PRI 2017: Aluminum 6.0L Power Stroke Cylinder Heads

For many years now, the 6.0-liter Powerstroke engine that is outfitted in the Ford F-250/350 trucks has collected some good and bad testimonials. The majority of the horror stories from these trucks contain mostly cylinder heads, cylinder head gaskets, and cylinder head bolts. We caught up with Chad Bowling at ProMaxx Performance to discuss their 6.0-liter fix.

“Our aluminum Ford 6.0-liter head has been in development and testing for 3 years,” said Bowling. “We have been selling cast iron 6.0-liter heads for 5 years and our team believes that the diesel market is ready for this improvement.”

We're looking forward to gains from these aftermarket cylinder heads.

The Chevrolet small block engines through the 1970s had cast iron heads and people began to replace them with aluminum heads after the cast irons would fail. Fast forward to our year of the 6.0-liter trucks and the cylinder heads are failing and must be replaced. If you’re in the shop replacing, why not replace with improved parts?

“Our thoughts were, how about an aluminum replacement?” said Bowling. “It’s lighter, flows more air, it dissipates heat quicker, and it’s repairable if they were to fail in the future.” This lead the ProMaxx team to their next move. The first aluminum cylinder head for a 6.0-liter Powerstroke.

“We started with a 356 T-6 casting like we use in our ProMaxx Performance racing heads,” said Bowling. “After speaking with 6.0-liter enthusiasts, we came up with a few strategic changes that would help the 6.0 exceed OEM standard.”

“Finally, after a year of development, the Ford 6.0 arrived just three days prior to the PRI Show,” Bowling continued. “We have eight months of thorough testing on this head with 130 horsepower over stock tune by Chaos.”

Pro Maxx Performance had a huge booth set up at PRI 2017 displaying all of their newest products coming to 2018.

Matt Hussey, with ProMaster Automotive in Enterprise, Alabama, did the install and testing. Reaching the max potential of the injectors and turbo during testing, they have acquired zero issues. After this test, the product was used on other trucks for testing and again, have had zero issues.

“We are waiting for our first batch for public release,” said Bowling. “These heads will revolutionize the 6.0-liter market at a price competitive with the factory Ford cast iron heads, with our heads coming in around $1,500 each, fully assembled.”

We’re excited to see what how these cylinder heads perform form a performance standpoint. For more information on ProMaxx Performance products check out their website. Let us know in the comments below what your thoughts are on this new item.


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