Going For Broke: Ultimate Callout Challenge Qualifier 2018

Like many of you already know, the Ultimate Callout Challenge has been around for two years now. The Ultimate Callout Challenge (UCC) is the most gruesome contest between a field of elite trucks in the industry and it crowns a champion that was most consistent in all three events. So what about the everyday guy looking to become an elite name? Introducing the UCC Qualifier event.

The UCC Qualifier was an open invitation to anyone who thought they had what it takes to compete. With drivers coming in from all over the country in an attempt to make a name for themselves, this year’s event in Indianapolis is a guaranteed to be a wild one. Let’s take a look at the first few drivers that are in tow to Indiana.

Driver #1 Aaron Jones – Milford, Pennsylvania

This highly modified GMC Sierra has a threatening look, but does it perform like it looks?

Hailing from New Milford, Pennsylvania, is 34-year-old named Aaron Jones in his 2003 GMC Sierra 2500. Jones has been tinkering with vehicles since he was 10 years old which led to his career choice as a General Motors technician for 14 years. With his GM involvement, he acquired a passion for diesel performance that led him to sled pulling and drag racing.

After four years of being dedicated to diesel motorsports, Jones has won the unlimited class for two years followed by a runner-up. Jone’s came across the qualifier opportunity and looks to have a lot of fun come May. Jone’s will be utilizing a built 6.6-liter Duramax engine with a set of S480 over S595 compound turbos. Claiming 1,410-horsepower, will his GMC have what it takes?

No stranger to competition, Jones’s Sierra has made plenty of passes on the dragstrip.

Driver #2 Arch Stalknaker – West Virginia 

This will be the most unique vehicle on the property and we cannot wait to see how it stacks up against the other competition.

Coming across the country from the Appalachian Mountains, Arch Stalnaker, a West Virginia native, plans on debuting an engine design that will prove itself. With a mystery build in tow, we’re excited to see what Stalnaker brings to the table in May.

Driver #3 Charlie Keeter – Franklin, West Virginia

If you haven’t already heard of him, you will. Keep an eye out for this two-tone Powerstroke.

As a 28-year-old thrill seeker, Charlie Keeter couldn’t resist the Ultimate Callout Challenge qualifier. This east coast native, hailing from Franklin, Virginia, is a not a rookie to diesel performance. He’s won the Diesel Power Challenge two years running and looks to take things to a higher level.

His 2004 Ford F-250 is equipped with a triple-turbocharged, nitrous-oxide fed, 6.0-liter Powerstroke engine that’s capable of unbelievable horsepower and torque. Keeter looks to continue his success into another event an keep the 6.0-liter fans proud. Will it be a Powerstroke powered truck taking the W?

Being easily in the low 6-second range in the 1/8 mile, that puts Keeter at one of the fastest trucks in the competition.

Stay tuned as we continue to reveal all of the latest competitors for the Ultimate Callout Challenge qualifier. Let us know who you think will take the cake this year. For more information on the Ultimate Callout Challenge, check out their website.

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