New from Banks Power – the intercooler for the 2013-17 RAM 6.7L Cummins Diesel. This intercooler minimizes airflow restrictions to increase boost air density. See more details below.

Official Release:

“It’s Cool to be Dense” is a mantra at Banks Power where they recently introduced the Banks Intercooler for the 2013 – 17 RAM 6.7L Cummins Diesel. Designed to eliminate airflow restrictions and increase boost air density, everything about the Banks Intercooler is bigger. It includes oversized mandrel-bent high flow boost tubes, larger diameter inlet and outlets for increased flow, Computational Fluid Dynamics designed cast aluminum end tanks providing uniform airflow into the intercooler core – a core that is 1.66 inches thicker than stock.

The combined result is an overall 44% improvement in cooling volume flowing 53% more CFM than stock. In fact, the Banks Intercooler offers a 55% reduction in Pressure Loss over stock, which is almost double the reduction compared to their nearest competitor and with twice the mass over stock, the Banks’ Intercooler has a higher level of instantaneous and continuous cooling. The bottom line is – improving airflow lowers boost loss which increases air density and oxygen content of the air entering the engine. That amplifies power, lowers exhaust gas temperatures (EGTs) and improves fuel economy. When EGTs are tamed, you no longer need to limit fuel delivery. Consequently, you get more power at any EGT. That’s why “it’s cool to be dense.”


  • Improves Power, Durability & Fuel Economy
  • Dramatically increases air density
  • Cooler EGTs, more MPG & constant-duty power
  • High-efficiency custom-machined durable cast end tanks
  • Wide-open inlet and outlet
  • Reduces boost pressure loss
  • Maximizes Boost Air
  • Lowers exhaust gas temps
  • Packs cool, dense air into the cylinders
  • Lower restriction for superior flow
  • 5-year Warranty
  • Steady power output even under extreme temperatures
  • Includes all necessary hardware
  • Fits 2013-17 Ram 6.7L