Diesel Army’s Ultimate Holiday Buyer’s Guide


Yup, it’s that time of year again. Christmas songs in every store (starting way too early it seems), decorations, trees, and lights galore – enough of that rhyming stuff. Let’s just get down to the brass tacks of it. Car guys absolutely LOVE Christmas! And generally it’s not because of the cheerful music and bountiful feasts of food (although that part doesn’t suck), but more along the lines of the annual excuse to actually get away with buying car parts galore!

Mike_RyanWe can actually get away with, not only buying ourselves some goodies for our never-ending projects, but somehow – if we’re lucky enough – we can even convince those closest to us to go out and take advantage of all of the great holiday deals to score even more worthy parts from those we love. This year we rallied the troops to scrounge up some of the coolest automotive parts and accessories along with the hottest deals out there for the holidays. So, whether you’ve been mildly naughty and only deserving of some Stocking Stuffers, or if you’ve just scratched the surface of Nice, or went all out and are on the way to the REALLY Nice list – we’ve got something for everyone.

Open up that email window and get your “copy and paste” on, send your favorites to the wife, family, or anyone else you can talk into furnishing your wish list – Happy Holidays everyone!

Stocking Stuffers: Under $250

advanced FLOW engineering (aFe)
Item: differential covers
Price: $208 and up
Contact: afepower.com, (951) 493-7100

AFE46-70032_1000aFe Power’s new rear differential covers bring performance engineering to the protection of your axle’s differential. This differential cover is constructed out of durable die-cast A380 aluminum with reinforced ribs for maximum strength. This cover comes with all necessary hardware and includes an O-ring for a leak-free seal. It features a 5-quart lube capacity and has built-in internal and external fins to transfer heat from the fluid to the outside air for maximum cooling. This system incorporates a magnetic drain plug to capture loose particles for maximum rear-end protection. Also, included is a 1/8″ NPT calibration plug that is set to the factory fluid level, which eliminates accidental overfilling.

Air Lift Company
Item: LoadLifter5000 ULTIMATE
Price: Varies by application
Contact: airliftcompany.com, (800) 248-0892

LoadLifter5000 ULTIMATE pairAir Lift Company has expanded its line of suspension solutions with the release of its new LoadLifter5000™ ULTIMATE air spring kit. The air springs kits are designed to fit half-ton, three-quarter-ton and one-ton pickups equipped with leaf springs, boosting towing and hauling safety and comfort when drivers need it most. The jounce bumper is made with Air Lift’s specially engineered, closed-cell urethane foam and replaces the factory jounce bumper.

Item: Universal Filters
Price: Varies by filter
Contact: airaid.com, (800) 498-6951

Airaid_uniNeed a unique filter or have a unique combination of parts and nothing off the shelf works? Well, Airaid has got you covered with their universal filters. The universal cone filters have a flange id ranging in size from a 2.5” to 6”. These are perfect whether you have a custom application or simply want to upgrade another brand’s intake system. AIRAID filters and breathers come in a variety of shapes and styles to suit a wide range of applications featuring their superior filter technology.

Automotive Racing Products (ARP)
Item: Rod Bolts
Price: Vary by application
Contact: arp-bolts.com, (805) 339-2200

Arp_RodARP is now offering connecting rod bolts for Ford Power Stroke engines. Currently, available for the 1999 to 2003 7.3L Power Stroke engines with powdered metal rods and all 2003 to 2010 6.0 and 6.4 Power Strokes. All rod bolts feature rolled threads and are heat-treated. This combination, along with the strong base material, provides up to ten times more fatigue strength than the factory bolts. If you are looking to make power, these are your solution.

ATP Trucks
Item: CAT Filter Adapter Kit
Price: $109.99
Contact: atptrucks.com, (208) 685-1000

ATP_complete cat filter adpater, spacer, filter head rebuild kit, and bleeder screwDo you have an issue with losing prime in your fuel filter? Did you add an aftermarket lift pump and now have a leaky filter head? Do you own a “High Mileage” truck and want to be proactive? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you need the ATP Trucks CAT Filter Adapter Kit. This is your complete kit to update and upgrade your stock 2001-2010 Duramax Fuel Filter and Fuel Filter Head Assembly. The kit is designed with a Nictane CAT Filter Adapter, Billet Aluminum Fuel Filter Head Spacer,Billet Aluminum Fuel Bleeder Screw with o-ring seal and a complete seal kit to rebuild your stock fuel filter head assembly.

B&M Racing
Item: Universal Supercooler
Price: 104.11
Contact: bmracing.com, (707) 544-4761

B&M supercoolerDiesel truck owners know that towing a trailer or boat can put a strain the engine causing it to run hot. B&M Universal SuperCoolers offer a cooling solution to keep engine temperatures running in their optimal range. The B&M SuperCooler is constructed of 100% stamped plate aluminum. The unique and sturdy design will deflect most flying debris and provides for maximum cooling through heat dissipation. B&M SuperCoolers are available as an automatic transmission cooler, oil cooler, differential cooler, or power steering cooler. The automatic transmission coolers offer an additional feature called “Low Pressure Drop” -a unique bypass that allows automatic transmission fluid to bypass the SuperCooler core in cold climates for optimal heat transfer.

Banks Engineering
Item: BigHead Wastegate Actuator
Price: Varies by application
Contact: bankspower.com, (800) 695-1435

Banks_BigHead-wastegateBanks Power BigHead Wastegate Actuator is designed for GM, Ford and Dodge turbo diesel truck applications. It has double the diaphragm area and spring pressure of the stock wastegate allowing for massive torque right off idle. If the turbocharger boost is increased for additional airflow and performance, the stock wastegate actuator is frequently incapable of holding the wastegate fully closed until the higher boost level is reached. The BigHead Actuator allows the turbocharger to develop peak boost more quickly and then maintains that boost level throughout the engine’s RPM range for optimum mid-range torque and top-end performance.

BD Diesel Performance
Item: Dodge Sway Bar End Links
Price: Varies by country
Contact: dieselperformance.com, (800) 887-5030

BD_Dodge_Sway_Bar_LinksThe sway bar end links on the 2000-2009 4WD 2500/3500 Diesel and HEMI engines are prone to wearing, breaking or even pounding out. BD’s Sway Bar End Links have a Dual Pivot Design that allows for greater amount of articulation and less stress. The long life Urethane bushing design allows for greater flex without breaking and will not pound out or seize due to the elements. All components are designed to be easily serviceable and wearing items are low cost to replace. Kit can quickly be installed in approximately 1-hour.

Item: TrekStep
Price: Varies by application
Contact: bestop.com, (800) 845-3567

Bestop_TrekStepThe TrekStep from Bestop gives you easy access to your truck bed, and works with the tailgate up or down. This step is made with high strength, die cast aluminum alloy linkage arms and mounting brackets. The step plate is non-skid, powder-coated and constructed with high strength extruded aluminum. The TrekStep will support up to 300 pounds of weight, comes with a 3-year warranty and is easily bolted on.

