The tuning scene for diesel enthusiasts has grown to be just as wide spread as any other performance niche. While our community has its unique needs, the aftermarket has answered with support. EFI Live is one of a few key players in the market of ECU calibration and tuning. As we push our engines with crazy setups from compound turbos, to nitrous, water/meth and more we need the management systems to know what’s going on.

In this video Guy from High Performance Academy chats with Andre of EFI Live to shed some light on offerings for the diesel Market. Andre introduces EFI Live and their support of the diesel market as a response to the advent of common-rail fuel systems. As Guy asks about the unlocked potential in diesel engines, Guy elaborates;” that’s the thing that got me really excited about diesel performance, fundamentally without ever modifying any of the hard parts – say in a GM Duramax engine – you can effectively double the output at the rear wheel.”

EFILiveA big claim, yes, but the inherent nature of diesel engines controlling fuel rather that airflow means that tuning software allows the user to have a finger on the pulse of the engine in a way not possible with gasoline engines.

Guy continues to expand on some of the fundamentals of diesel tuning and the phenomenon of black smoke. We are aware that diesels can run on a very wide range of air-fuel ratios so is rolling coal all for show or really adding anything to the performance of the engine?

Check out the rest of the video to learn more, and reach out to EFI Live for questions you may have about your tuning needs.