PRI 2017: D&J Precision Machine’s New Billet Cummins Block

D&J Precision Machine has been offering custom parts for different applications for a few years now. In the diesel performance industry, they have become known as one of the elite machining companies. Now they have taken things to another level. Introducing the billet Cummins engine block.

The Cummins engine has been known to be one of the best engines known to man, but sometimes big companies can find the limits of the materials used. As you may know, Firepunk Diesel recently broke the internet when they scattered an engine on the engine dyno. Separating the block in the middle, this Cummins is done.

This new aluminum block will be lighter, faster, and stronger than ever. This will aid those drivers that are striving to lose the most weight as possible to reach their weight goals.

“We are using 5/8 studs in the aluminum with two inches of thread per stud,” said Drew Pumphrey, of D&J Precision Machine. “The bed plate is made of high tensile billet steel with six studs per main and the maximum bore size offered in this is 4.250.”

“We are not using a head gasket,” said Pumphrey. “All of the oil is sealed with o-rings and the compression is sealed with a spring energized c-ring used in aerospace. The block is machined for key style roller lifters.”

“We have stress tested this in our CAD software and engineered the webs for the best balance between weight and strength available,” said Pumphrey

Coming in at around $15,000, this engine is ready for purchase and the team at D&J are looking forward to pumping these bad boys out. We’re excited to see what’s next for D&J and the machining industry. For more information on their products, check out their website.

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