Item: Custom Cab Cooler
Price: Varies by model
Contact: covercraft.com, (800) 4COVERS

Covercraft_cab_coolerCovercraft’s Cab Cooler is the ultimate in protection for your truck’s cockpit. It protects the cockpit area and your interior from UV rays and helps reduce heat build-up inside the vehicle. It’s easy to install since Cab Coolers use hook and loop fasteners under the mirrors and door handles (varies by model). Some patterns include adjustable webbing straps to wheel wells to securely hold the cover in place. It folds easily to be stored and comes in 2 different materials to choose from.

Destroked_shirtItem: Skull T-Shirt
Price: $15
Contact: destroked.com, (720) 897-7477

Destroked brings you the hottest t-shirt of the season with their skull and piston shirt. You’ll be the envy of all your diesel friends when you rock this skull and flame black shirt, showing you know “what’s up” and are a force to be reckoned with on the road or on the track. Check it out today!

Elite Diesel Engineering
Elite_ShirtItem: T-Shirt
Price: $12
Contact: elitedieselengineering.com, (866) 631-8518

Elite Diesel Engineering has designed the shirt that all male diesel enthusiasts need to have. With the picture of a “tough looking broad” on the front and the words, “The more I learn about women…the more I like my truck”, this is one shirt that really sums it up. We say for $12 bucks grab one of these for every committed truck guy you know!

Fragola Performance Systems
Item: Master AN Hose Test and Flushing Kit
Price: $98.97
Contact: fragolaperformancesystems.com, (866) 337-2739

Flush KitsFragola’s new Master AN hose test and flushing kit features their garden hose x8AN adapter. It comes with all of the necessary plugs, reducers, and expanders needed to flush out or test 4-16AN hose assemblies. All Fragola adapter fittings are manufactured in the USA by Fragola. This kit allows you to quickly flush out lines after assembly. It eliminates the need to remove lines off of the car to flush out debris. It also allows quick and easy pressure checks for new or existing lines. You can also quickly flush out lines after assembly or engine/transmission failure. Get your loved one hosed this holiday season!

Hose Candy
Item: Radiator Hose Bones
Price: Starting at $119.99
Contact: hosecandy.com, (866) 760-5849

Small-Block-24-Radiator-Hose-Bones-640Hose Candy’s new Hose Bones Radiator Hose Kits allow you to custom form a radiator hose, “by hand”, for any engine in minutes. Hose Bones eliminates all the hassle with trying to make your own custom radiator hoses. Connect any engine to any radiator in minutes and never worry about leaks with the self-tightening hose clamps. Not only are they incredibly “bullet-proof”, they look great with carbon fiber & Kevlar Hose Skins. Be prepared for any vehicle project with just one hose.

Industrial Injection
Item: Phatshaft Mens Shirt
Price: $22.50
Contact: industrialinjection.com, (800) 955-0476

II_productimage-picture-2013-phatshaft-mens-shirt-1648_250x250_q85Industrial Injection knows more than just hard parts, they know fashion too and they have set out to prove it with their tough new Phatshaft Mens shirt. This tough shirt rocks a skull design on the front and a turbo tough design on the back. It’s available in all of the standard sizes all the way up to 3XL. Wear this shirt and have the “phattest shaft on your block,” if you know what I mean.

Innovative Diesel Performance
Item: 3 Custom tunes for 6.0 Power Stroke
Price: $165
Contact: innovativediesel.com, (866) 642-7844

Innovative_tunesIDP has a variety of specialized tunes available to be customized in this package to fit your needs. Just ask yourself…Do you need a little help towing the heavier loads? Then, add the Jake Brake option to help your truck. This will help slow the truck down by closing up the vanes in the turbo. Are you looking for better mileage but don’t need all that power? The Xtreme Street, Aggressive Street, Street or Economy can help out with that. IDP touts they usually see an average gain of 2 to 3 more miles per gallon. Or do you need that little something extra to beat your buddy, or maybe blow by that Duramax or Cummins? The Xtreme X or Xtreme Race can help your truck get that little extra power you need. These are just some of the basic thoughts and questions to consider when choosing your 3-tunes. But there are lots of choices. Check them out today to see the full list.

JMS Chip & Performance
Item: Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor Kit
Price: $185
Contact: jmschip.com, (601) 766-9424

JMS EGT KitJMS Chip & Performance recently released their Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor Kit for SCT brand diesel truck tuners and monitors. The new EGT Kits are complete pre-engineered solutions designed to plug and play with all SCT tuning devices, and require no additional modifications. The JMS Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor Kit (9617-B) works with all SCT brand tuners and utilizes the standard FireWire connector found on their devices. It sends a 0-5 volt EGT signal directly to the SCT device and displays exhaust gas temperature readings on the monitor screen.

Lockstraps Inc.
Item: Lockstrap 101
Price: $39.95
Contact: lockstraps.com, (949) 702-5333

lockstraps-00031These are good for use with off-road, powersports, motorcycles and many other vehicles! The 8-1/2-foot long straps with a soft-tie extension included won’t scratch, and feature two No. 64 hardened steel (heat treated) combination-locking carabiners. Each carabiner is 6-1/2 inches long and 3 inches wide. A No. 8 braided stainless steel cable is inside the full length of strap, and it has beefy galvanized steel rivets to deter theft. The straps feature a 500-pound working load. Set your own combination; you can change the combination any time you like.

Maradyne High Performance Fans
Item: Stoker Heater
Price: $188.95
Contact: maradynehp.com, (800) 403-7953

MaradyneStokerHeater_ORXMaradyne High Performance Fans Stoker Heater is designed to put out 28,000 BTUs per hour. The aftermarket universal heater features a vented motor and is available with either two three-inch outlet hose vents or in a grille face design. Constructed with a durable glass-filled nylon plastic case, it measures 6.5-inches high by 9.5-inches long by 8.625-inches deep and can be affixed on the floor, under dash or to the firewall. Tested for quality control, it is durable and can last in harsh environments.

Item: Impact Gun Holster
Price: $119.95
Contact: mastercraftsafety.com, (800) 565-4042

MCS-ImpactGunMastercraft has the perfect stocking stuffer for that car guy in your life. With this handy impact gun holster you can choose from two to accommodate 12 volt to 36 volt impact guns. The holster is made of super rugged vinylized material that keeps your gun from moving about. A buckle closure secures the gun in place. Other pockets offer storage space for holding lug nuts, sockets, and spare batteries. A velcro panel and straps are also included for multiple carry options. Get your man organized this holiday season!

Item: 2013 Holiday Bucket Kit, exclusively for Walmart
Price: $22.97
Contact: meguiars.com, (888) 888-3143

Meguiar's BucketMeguiar’s 2013 Holiday Bucket Kit, sold exclusively through Walmart, includes everything you need to keep your car looking its best. The package includes: GC Car Wash Shampoo & Conditioner, Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner, Quik Interior Detailer, GC Quik Wax, Hot Shine Tire Foam and a Bone Sponge all packaged together in a 3-gallon Meguiar’s logo’d car wash bucket. Available now at Wal-Mart and Walmart.com.

Optima Batteries
Digital 1200 Battery Charger
optimabatteries.com, (888) 867-8462

Digital 1200 Charger_front (1)The Optima Batteries Digital 1200 Battery Charger recovers deeply discharged 12-volt AGM and flooded cell batteries as well as other high-performance AGM batteries, and helps extend battery life. With an easy-to-read, bright, backlit LCD gauge that displays battery charging, fill rate, mode settings and fault messages, this charger offers a great user interface. Additional innovative features include an integrated LED work light with ergonomically designed DC charging clamps, quick set selections of charge profiles by battery type of battery maintainer by connection type, and USB charging capabilities.

