Heading To The Track: Must Haves Before Heading Out

You’ve got the parts on, the transmission is in, and the fuel cell is full of fuel and all you have to do is load the truck on the trailer and be off to the races. As Billy Mayes would say “But wait, there’s more.” What are some of the common must have things that you may forget before heading to the track? We will review!

#1 Tow Straps/ Tie Downs

I myself, am guilty of forgetting this. Just because you remember having some doesn’t mean they are safe to use. Be sure and check out the straps or tie downs you’ll be using before the trip to the strip. Safety First!

#2 Tools

You’re at the track and you’ve had an issue that requires tools. You forgot them at the house or in the shop. Make sure before heading out that you will have what it takes to potentially fix a problem or breakage.

#3 Work Lights

If your truck does happen to go down and you remembered your tools, what good will the tools do you if you don’t have sufficient light? Your best bet is to have an organized area for track items. Have your lighting equipment, tools, and tow straps all in the same place.

#4 Floor Jack

We know it’s bulky, but really, if you need to pull a wheel and tire off in between rounds, you’re going to need a floor jack. It’s worth the hassle loading it in the truck bed or in the trailer because if it came down to needing one at least it was with you.

#5 Paper Towels

If you’re anything like some and must have everything clean these will be your best friend. If you’re working on your truck in the pits and get oil, transmission fluid, or coolant on your hands or arms you are able to clean up before jumping back in the driver’s seat. After all, nobody likes looking at a dirty truck!

#6 Money

Probably one of the most important parts of racing is money. They don’t take IOUs at the main gate. Make that stop at the bank on the way there, 0r maybe the day before. In line nobody want’s to wait on the guy that forgot cash.

What else would you add to this list? Anything on here you normally forget? Let us know in the comments below!

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Artie Maupin

Artie Maupin is from Southeast Missouri and has an extreme passion for anything diesel. He loves drag racing of all kinds as well as sled pulling competitions.
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