Hot Shot’s Secret: FR3 High Performance Additive

While we were out at the NHRDA World Finals, we stopped and spoke with a few gentleman at the Hot Shot’s Secret booth. Hot Shot’s Secret is the official fuel additive for the NHRDA and provides high-performance additives to all of the winners as well as selling products onsite at event pricing.

When we asked the guys at Hot Shot’s secret if they had any new products coming out, they replied with a smiling yes. “We’re working on some really great ideas and mixtures for an even better additive,” they said. While nothing precise was given away just yet, we look forward to hearing more about the new product.

2-Time Ultimate Callout Challenge winner Lavon Miller of Firepunk Diesel states ” After testing the FR3 Friction Reducer, we saw a dyno proven five-percent increase of rear wheel horsepower.”

If the new product is anything like the old we’re in for a treat. Outside their tent was a display of dyno numbers where their FR3 was dyno tested at Firepunk Diesel. Their most common question they get is, “What separates your products from the competition?” Their response is showcasing the proven results from the dyno.

Results aren’t known to lie. It’s obvious that the product from Hot Shot’s Secret are meant to replenish the life of your engine, improve fuel mileage, and above all make more horsepower!

Teaming up with Firepunk Diesel, Hot Shot’s Secret put their FR3 to the test against the other leading brands. Two 6.7-Liter Cummins-powered trucks one with FR3, the other with brand X. Taking an average of horsepower and torque from both trucks, the results show the more superior additive.

After averaging 349.44-horsepower on the stock baseline tuning, the brand x additive was added. After brand X was installed, the average came to 353.48-horsepower. That’s a 4.04-horsepower increase. Performance tune averaged 428.42-horsepower with an increase to 430.38-hp with the additive.

The crew at Hot Shot's Secret had lines of people waiting to get in the tent for questions. Without a delay, these guys continued to fill us all in with results, news, and answered any questions we wanted. They made it to the event with two pallets of product. During the midway point on the second and last day, they had nothing left. The product was flying off the shelves.

FR3 was used as well after the stock baseline(331.00-HP) and performance tunes(460.94-HP) were averaged. After using FR3, the horsepower numbers increased from 15-17.5 horsepower just from using the additive.

The design of the FR3 allows the ability to restore the compression of an engine’s combustion chamber and increase the efficiency of an engine by reducing friction. There is no reason you shouldn’t be running Hot Shot’s Secret products in your diesels. Be sure and check out all of the great products Hot Shot’s Secret offers on their website.

Hot Shot’s Secret produces more than just than the FR3. They offer many different additives for many different applications. Stiction Eliminator, Diesel Extreme Fuel additive, Everyday Diesel Treatment (EDT), Transmission Stiction Eliminator (TSE) and an Anti-Gel additive. No matter the application, they’ve got you covered!

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