Industrial Injection: New 6.0-liter Power Stroke Injector

As we all know, the Ford Power Stroke 6.0-liter Power Stroke engine has earned itself a bad rap. Our friends at Industrial Injection have a game plan to correct one of the biggest issues. Between the head bolts, EGR coolers, FICM failures and high-pressure oil pump failures, it’s hard to keep them together it seems like. I know first hand that the 6.0-liter isn’t a bad apple. With the correct care and maintenance, these trucks can be great.

One of the biggest issues with these engines are the sticking injectors. Over time, as the engine and its components get older, this type of injector commonly fail. They wear and aren’t capable of completing function without a dead miss. Luckily for us enthusiasts, Industrial Injection has the fix for our trucks.

Get your 6.0-liter on the road with quality fuel injectors today.

Introducing the new OEM replacement 6.0-liter Power Stroke injectors. The Industrial Injection remanufactured injectors are guaranteed to meet factory quality, reliability, and efficiency. They come 100 percent new precision fit with upgraded spool valves, upgraded vented slot coil technology, new harness connector, new plunger and a nozzle assembly.

“As one of our best sellers, we have increased the production quantity on these injectors which provides greater availability and lower cost to the customer,” said Scott Dana of Industrial Injection. “With a two-year warranty, there isn’t a better option for a 6.0-liter injector.”

These remanufactured injectors come with new copper washers and O-ring kits are included for installation.

All the injectors come with a 24-month, unlimited mileage, repair or replacement warranty and they are now more affordable than ever. For more information on Industrial Injection injectors and their other products, check out their website. How are your injectors holding up in your 6.0-liter? Let us know in the comments below.

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