Pep Boys
Item: Goodyear 24V Cordless Impact Wrench
Price: $129.99
Contact: pepboys.com, (800) 737-2697

PepBoys_Goodyear ImpactThe Pep Boys Say: “Repair anything, anywhere with the cordless Goodyear Racing 24V impact wrench.” This cordless impact wrench is ideal for repairs on the go. The Goodyear Racing 24V impact wrench requires no air compressor or hose and provides up to 200ft. lbs of torque. The ½” drive impact wrench is ideal for automotive and shop applications and it features a variable speed trigger with electronic brake for safety and control. The heavy-duty gears are heat treated for strength and durability, mix this with the high capacity Nicad battery and you’ll be able to get the job done without having to stop to recharge. This go-anywhere cordless impact wrench is ideal if you’re looking for the best combination of power and battery life.

Prolong® Super Lubricants
Item: Waterless Wash & Shine
Price: $7.99
Contact: Prolong.com, (800) 540-5823

Proloing_Waterless Wash  Shine 17 oz TriggerProlong® Super Lubricants’ Waterless Wash & Shine delivers a beautiful car wash in less than 15 minutes without the need for water, rinsing or drying. The formula features special lubricating agents to encapsulate dirt, sap, tar and bugs so they can be removed with ease. Waterless Wash & Shine is designed to clean most exterior car surfaces including paint, chrome, plastic trim, painted plastic, wheels, headlamp covers, glass and much more. In addition to cleaning, the advanced instant detailer leaves a protective film.

Ram Truck
Item: The Farmer In All Of Us: An American Portrait book
Price: $45
Contact: ramtrucks.com/outfitter, (877) 783-2004

BU013_281EV-400x290The Ram Truck brand is launching a new photography book with National Geographic titled, “The Farmer in All of Us: An American Portrait.” The book is available for purchase at www.ramtrucks.com/outfitter.The 300-page coffee table book is a beautiful and comprehensive collection of original agriculture and farming photography, including many of the images commissioned by the Ram Truck brand for its “Farmer” Super Bowl commercial inspired by Paul Harvey’s “So God Made a Farmer” essay. Every book purchase backs a minimum contribution of $25,000 by the Ram Truck brand to the National FFA Organization’s “Give the Gift of Blue” program.

Royal Purple
Item: Max-Tane
Price: $13.79 (10-ounce), $ 17.29 (20-ounce)
Contact: royalpurpleconsumer.com, (281) 354-8600

Royal Purple Max-Tane - 20oz bottle (High Res)Premium synthetic lubricant manufacturer Royal Purple announces its latest product, Max-Tane®, a high performance fuel system treatment designed specifically for diesel-powered cars and all types of light, medium and heavy duty diesel trucks. A 6-in-1 diesel fuel treatment, Max-Tane is the only diesel additive engineered to work as a total fuel system cleaner, Cetane booster, fuel stabilizer, fuel pump lubricator, cold flow improver, and demulsifier. Independent tests have shown that as little as one treatment of Max-Tane can provide a variety of benefits including fuel economy and an increase in Cetane number. 

Item: Steering Stabilizer
Price: Varies depending on kit
Contact: skyjacker.com, (318) 388-0816

sky7011Skyjacker is proud to offer single and dual steering stabilizers for the 2011 Chevy 2500HD. These great stabilizers dampen out the harshness of the highway, the “shimmy” from running the additional weight of larger tires and wheels and places control back into the driver’s hands. Stabilizers, also, reduce the fatigue of the driver on a personal level by reducing the amount of physical strength it takes to guide those larger tires on and off the road. Changing the weak stock unit for a better performing replacement or adding dual steering stabilizers is an inexpensive and worthy investment.

SoCal Diesel
Item: Over Head Gauge Mounts
Price: $125 and up 
Contact: socaldiesel.com, (661) 775-5620

SoCalgm10SoCal Diesel wants you to be able to mount those auxiliary gauges in the overhead console of your 1999-2006 GM truck. With these mounts you will have that factory installed look with a 15-degree ergonomic tilt towards the driver for easy viewing with just a glance. Machined from 6061 billet aluminum and designed using the latest in solid modeling and Cad/Cam technology, you know you are getting a quality mount with these from SoCal. They are available with or without auxiliary switches. Choose your color (Amber, Red, or Green LED) and your finish (Black anodized, brushed aluminum, polished mirror) for that perfect look for your truck.

Item: BOLT Locks
Price: $27.49-44.29
Contact: boltlock.com, (877) 251-8798

BOLT Family 1STRATTEC’s BOLT locks are an ideal holiday gift for truck and SUV drivers, with a class I through class V hitch, that have an overworked key ring and are searching for a way to streamline their keys. BOLT locks feature patented breakthrough one-key lock technology, which permanently programs the lock to a vehicle’s ignition key. There are numerous BOLT locks available to help prevent theft and reduce key clutter, including: the Padlock 2.0, the Receiver Lock, the Cable Lock, the Spare Tire Lock, a Toolbox Latch Retrofit Kit and a Coupler Lock. With a limited lifetime warranty, BOLT products are accessible for most Ford, GM, Chrysler, Jeep, Toyota and Nissan vehicles.

Summit Racing
Floor Creeper

SummitCreeper1These top-quality floor creepers are just what your favorite home or shop mechanic is looking for. One of these babies can relieve stress from the back and neck, and make working on the underside of the truck or 4×4 a breeze. These Summit Racing-branded floor creepers are made with thick padded, non-slip PVC covers and provide back pads and headrests that will make it feel like he or she is lying on the couch while working. Six ball-bearing casters, mounted low in the MIG-welded frame, let the creeper move easily while they work. A black powdercoated finish on the frame provides good looks and a long work life. Pair this with one of Summit’s LED work lights, and you have got a real winner!

Thoroughbred Diesel
Thoroughbred_tdpswhsqcfsdlbblue-lgItem: Hooded Sweatshirt
Price: $24.99
Contact: thoroughbreddiesel.com, (866) 737-4966

Saving diesel lives one sweatshirt at a time, Thoroughbred Diesel has got you covered. Their custom “hoodies” have the company logo on the front and the statement “Saving Diesel Lives” on the back. Available in sizes up to 3XL they ship for a flat rate $6 in the continental US and are just a phone call away. Check them out and see what they have to add to your collection.

Diesel_IWGItem: Turbosmart Diesel IWGs
Price: $174.24
Contact: turbosmartusa.com, (909) 476-2570

Turbosmart Internal Wastegate Actuators (IWGs) provide better turbo response and greater sensitivity when managing boost pressures. Designed as a direct bolt-on replacement for factory parts, Turbosmart Diesel IWGs are easy to install and require no special tools or fabrication.

Item: Headlamp Protection Film
Price: see website
Contact: xpel.com, (800) 447-9928

xpelXPEL’s patented Headlamp Protection Film has a scratch-resistant coating that provides unmatched durability, stability and longevity. The 30 mil film can withstand 1-inch diameter stones hurtling into a headlamp at speeds topping 120 m.p.h. , preventing shattered lenses.

