If you have a show car, racecar, desert toys, boat, fifth-wheel or any other rolling thing you drag behind you truck chances are you value the safety and security of it as you haul to your destination. Nothing spoils a vacation or trip like damaged toys and worse, an escaping trailer.

Making sure you invest the time and research into what you trust your load to is a small investment when it comes to protecting your items and family. Making sure your trailer is in road-worthy condition, hitched up correctly and securely and taking care of periodic maintenance. B&W Trailer Hitches takes towing seriously from the very start. When it comes to manufacturing and putting your name on a product you want to make sure every unit you roll out of the factory is consistent and trustworthy.


The robotic welder makes speedy work of finishing this Companion Base.

In this video we see some impressive automated welding action, care of their articulating robotic arm. Like a coordinate measuring machine (CMM) the robotic arm can be programmed by production engineers to follow specifically developed tool paths – laying down consistent and uniform weld beads along the way.

Not only does automating a process like this ensure each and every weld has adequate penetration, fills the desired gap fully, and is up to test specs, it also speeds up production potentially passing on savings, and keeping workers out of an environment with excessive UV exposure and poor air quality.

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