Outlaw Diesel Super Series Unveils New Outlaw 5.90 Index Class

In the last few years, trucks have evolved tremendously. Drag racing is an addiction and it usually starts with the Sportsman’s class, but as passions evolve the speed and time get turned up. For the 2018 Outlaw Diesel Super Series season, the mark has been set a little faster with the introduction of a brand new class.

ODSS needed a class for trucks that are faster than the 6.70 Index, but not quite fast enough for Pro Street. This gave birth to the Outlaw 5.90 Index. We caught up Gregg Jolly of the Outlaw Diesel Super Series to collect his thoughts.

Who will bump up next year for 5.90 Index?

“At the end of 2017, we were looking at ways to expand our series and make racing more competitive,” Jolly said. “After some discussion, we are very excited to announce the new class for 2018. The class was created with the intent to help bridge the gap for those who can’t afford the high-end Pro Street trucks, but still want to go fast. We are going to try and keep rules to a minimum in order to help draw out as much competition as possible.”

The Outlaw 5.90 Index class sponsored by Firepunk Diesel is going to be one of the most fun classes to watch in 2018. “Hopefully we will bring out some new competitors and possibly get some of those that helped make Pro Street what it is today,” Jolly said. “Maybe we can get the guys like Sam Smith, Phil Taylor, and Darren Morrison to get their trucks out of the barns and come compete again. We hope to see everyone at our events next year.”

Do you have what it takes to compete in the Outlaw 5.90 Index class?

We can’t wait to see what 2018 brings and we’ll be there for all of the action. For more information on the Outlaw Diesel Super Series, check out their website here.

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