Optically clear, it guarantees distortion-free light transmission for nighttime driving and delivers the perfect balance between protection, clarity and ease of installation.

Been Nice: $250 – $1,000

advanced FLOW engineering (aFe)
Item: Momentum HD Intake System
Price: $250 and up
Contact: afepower.com, (951) 493-7100

afe_momentum_cold_air_intakeBringing you the next generation of intakes, the Momentum HD sealed air intake system was designed using the most up-to-date engineering tools and techniques to provide you with the perfect blend of power and protection. The smooth one-piece sealed housing with auxiliary air scoop is used to eliminate the use of multiple-piece housings and ensure the coolest air intake charge available. The Momentum HD is designed around a massive 360 degree radial flow air filter with 5-layers of progressive cotton media producing 98.7% cumulative efficiency. The unique air filter to housing interface allows for maximum filter size, which increases the available air volume while simplifying the installation process. The air filter is wrapped in reinforced metal, providing maximum strength to prevent filter collapse.

Item: MXP Series Cold Air Dam Intake System
Price: Varies by application
Contact: airaid.com, (800) 498-6951

Airaid_6_4The AIRAID MXP Series represents the ultimate in Cold Air Induction systems. Designed for high-performance gas and diesel applications, the MXP Intakes start with a new one-piece roto-molded air box that addresses all the shortcomings of the restrictive factory design. Then AIRAID® adds a new air intake tube constructed of cross-linked, high-density Polyethylene that is designed using extensive computer modeling to maintain proper mass air flow readings and calibration. They, also, frequently have a built-in velocity stack, which further promotes airflow. What this all means to you is a simple-to-install system that was designed using extremely sophisticated technology to increase airflow while maintaining proper air / fuel ratios, therefore eliminating the need for re-calibration once installation is complete. Just bolt it on and go! Like any other AIRAID® Intake System, the MXP includes an AIRAID® Premium Filter that is sized to maximize power and efficiency.

Automotive Racing Products (ARP)
Item: Cylinder Head Bolts
Price: Vary by application
Contact: arp-bolts.com, (805) 339-2200

ARP_Head_Stud_Kit_Ford_6.4L_Diesel__45948.1372048336.1280Stop worrying about blowing a head gasket. Fix it once and be done with it. Thanks to ARP, head studs are now available for Ford diesel engines dating all the way back to 1987 and spanning up until 2010. This range of offerings covers the 6.9L IDI, 7.3L IDI, 7.3L DIT, 6.0L, and 6.4L engines. All studs are heat-treated then thread rolled to provide the strongest stud available. Rated at 190,000 PSI these bolts won’t let you down.

ATP Trucks
Item: AutoCal for 2001-2014 Duramax or 2006-2009 Cummins
Price: Pricing starts at $649.00 up to $869.00
Contact: atptrucks.com, (208) 685-1000

ATP_diesel army_1,000 autocalWhen you are ready for one of the best in EFILive tuning, look no further than ATP Trucks and “Idaho Rob” tuning. Each AutoCal is loaded with custom tuning for your Duramax or Cummins. With 4 levels to choose from ATP Trucks can provide tuning for your stock truck or your fully built competition vehicle. See the ATP Trucks website for all the specifics or to order yours today.

ATS Diesel Performance
Item: ATS Atomizer Power Module
Price: $495 (on sale)
Contact: atsdiesel.com, (866) 209-3695

ats_atomizerThe ATS Atomizer Power Module for the 2007-2012 Dodge 6.7L Cummins controls engine fuel rail pressures based on the engine load in order to maintain an optimal volume of fuel to the injectors. By doing this, the fuel droplets are introduced into the cylinders at the smallest size possible and create an efficient burn when mixed with air and combusted. The Atomizer communicates with factory equipment to drive fuel pressure up, based on engine load instead of just a fixed graph. The advantage is that it not only saves the fuel system from constant excessive pressure, but it will, also, retain factory-like driveablity with substantially better top-end power, lower EGTs due to proper fuel atomization, and better fuel mileage. It’s designed to work in conjunction with factory parts and not cause any premature wear or failure and best of all it offers in-cab on-the-fly adjustability.

Banks Power
Item: Straight-Shot and Double-Shot 
Price: Varies by Shot
Contact: bankspower.com/bg2, (866) 775-3535

Banks_DoubleShot-universal-gaugeBanks Power Straight-Shot and Double-Shot Water-Methanol Injection systems are available for domestic and import cars, trucks and motorhomes. Power gains of up to 175 horsepower without tuning are attainable. These systems optimize fuel economy, reduce intake temperature and lower exhaust gas temperatures (EGT) with diesel applications. The Banks systems bring a new level of optimization and control to this technology for a seamless power delivery throughout the power band. Systems are simple in format, with an integrated digital control interface housed in a compact, easily-mounted 2-1/16-inch gauge head unit. Plus, sophisticated in function, with fully adjustable progressive multi-stage control that allows for fine-tuning for mileage improvements, EGT reductions or big power gains.

BD Diesel Performance
Item: Ford 7.3L Turbo Feed UpPipes
Price: Varies by country
Contact: dieselperformance.com, (800) 887-5030

BD_Ford_73L_UpPipes1999.5-2003 Ford 7.3L PowerStroke UpPipes replace the factory turbocharger exhaust feed system, which is prone to leakage due to deterioration of exhaust donuts and piping causing crucial loss of turbocharger drive pressure, which results in poor performance and increased EGT’s. BD’s UpPipes replace the exhaust donuts with stainless gaskets for extended sealing life, and, new piping with sizing to properly transfer heat energy to the turbo and less restrictive, internally shielded expansion bellows, that reduce burnout from exhaust gas exposure. The turbo Y-adapter is made from the same proven high-silicon ductile iron used to make their exhaust manifolds.

Classic Tube
Item: Updated Universal Hydraulic Flaring Tool Kit
Price: $395
Contact: classictube.com, (716) 759-1014

CLassic TubeCLASSIC TUBE has updated it’s extremely popular Hydraulic Flaring Tool Kit (No. 7207/MSRP $395) with the addition of tooling dies for AN style 3/16-inch, 37-degree flares! This handy kit makes end forming stainless steel or mild steel effortless and precise If you already are using a CLASSIC TUBE flaring kit, this new tooling is available separately under part No. 7237, and is reasonably priced at $25.99.

Colt Cams
Item: Billet Race Camshafts
Price: $949
Contact: coltcams.com ,(604) 856-3571

Colt_camsDuramax owners listen up! The single round factory dowel pin just cannot support the loads it is subjected to. Colt Cams got tired of seeing people spend money regrinding their cams, just to lose a motor a few years later. So, they have invested in a new billet race camshaft. Not only do these offer a key instead of a dowel, but they have more meat on the lobes to allow for more lift. These camshafts are meant for high horsepower competition engines.

Item: Custom RV Covers
Price: Varies by model
Contact: covercraft.com, (800) 4COVERS

Covercraft_02RVaFrom pop-up campers to Class A Motorhomes, Covercraft can make a custom cover for almost any type of RV or trailer. Covercraft utilizes dimension sheets that you complete in order to truly customize your cover. They have selected 3 premium fabrics to allow you the best available protection based on your needs. So no matter what size, shape or material you need, Covercraft, literally, has you covered!

