Ultimate Callout Challenge 2018: Drivers 23 And 24 Announced

#23: Cody Hale – Anarchy Diesel Performance

Cody is planning on some significant changes in the 2018 session but it doesn’t go unnoticed, his truck was a lethal 9-second truck last at last years event.

Cody Hale and the team at Anarchy Diesel Performance are looking to make their second showing at the UCC their best yet. Last year’s competition saw a fair amount of competitors get hit with bad luck in one or more of the events.

Perhaps in light of the bad karma that seemed to be going around, Cody decided to not take the risk of running the truck in the sled pull. That won’t be happening this year, however.


These monster slicks are what it takes, for Cody to obtain enough traction to get this thing down the strip.

Cody has been in diesel industry for over 10 years and has made Anarchy into one of the top tuners in the industry. The entire team is dedicated and happily put in many hours to get the truck, a 6.7-liter 2006 RAM 2500, competition ready.

The truck’s fuel system is all Industrial Injection, the current turbo setup is an 80-mm s400 over a 110-mm s500, and the transmission pushing it all is an MCN Diesel 48re. Other sponsors for the truck include CP Carrillo, FTE Diesel, and Yukon.


Cody has replaced nearly every panel with fiberglass on the truck trying to get the chassis down to the lightest platform possible.

Though he declined to run the sled pull last year, Cody put up great numbers in the other two events, with a 9.913-second quarter mile in the drags and a hearty dyno showing of 1,372 horsepower and 2,160 pound-feet of torque.

For Cody and the rest of the team at Anarchy, building this truck is not a job, but a fun hobby. Their truck has gone from a daily driver to a full competition drag truck. The truck was its “plain boring” silver self at last year’s event but will be getting a full-body makeover for next year’s competition.

#24: Jared Delekta – Industrial Injection

Jared Delekta has been on quite the diesel journey ever since Industrial Injection found him on the side of the road – literally. Some five years ago, Jared was attending WyoTech in Laramie, WY, for diesel technology and business management, while one fateful day some folks from Industrial were passing through town when they had a breakdown.

Jared happened upon them and offered his services to get the truck back up and running. They were so impressed with him that two weeks later they called him up with a job offer. He still had eight weeks of school left, so once he finished up school, he made the move to Salt Lake City and joined the Industrial Injection team.

Jared spends his days working on customer’s vehicles, but once the bell rings, he gets to work getting ready for the UCC. He has been on the crew for both UCC’s, but this year he’s making his debut as a driver.

The truck is a 2001 Chevrolet 2500 HD on the outside, but its beating heart is an Industrial Injection Shredder Series Deck Plate 6.7-liter Cummins with Randy’s Transmissions 48RE manual valve body transmission. It started as a joke on social media, but they quickly discovered that the key to getting faster than a nine-second quarter mile was ditching the old Duramax engine. After years of butting against that limit, the Cummins power plant immediately boosted the truck into the high eight seconds.

The truck’s current high-water mark is a quarter mile of 8.53 seconds, achieved at the most recent NHRDA World Finals. That same run saw it make a speed record of 167 MPH as well. This is definitely a truck and driver to watch out for.

Jared first drove the truck at an event for the Scheid Diesel Extravaganza in 2016 and from then on he took the truck over. The truck is currently equipped with Industrial’s own triple turbo kit, dual XP CP3s, and Cobra injectors. Other sponsors for the truck include Suncoast Diesel Transmissions, Hardway Performance, Breakout Tuning, Nitrous Express, and FASS Fuel Systems.

As with any project truck, it’s hard to leave anything alone. Bigger and faster is the goal, and that’s why they’re in the competition. Jared says he’s been teasing current UCC champion, Lavon Miller, that he’s coming for him.

Lavon’s response, “Good, it’s getting lonely up here!” It remains to be seen if Jared can take the top spot, but we certainly can’t wait to find out when the rubber hits the track, rollers, and dirt May 4th-6th 2018 at the third annual Ultimate Callout Challenge!

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