabrication with custom 4-link setups front and rear to keep the power planted to the pavement. For the sled pull, he designed a rear clip that would bolt in under the frame of the truck with a solid mounted dual rear wheel axle. He also planned to swap out the front axle rather than change and set up gears in the short time available at the event.

With support from his team and all of his sponsors, Beech looks ahead toward a huge performance improvement during the 2018 UCC. They plan to run the engine on the Powerline Engine dyno well before the 2018 event for performance tuning, testing and to dial in the components to make sure they are locked, loaded and ready to compete in all three events this year.

#10 Frank Kuperman Jr.: Revmax

During the 2017 UCC, the team from RevMax Performance did what no one thought possible by driving their competition truck to the Indianapolis event, competing in all three rounds of UCC competition then driving the truck back home.

Doing so, they also proved that they can build a stout 68rfe transmission. They not only obtained the original transmission during all three events, but never had to touch it.

The RevMax truck looked good on the sled pull track during the 2017 Ultimate Callout Challenge.

Frank Kuperman Jr. and the RevMax team worked with Midget’s Diesel Performance on the build of the 6.7-liter Cummins engine reducing the stroke to make it a high-revving 6.4-liter powerhouse. Boost is created by a compound setup using a pair of S475/S480 turbos to develop plenty of boost and provide the engine with enough boost to keep up with the high-performance fuel system.

The fuel system consists of 450 percent over S&S Motorsport fuel injectors that are fed large amounts of high-pressure fuel through a pair of Fleece Performance Engineering 12 mm stroker CP3s.

While other trucks were radically reconfigured for each discipline of the Ultimate Callout Challenge Kuperman and the RevMax crew stuck with what got them there, literally. They adhered to the “run what ya brung” mantra and ran the truck in each event with only rear tire changes.

They used a set of slicks to put the power to the drag strip, then returned to their street tires for the dyno runs, and finished the event with an aggressive set of mud terrain dual tires for the sled pull.

Kuperman Jr. and his RevMax team are of course sponsored by RevMax Performance and they receive additional support from Higher Power Performance and Midget’s Diesel Performance to get the most out of their 2WD Dodge.

We look forward to seeing the truck drive to Indy then hit the track, dyno, dirt and drive back home once again. All the action happens May 4-6, 2018 at the third annual Ultimate Callout Challenge!

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