T1000 Trinity Dashboard Tuner and Gauge Monitor
diablosport.com, (877) 396-6614

DiabloSportT1000The Trinity is one of the most advanced devices of its kind, featuring full Reflash/Reprogram capability, Advanced Data Acquisition, and Customizable Gauges–all displayed and controlled on a color touch screen and housed in a slim, custom-styled, easy-to-use device. As our flagship device, it is the only single handheld device on the market that comes PRELOADED with tunes for diesel vehicles from Ford, GM, and Dodge, all under one part number. In addition to the extensive tuning support, it’s loaded with other features like the programmable shift lights, gauge display, virtual drag strip, and data logging.

Discount Tire
Level 8 ZX Wheels (4)
$125 each ($500)
discounttiredirect.com, (888) 459-4080

Level8ZX_640x480These great looking Level 8 ZX Wheels from Discount Tire have the style you want, and the durability your truck needs. This wicked-looking five-spoke wheel offers an optional bolt-on scratch guard that can help protect the wheels from damage. The striking appearance of the Level 8 ZX wheels can give your truck a new look for this upcoming year with ay a very reasonable cost. And you can take advantage of extra savings through Discount Tire’s Cyber Monday special offer: Save $50 instantly when you purchase any set of four Level 8 wheels, and shipping to the lower 48 states is free.

Edge Products
Item: Evolution CTS Diesel
Price: $682.67
Contact: edgeproducts.com, (888) 360-3343

Edge_ctsEdge Product’s Evolution CTS is available for the 2014 GM 2500 and the 3500 Duramax 6.6L trucks. It features an in-cab monitor and digital gauge display in full-color, high-resolution and is a 4.3-inch touch screen device. It features multiple power levels to meet your mileage, towing or performance needs. It’s compatible with an optional EGT pyrometer for added engine protection. It is internet updateable and can display and clear diagnostic trouble codes. The Evolution CTS Diesel can, also, display alerts and record monitoring functions such as RPM, MPH and EGT. It comes complete to you with a universal suction cup mount and is compatible with all Edge custom dash products.

Elite Diesel Engineering
Item: Wastegate Kit for 6.4L Power Strokes
Price: $950
Contact: elitedieselengineering.com, (866) 631-8518

EDE_wastegateThe Elite Diesel Engineering Wastegate Kit allows for the removal of the Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) coolers from 6.4L Power Strokes. The kit utilizes the existing EGR exhaust port to incorporate an external wastegate to allow control of high exhaust backpressure. The 6.4L engine was designed to use EGR as a wastegate of sorts and has 25% EGR flow at max power. For peak performance EGR is not desired and with many tuning programs the EGR is turned off. With the EGR turned off the exhaust backpressure jumps to overly high levels resulting in lost power and un-needed stress on engine components. This kit is recommended for all power levels but becomes a necessity when power gains exceed 300hp. Kit includes all necessary components to eliminate EGR coolers from vehicle. See more options for upgrades and kit requirements on Elite’s website.

Item: Force II DPF-Back exhaust system
Price: $662.15
Contact: flowmastermufflers.com, (707) 544-4761

B&M exhaustFlowmaster’s Force II DPF-Back exhaust system for the 2011-2013 Ford F-Series Super Duty trucks provide mild to moderate sound levels for a signature Flowmaster exhaust note. This is a bolt-on emissions-legal system for the 2011 – 13 Ford F250 and F350 Super Duty Trucks with the 6.7L Powerstroke diesel engine. This system features DOS (Dual Out Side) mandrel bent 4.00 stainless steel tailpipes with 5.00 ventilated 304S stainless steel tips. The system connects behind the factory DPF unit and utilizes a single inlet, dual outlet Power Chamber. It is designed to fit Crew Cab/Short Bed, Ext Cab/Long Bed, and Crew Cab/Long Bed wheelbases only. The exhaust system is manufactured in the USA and is covered by Flowmaster’s Lifetime Limited Warranty. Designed for an easy fit, this system includes all of the necessary parts and hardware for installation.

Performance Damper
Price: Various
Contact: Fluidampr.com, (716) 592-1000

dieseldamperFluidampr Performance Diesel dampers are now available for all late-model Chevy/GM, Ford and Dodge/Ram diesel trucks. Protect your engine with the technology high power diesel OEMs use. Recommended whenever performance upgrades are made for superior protection while achieving optimum performance across your entire rpm range. Maintenance free. Fluidampr is the official damper of DIESEL Motorsports. SFI 18.1 approved. Made in the USA.

Hellwig Products
Item: Big Wig Solid Steel Adjustable Rear Sway Bar
Price: $535
Contact: hellwigproducts.com, (800) 367-5480

HellwigThe Hellwig Big Wig Heavy Duty Rear Sway Bar provides increased sway control when hauling heavy loads or towing for the 2013 Ram 2500/3500 Trucks, both 2WD & 4WD. It greatly improves handling for safer and more stable driving. The Big Wig Sway Bar is the ideal accessory when carrying a cab-over camper or commercial trucks hauling equipment that raises the center of gravity. The Ram Big Wig Rear Sway Bar from Hellwig Products features a massive 1 5/16″ heat treated 4140 solid chromoly steel bar for maximum sway control. The adjustable rear sway bar and mounting brackets are powder coated for durability and good looks. It includes all necessary hardware and does not require drilling to install. It is Made in the USA and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Industrial Injection
Item: Reman 6.7L 33% over injection pump
Price: $966 (on sale)
Contact: industrialinjection.com, (800) 955-0476

II_F84538016The line of modified CP3 pumps offered by Industrial Injection was created to keep up with the varying demands of aggressive fueling chips and large injectors.    The 33% over starts with a fully remaned pump that is then modified to achieve a flow rate of 33% more over stock. This modification will “typically” increase horsepower by 60-100 rear wheel horsepower. Don’t let the loss of fuel pressure dampen your day at the dyno or on the track!

Innovative Diesel Performance
Item: Livewire TS w/ Xtreme Upgrade and EGT kit
Price: $878.99
Contact: innovativediesel.com, (866) 642-7844

Innovative_LT5015 Been nice under 1,000IDP offers, SCT’s pre-loaded dyno proven tune files to optimize the vehicle’s air/fuel ratio, engine timing &  fuel curves for maximum performance while maintaining the factory reliability & drivability. In this kit you get a full color 4” touch screen display, rear view camera input, pre-loaded IDP custom tunes (you can store up to 10), on-screen data logging/monitoring, built in performance calculator, ability the read/clear trouble codes and user adjustable vehicle parameters and graphics.

Item: Forged Aluminum Pistons
Price: Vary by application
Contact: us.mahle.com

Mahle_pistonMAHLE pistons for passenger car diesel engines are cast from high-strength aluminum alloys with diameters from 65 to 100 mm. Standard features are: ring carriers made from high-strength, austenitic cast iron (Niresist) for increasing the wear resistance of the first ring groove, salt core cooling channels or cooled ring carriers – and a MAHLE GRAFAL® coating for optimizing the skirt performance. For engines with especially high loads, MAHLE, also, uses bushings in the piston pin bores. There are a variety of piston options and kits available. Check them out today to see what will work best for your application.

