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Have you ever gotten to the point in a build where you’ve got the power you want, but you just aren’t running the times you want? So have I, and this is what you can do. We stopped in at GTS Fiberglass in Troy, Missouri for a tour to see just what they did.

After review, my truck bed was several hundred pounds and I was committed. I would do whatever it takes to cut as much weight as possible. Even if that means taking factory parts off.

What Is Fiberglass?

This is a mold of a Dodge Ram bed side. The mold is filled with a resin to get the shape.

Fiberglass is a reinforced plastic material composed of glass fibers embedded in a resin matrix. Fiberglass is a great alternative for someone that want’s to have the same factory look, but with a fraction of the weight.

“Fiberglass is a lot stronger than it looks,” Greg said. “Take it outside and kick it across the parking lot.” As much as we wanted to try this, we just trusted his word.

This is the product lying in the mold waiting to be detached.

Lighter, Faster, and Stronger!

Shown is a finished product. This is the inside and the outside of a Dodge Ram single cab door assembly. The doors are already prepped for hinge install and an area molded for a Lexan glass install.

While we were at the shop we picked up a pair of fiberglass bedsides for our 2004 Dodge Ram drag truck build. The weight of factory bed is over 400 pounds and in a competitive class, every ounce of weight matters. The combined weight of the fiberglass bedsides is only 10 pounds.

As you can see the fiberglass turned out perfect! The body lines match exactly like a factory hood, but way lighter. These products that GTS offers are extremely tough and durable. We can't wait to get them installed.

You do the math, we’ll be lighter. At this point, if you’re thinking fiberglass, you’re in deep. GTS Fiberglass can help anybody with any application. Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge bumpers, front clips, doors, cabs, beds, bed sides, the options are endless.

Started From The Bottom, Now We’re Here

GTS has a paint booth for the filling of the molds.

GTS started doing only monster truck bodies. Most of the common bodies you may remember are GTS’s fine work. It wasn’t until a few years back when some two-wheel-drive pullers and mud drag guys got ahold of GTS and now they have the work lined up.

GTS is wanting to expand their company and dip into the diesel drag racing and sled pulling market. Have a puller? Have a drag truck? Anything you want, they can make it happen.

A sport bumper is shown for a front clip of a Dodge next to a 2010 and newer(4th generation) Dodge Ram hood being made with an added hood scoop.

Prepping For Install

Installation can bring people to their knees. We asked Greg, how would you mount these bedsides up and he politely explained, “There is no exact measurement or mounting area when it comes to fiberglass. Not every mold or every piece we manufacture will fit everyone’s needs.”

GTS stresses when it comes to fiberglass, every single piece is custom and the mounting fabrication is totally up to you. For more information on GTS Fiberglass, be sure to check out its website.

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