Ultimate Callout Challenge 2018: Derek Rose Returns For Redemption

In the most anticipated event of 2017, Derek Rose of DNR Customs set out to do something special. The powerplant combination that had a hand in from multiple companies was going to be something that nobody has ever seen before. That’s what the Ultimate Callout Challenge is all about. Going the extra mile, do something crazy and swing for the fences.

Although they had some minor setbacks, Rose and team DNR did very well in last years event. Placing second overall just behind Lavon Miller and Firepunk Diesel. It’s been said that if Rose could’ve pulled only a few more feet, he could’ve left with the victory. DNR left the event with their heads held high, as they should. Making it on the podium on the biggest stage of the industry is a win in itself.

“We’re looking forward to this year’s event,” said Rose. “Seeing how it’s our third year competing, it’s clear we love to compete.”In Day 1 of the event, Rose made a 9.16-second pass which ended up being his best counted time in the drag racing portion. Although that is plenty fast, that is nowhere near where he wants to be. With a lower 9-second pass instead, that may have been the difference in winning or losing the overall.

Day 2, Rose with very high expectations, hit the rollers in front of the crowd. After his first pull, expecting a 2,000 horsepower plus run, he earned a 1,981 horsepower and 2,615 lb-ft of torque. After the necessary adjustments on the dyno, they got the numbers they were after, 2,047 horsepower and 2,778 lb-ft of torque, was good enough to place third in the dyno competition.

“Each competitor may have their strong point,” said Rose. “With our experience and testing, I feel like we are solid in each event.”

With the sled pull in his sights, Rose knew he would need a strong pull in order to catch up to Lavon Miller in the overall standings. Rose with his never lift attitude, gave the truck all it could handle, but in the end, it was the track that let him down. The conditions weren’t there for the perfect pull, but it was still enough to land him in third place for the day.

“We took a one-off, never been done engine to the 2017 event and damn near won the thing,” said Rose. “Now, with our proven setup I’m feeling great about this year’s competition.” Rose and team DNR has had more testing for this year than they have combined in the previous. The plan of attack is simple for these guys, give it everything we’ve got and don’t hold back.

Redemption In 2018

“I am basically going to lay it all out on the line,” said Rose. “I am going to give zero f***s and do whatever it takes to win.” Coming close to winning this thing has really given him the boost he needs to take things to the top. Although they had a stellar performance at last years event, Rose and team DNR are setting up a new power plant that isn’t quite so peculiar from others. He is wanting to compete in the event as well as have an engine that he can use for strictly drag racing events across the country.

Will Rose and team DNR Customs have what it takes to finally get that W? Be sure and stay tuned to Diesel Army for all of the Ultimate Callout Challenge results and information. For more information about DNR Customs, check out their website. You can see all the Ultimate Callout Challenge action from Lucas Oil Raceway on SpeedVideo RIGHT HERE.  This broadcast is brought to you by presenting sponsor Fleece Performance Engineering, along with Fass Fuel Systems, Driven Racing Oil, Royal Purple, Nitrous Express, Lubrication Specialties, Mahle Motorsports, WELD Racing, BD Diesel, Pusher Intakes, Firestone Tires, and Goerend Transmission.

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