Majestic Turbo of Waco, Texas
Item: Standard Rebuild
Price: $375 and up
Contact: majesticturbo.com, (800) 231-5566

Majestic_S400Majestic Turbo is a premier turbo rebuilder and parts supplier. They focus exclusively on turbochargers and are extremely well versed in diesel turbochargers. They have been rebuilding chargers since 1985 and can work on all brands and sizes of charger. They are able to rebuild traditional and variable geometry chargers. These would include OEM and aftermarket chargers.They offer quick turnaround, usually 2 to 3 business days and their work is guaranteed. No need to spend thousands on a new charger if you can spend half that and get yours rebuilt.

Odyssey Battery
Extreme Series 65-PC1750
odysseybattery.com, (800) 538-3627

DA_65-pc1750_straightToday’s big diesel engines demand reliable starting power, especially in extreme temperatures, as well as power for a range of accessories, both inside the cab and out. The ODYSSEY Extreme Series battery, with 99.99% pure lead plates, delivers reliable starts in temperatures from -40 °F to 176 °F. Its non-spillable design offers extreme vibration resistance and up to three times the life of conventional batteries. Whether on the road or on the job site, ODYSSEY Extreme Series batteries deliver the massive starting power, rapid recovery, rugged construction and extreme durability that heavy-duty and commercial vehicles demand.

Item: Performance Starter Upgrades
Price: Varies by application
Contact: powermasterperformance.com, (630) 849-7754

PowerMaster_9051Powermaster Performance introduces performance starter upgrades for GM, Ford, and Dodge diesel applications. With 2.7kW, 3.6 HP motors, these starters are able to turn over the most aggressive diesel engines in the harshest of environments. Diesel trucks are asked to do more than any other vehicle on the road. When depended on for work, more often than play, it is important that a starter will work when the truck is needed most. Whether needed for plowing snow, hauling the racecar to the track, or simply making it to the jobsite, Powermaster takes pride in keeping vehicles on the road with a dependable USA built product. Powermaster products are built with new components for long life and are up to 30% less cost than a factory replacement starter. Along with a one- year warranty, Powermaster products can be factory refurbished for the life of the starter or alternator.

Rugged Ridge
Item: Rugged Ridge® All Terrain Truck Fender Flares
Price: $389
Contact: ruggedridge.com, (770) 614-6101

Rugged Ridge All Terrain Fender Flares - Ford F250&F350 - 81630The Rugged Ridge® All Terrain Truck Fender Flares for Chevrolet, Dodge and Ford full-size models are now available. Easily interchangeable with existing factory installed flares, Rugged Ridge All Terrain Truck Fender Flares use the same mounting points, so there is no drilling required for installation. Each flare is constructed from paintable UV-treated ABS plastic and mounted with stainless steel fasteners assuring a precise fit that follows the contours of the truck. Rugged Ridge All Terrain Fender Flares are covered by an industry leading five-year limited warranty and are available online and through select truck, Jeep and off-road parts/accessories retailers nationwide.

SCT Performance
Item: SCT X4 Power Flash
Price: see website
Contact: SCTperformance.com, (407) 774-2447

sctFrom the factory, your vehicle’s computer is calibrated for the masses, designed with the average driver in mind, not the performance enthusiast. This not only leaves valuable horsepower and torque hidden inside your vehicle, but it also makes for a mediocre driving experience. The new SCT X4 Power Flash unlocks your vehicle’s hidden performance by re-calibrating your vehicle’s computer for maximum horsepower and torque, increased throttle response, firmer shifts and even increased fuel mileage. Featuring a smaller, more compact design, full color LCD, built-in Wi-Fi for easy updates and on-device data monitoring and logging, SCT’s new X4 is available for most 1996-2014 Ford, GM and Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep vehicles.

SoCal Diesel
Item: Billet Flex Plates
Price: $690
Contact: socaldiesel.com, (661) 775-5620

SoCalbf2Lighter and stronger than stock are the SoCal Diesel billet flex plates for 2001-2010 Duramax engines. These are properly counterweighted and ready to install. No need to send them out for balancing when you get them. All of their flex plates meet the new SFI 29.3 specification for competition use.

Thoroughbred Diesel
Item: Stock Package Deal
Price: $821
Contact: thoroughbreddiesel.com, (866) 737-4966

Thoroughbred_Duramax_ComboCheck out Thoroughbred Diesel’s package deals for major savings on performance products for your diesel. One of their most popular is the stock package deal for the 2011-2012 Duramax LML. Wrap up a cold air intake kit, an MBRP exhaust system and a plug and play programmer all for a neat little package deal price.

Toyo Tires
Item: Open Country A/T II Tire
Price: Prices vary with size
toyotires.com, (800) 678-3250

Open_Country_ATII-1Toyo Tires has long been involved in the off-road scene, lending its product and engineering know-how to winning competitors for years. Its versatile Open Country A/T II all-terrain tire is a great choice for the pickup truck and SUV owner who needs to have a tire that offers exceptional all-season performance, an aggressive tread design, and a quiet ride. It features an industry-leading 65,000-mile warranty for P-Metric and Metric sizes, as well as a 50,000-mile warranty for LT and flotation sizes. The Open Country A/T II also qualifies for Toyo Tires’ No Regrets 45-day, 500-mile trial offer; and is available in a wide range of original equipment and plus fient sizes. Xtreme sizes feature a deeper tread depth, and a more aggressive tread and shoulder design.

Turbonetics Inc
Item: Torque-Master Wastegate
Price: $989.99
Contact: turboneticsinc.com, (805) 581-0333

Turbonetics_wasteagateDue to the extreme demands of the diesel performance world, Turbonetics has developed the Torque-Master Wastegate. Tested with their Performance Pulling Team, this gate is able to control the high boost pressures to win. Utilizing proven technology from Turbonetics’ OEM diesel business, these new gates are built to survive anything you can throw their way.

Item: Diesel BOV and Controller Kit
Price: $512.49
Contact: turbosmartusa.com, (909) 476-2570

Diesel_BOVDiesel engines with large turbochargers can experience compressor surge when coming off the throttle. The deceleration of the engine can be a restriction on the outlet of the turbocharger causing compressor surge. This can be catastrophic to a turbo system producing high amounts of boost. The BOV controller can vent this build up of pressure, protecting the turbocharger. Turbosmart’s diesel BOV will reduce the number of rebuilds on your turbocharger as well as improve acceleration between gears.

Weld Racing
Item: D54 Dually Wheels
Price: 635.97 and up
Contact: weldracing.com,(800) 788-9353

Weld_d54b_front_680x680-blackbg_1_1Weld Racing has dually wheels for you! You bought your dual rear wheel truck for a reason. You use it hard every day to haul big loads and tow heavy trailers. For you only a dually can get your jobs done. With massive strength, lifetime durability, and clean good looks built in America by people who know dually wheels, you can’t go wrong. All one-piece forged aluminum alloys are available in sizes 17″X6.5″ and 19.5″X6.75″. These wheels exceed SAE J2530 requirements for up to 3500 lbs load using 37″ tires. The D54 Dually Wheels are front and rear specific direct mount 8-lug applications and are available in 10 designs both in polished and black anodized finishes. This product is made to order and takes four weeks to build.

Wheel Pros
Item: XD Series Rockstar II
Price: Varies by size
Contact: wheelpros.com,

Wheel_prosEveryone wants to be the latest Rockstar and now you can, or at least your truck can, thanks to Wheel Pros new XD Series Rockstar II wheels. Designed in matte black these wheels truly make a statement from the moment you see them. They are available in sizes 17×8 to 24×12 and are ready to rock your truck at a moments notice.

Been REALLY Nice: $1,000 – $5,000

advanced FLOW engineering (aFe)
Item: F3 Torque Converter
Price: $990 to $1675
Contact: afepower.com,(951) 493-7100

aFeIf you are looking to put your power to the pavement, you need aFe’s F3 Torque Converter. As you add engine performance parts like intakes, manifolds, etc., the factory torque converter’s stall RPM rises, thus reducing the available low RPM pulling power. This is where the F3 torque converter comes in. Installing the F3 torque converter will lower your stall speed to as low as 1,200RPM giving you the perfect range for diesel trucks up to 1,000hp. The results of using an F3 torque converter are improved 0-60mph times (by up to 1-second), increases in towing speeds, lower transmission fluid temperatures and a more satisfying driving experience.

ATP Trucks
Item: 2001 – 2010 Duramax S475/Stock Twin Turbo Kit
Price: Pricing starts at $3,600.00
Contact: atptrucks.com, (208) 685-1000

ATP_diesel army_5,000For the ultimate in drivability, towing and all out fun, ATP Trucks has the Twin Turbo Kit you need. These kits are TIG Welded with fluid bends for improved airflow. Kits come complete with oil lines, fittings, mounts etc., to properly install on your truck. The BorgWarner S475 is the standard for efficient airflow when creating useable horsepower and controlling EGT’s. Combine this kit with the ultimate in “Idaho Rob” EFILive tuning for a combination that cannot be beat. Already have ATP Trucks “Idaho Rob” tuning? ATP Trucks will upgrade your tuning at no additional cost with the purchase of a twin turbo kit from ATP Trucks. Kits can be powder coated most any color and additional bungs etc., are available at small additional cost.

ATS Diesel Performance
Item: Stage 1 LCT 1000 6spd package
Price: $4,930 and up (on sale)
Contact: atsdiesel.com, (866) 209-3695

ATS_TransThe Stage 1 LCT1000 6-Speed Package from ATS takes 2008-2010 GM HD 4wd trucks to a whole new level. It offers a Stage 1 Auto Trans package with an ATS built Allison LCT1000 6-Speed Auto Transmission. Then add in an ATS 5 Star Viskus Clutch Drive Torque Converter and an ATS Extra Deep Transmission Pan and the package is complete. This package will speed you to right where you want to be with ease.

Backbone Premium Truck Products
Baby Back with Bed Rails and Skull Screen
Starting at $1,800
getbackbone.com, (877) 992-2252

Backbone1What better way to say Happy Holidays to your truck-loving friend or family member than with a Full Back from BACKBONE Industries, that includes a headache rack with full length bed rails and a full skull screen. The Full Back transforms an ordinary pickup into a hardcore hauler, and makes it look good. This spectacular product comes with sliding tie downs, is made from heavy duty milled aluminum, is tonneau cover compatible, and built sturdy right here in the U.S. It comes in sizes to fit all the major pickup truck makes and models, including the JK 8. The Full Back is also available in custom colors, badging, and with lighting options as well. The product is offered with a lifetime warranty.

Banks Power
Item: PowerPack® System
Price: Varies by system
Contact: bankspower.com/bg3, (800) 815-4736

Banks_PowerPack_9903_73LThe PowerPack System from Banks Power is specifically calibrated for diesel and gas pickups and motorhomes. Power gains are up to 127 HP and 311 lb-ft torque at the rear wheels plus up to 14% better towing mileage. These systems include advanced tuning and air flow upgrades. Most applications include the Techni-Cooler Intercooler assembly, Ram-Air Intake System, stainless 4-inch Monster Exhaust System with constant-diameter tubing in single or dual exhaust configurations with 5-inch polished chrome-over stainless or high-temp black dual-wall tailpipe tip(s), polished-stainless straight-through Monster muffler, plus engine and transmission calibration modules. All fittings, hoses and clamps are included allowing for an effortless installation.

BD Diesel Performance
Item: Charge Air Coolers
Price: Varies by country
Contact: dieselperformance.com, (800) 887-5030

BD_Charge_Air_CoolersBD’s free flowing Charge Air Cooler (CAC) – or intercooler – designed with streamlined external air passages improves engine cooling while offering less fan noise and less blade resistance, plus, improving engine power and efficiency of the radiator and air conditioning heat exchangers. The BD CAC is like a breath of fresh air for the diesel engine. Designed through testing at 100+ PSI turbo boost pressure and 500oF turbo outlet temperatures, their extra thick cast end tanks with support struts have integrity and long life without ballooning and cracking. Available for Dodge, Ford and Chevy diesel pick-up applications.

Item: PowerBoard NX Running Boards
Price: $2014.95
Contact: bestop.com, (800) 845-3567

Bestop NX Running Boards-1Bestop’s PowerBoard NX electrically powered Running Boards are an upgrade of its original PowerBoard, now using patented Wi-Fi technology not only greatly reduce installation time and effort, but to more effectively open and shut the vehicle’s doors. You or your installer no longer have tear apart your cab interior or door panels to install complicated wiring harnesses. Wireless controllers are simply placed almost anywhere in the doorjambs. The kit includes 6-1/4-inch wide boards, wireless controllers/modules, weatherproof motors, heavy-duty cast aluminum alloy bracket arms and integrated lighting. The boards feature a 600-pound capacity, and offer a 3-year, 36,0000mile limited warranty. The new product is available for most pickup cab lengths.

Item: S500SX 
Price: Varies by setup
Contact: Borgwarnerboosted.com

BW_S500SX 88MMBorgWarner built upon years of racing success with their AirWerks program and are expanding the S500SX line up. This series includes compressor wheels ranging in size from 88mm to 91mm. By increasing the range of compressor wheel sizes, BorgWarner is now allowing pro racers and some extreme street tuners off the shelf turbocharger performance that previously had to be custom built. These SX additions feature compressor wheels with extended tip technology for durability, high efficiency and better turbo performance. The S500SX, also, features a pre-machined speed sensor mounting boss making the installation of a speed sensor easier than ever with a pre-drilled mount. Also, a redesigned compressor cover featuring a discharge that works with either a v-band clamp or hose clamp making installation convenient. The S500SX can be purchased with a variety of T-6 turbine housing ranging from .85 to 1.60 A/R.

Item: 99-07 Ford Manual Trans with Cummins 89-02 12V or 24V kit
Price: $3849
Contact: destroked.com, (720) 897-7477

destrokedTired of having issues with your engine, but love your truck? Well, Destroked says why not actually fix the problem and put one of the most reliable engines in the market, in one of the best trucks on the market. It’s a perfect marriage and now with their kit, you can have a 12 or 24 valve Cummins in your 99-07 Super Duty. These kits come with almost everything needed (minor parts like hose clamps and what not available at local parts stores) to convert your truck into a “Fummins”.

Elite Diesel Engineering
Item: EDE Jr. High-Power Turbochargers
Price: $4650
Contact: elitedieselengineering.com, (866) 631-8518

EDE_CompoundsEDE Jr. High-Power Turbochargers are bolt-in direct replacement for the OEM setup on 2008-2010 6.4L equipped Ford trucks. These achieve increased boost output, higher horsepower and torque gains, and lower Exhaust Gas Temperature’s (EGT). They are an excellent match for 300+hp tuning files and stock injectors, 60hp, 85hp, or 110hp injectors. Capable of producing around 700 rear wheel horsepower with stock injectors. Adding larger nozzles will provide upward of 800hp. The High-Pressure turbo is equipped with a Billet 59mm inducer compressor wheel and a larger turbine wheel. The Low-Pressure Turbo (atmosphere) has an exclusive Precision Turbo CEA 76.7mm “Billet” compressor wheel. Testing has proven that this turbo flows much more than the available cold air intakes in production. Turbo failure can result from inadequate air supply! Check out all the options for this turbo set up on Elite’s website.

Industrial Injection
Item: LML Add a Turbo Kit
Price: $3450
Contact: industrialinjection.com, (800) 955-0476

II_productimage-picture-lml-add-turbo-kit-1657Industrial Injection is proud to offer their new LML Duramax Add a Turbo Compound kit. They have added a Borgwarner S475 (75mm) to work with the stock VGT turbo. The combination of both turbos working together allows for lower exhaust temperatures and a gain of power. Your truck will spool quicker in the low range to help you tow more efficiently. This kit comes complete with everything you will need to install it. 

Innovative Diesel Performance
Item: Garrett Powermax for Ford 6.0L
Price: $1372.99
Contact: innovativediesel.com, 866-642-7844

Innovative_powermax been really nice under 5,000IDP sells the Garrett® patented Advanced Variable Nozzle Turbine (AVNTTM) design for increased compressor flow and boost response for Ford Power Strokes 2003-2007. This turbo utilizes nine movable vanes, which significantly increase turbine efficiency and improve engine performance from idle launch through peak torque. This turbo supports up to an additional 175 HP over stock with no sacrifice in drivability. It’s suitable as a performance upgrade or replacement for OE. Best part is, it works great with IDP’s custom tunes and they will rewrite your original custom tunes if you have them from IDP for free with the purchase of a Powermax through them.

Majestic Turbo of Waco, Texas
Item: Replacement turbochargers for the 99.5 to 2003 Ford 7.3L Power Stroke
Price: $1,150
Contact: majesticturbo.com, (800) 231-5566

Majestic_GTP38 002Majestic Turbo is proud to offer new aftermarket direct replacement turbochargers for the 99.5 to 2003 Ford 7.3L Power Stroke engines. These are completely new with absolutely no reused parts. They come with a new pedestal and tail piece. These are fully balanced and feature a full 1-year warranty. When it comes to boosted performance; that is Majestic Turbo’s specialty.

Moser Engineering
Item: Moser Engineering Muscle Pak Rear Assemblies
Price: Starting at $3,157.50
Contact: moserengineering.com, (260) 726-6689

Musclepak slide 640X401Moser Engineering now offers all of our most popular rear assemblies as a Muscle Pak option for all of the most popular makes and models. A Muscle Pak gives you a complete rear along with brake options, lines, and cables. It comes fully assembled and is direct bolt in to your stock applications suspension. Available for classic Chevys and Mustangs all the way up to the newest Generations of pony cars including Mopar. Moser Engineering even offers Muscle Pak options for trucks from Dodge to Chevy. Give them a call or check out their offerings online.

Nitrous Express
Item: SX2D Dual Stage Diesel System With Progressive Controller
Price: $1,007.66 (as pictured)
Contact: NitrousExpress.com, (888) 463-2781

NXD4000Nitrous Express’ SX2D dual stage diesel system with progressive controller gives you the control you need and the repeatability you want. While at the track, anything that can be handled by someone or something else is always handy. With the progressive controller, you can set when and how the nitrous comes in so you don’t have to think about it while you are making a pass. The Maximizer controller allows you to apply nitrous flow according to boost levels, RPM, time, MPH and throttle percentage. The kit comes with everything you need to install including: 2 dry nozzles, -6AN feed line, 15 lb bottle and boost reference progressive controller.

Item: 2011 F-250 6” lift kit with shocks
Price: $1132.89 and go up depending on options
Contact: skyjacker.com, (318) 388-0816

sky_image_196Skyjacker is now offering a 6” lift kit with shocks for the 2011-2013 Ford F-250. This lift is designed to level out models with factory 1.87 rear blocks. Models that have the optional factory 3.875 rear block will have a higher rake angle. Lift heights will vary depending on factory package options.

SoCal Diesel
Item: Billet Stroker Crank
Price: $4500
Contact: SoCaldiesel.com, 661-775-5620

SoCalstroker 2Since their inception, SoCal has pushed the boundaries of what is possible with a Duramax. Over the years they have continued to raise the bar and they are pleased to announce the release of their 4330M Billet Crank with a .250” longer stroke. These crankshafts are built to precise Top Fuel Standards. All of the cranks feature knife edged counterweights. In addition to stroking the cranks, they are completely redesigning the oiling passages to ensure everything lasts. With the proper rotating assembly, your Duramax can be a 427!

Thoroughbred Diesel
Item: Stock Package Deal
Price: $1098
Contact: thoroughbreddiesel.com, (866) 737-4966

Thoroughbred_Cummins_ComboFor all those 2010-2012 Dodge 6.7L trucks out there, check out the stock package deal from Thoroughbred Diesel for major savings on performance products for your diesel. This holiday bundle comes with an SB Oiled Stage 2 Intake, MBRP 4” DPF Aluminized Back Exhaust and an Edge CTS programmer. Once you have this bundle you’ll be ready for just about anything.

Turbonetics Inc.
Item: Spearco Intercooler
Price: $1680.90
Contact: turboneticsinc.com, (805) 581-0333

Turbonetics_lmmTurbonetics offers the Spearco Intercooler for the 2007 and newer Duramax. This is a direct bolt in part featuring the patented wave technology to remove large amounts of heat without affecting the boost pressure. All Spearco intercoolers feature a less than 1% PSI drop and on average 150° F intake temperature drop. These intercoolers display precise, TIG welded tank ends. All assemblies are pressure tested before they ship.

Holiday Promotions


Item: Various Components
Promotion: Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales
Contact: knfilters.com, (800) 858-3333

air_filter_groupFor 2 days only – Black Friday & Cyber Monday – K&N is offering its best online prices of the year. Click the above link to check out our air filters, intake systems, oil filters, and much more. Unwrap the horsepower! Make someone’s holiday season bright with the gift of K&N.

Mac’s Tie Downs
Various Components
Free Shipping Until 12/2
macscustomties.com, (800) 666-1586

UTVPackMacsTieDownsGet it while the gettin’s good–from now until “Cyber Monday,” you can get free shipping on ALL online orders done through Mac’s Tie Downs. Any price range, any product, it doesn’t matter! Been eyeing the UTV Pack, which comes with four 7′ combo straps, to get your badass ride to and fro all of your shows and events? Now’s the perfect time, as it’ll be a while before something like this offer comes along again.

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