Recycled Miles: Project TowBoat Gets Frantz Filter Bypass System

If you’ve been following Project TowBoat over the last year or two, you’ll know it’s been under a pretty hefty transformation. Since this is the truck I use to haul Project DeadSpool to and from Outlaw Diesel Super Series events and abroad, I wanted a truck that could not only look like a million bucks, I also wanted it to have more power with additional reliability. With the help of Hot Shot’s Secret, I think we’re one step closer to completion.

Other than top of the line oil and fuel additives, what else could Hot Shot’s Secret have that could help? Hot Shot’s offers these Frantz Filter Oil Bypass Filtration systems. What is a Frantz Filter Oil Bypass system? This kit can literally turn the oil you buy off of the shelf and transform it into a cleaner, better oil than when purchased. How is that possible?

Inside this canister is the replaceable filter that cleans oil down to two microns. The easy spin off clamp allows easy access to the filter.

In The Box

I unboxed the goodies from our friends at Hot Shot’s Secret and as you can see, we’ve got everything we need. This includes hoses, fittings, the filter mount, and the filter media itself. Essentially, what I’m doing is bolting on a secondary oil filter, except unlike the factory oil filter, this will clean the oil that runs through it 10 times better.

Once the oil has run through the engine, it makes its way up to the primary engine oil filter. Once it makes its pass through, it heads directly into the new oil bypass system where it will take about 10-percent of the oil and clean it. After it super cleans the engine oil again, down to two microns, it is plumbed right back to the valve cover and into the new aluminum oil cap that is provided. Once the oil leaves this Frantz system, the engine oil will be nearly perfect.

Since it’s only taking 10-percent of the oil flow in, it will take some run time to super clean the system but it will not take long before the oil is better than before. 

Nearly perfect? Well, let’s be honest. Engine oil will eventually break down and lose its viscosity and important additives. But with this kit, I will be able to use my new Hot Shot’s Secret Blue Diamond engine oil and make it last tens of thousands of miles. By testing my oil and keeping an eye on all of the parameters and levels of the oil, I can add whatever is needed to bring this oil back to 100-percent.

The Cost Difference In Oil Changes 

At the end of the day, replacement engines for any of the big three trucks are not cheap. Making sure they are fed with the most refined oil is important. On average, a replacement engine could be near the $10,000 mark. Aside from feeding this $10,000 engine nearly perfect oil, the cost of maintenance is always something to be conscious of.

Before we explain the assumed cost of maintenance using a Frantz system, I want to clarify how I came up with these costs based on average use. You may not have to initially change your oil based on the analysis data, but I did factor in the cost of one oil and filter change. The Frantz filter media needs to be changed roughly every 10,000 miles, which calls for 10 changes for every 100,000 miles.

With this in mind, I wanted to see what the difference in a factory oil change would cost over the course of 100,000 miles versus equipping a truck with a Frantz Bypass System. To make this comparison apples to apples, we will use the pricing for Hot Shot’s Blue Diamond PAO oil for both. The average price for a traditional engine oil filter for a truck like this is $20. The average price for a gallon of Blue Diamond 15w40 engine oil is around $34.50. To make things easier, we’ll just say an even $35. To sum up, this oil change (with tax) would cost roughly $125.

With most diesel engine oils, the used oil comes out looking opaque. Hopefully, with the Frantz filter hard at work, we can rest easy knowing our oil is cleaner.

So for 100,000 miles of driving, assuming we’re changing the oil every 7,500 miles per the manual, we’re looking at just over 13 oil changes. Again, to make it easy, we’ll say 13 oil changes. That cost is $1,625.00 per 100,000 miles of driving.

At $10 a piece, you will have spent $100 in Frantz filter medias. This kit will have an initial purchase cost of $350. Using the same Blue Diamond oil as before, we’re looking at a cost of $125 for the oil, $20 for a traditional engine oil filter, and an estimated three bottles of TBN Booster additive at $36.95 each, which results in a total of $705.95.

Since you’re going to send in your oil samples to verify the detergent and viscosity levels at the recommended 10,000 miles, at $20 each time, you’ll have $200 invested in testing. Even at price, you’re still saving. Based on the 100,000-mile example, you’re saving 43-percent using this method. So, in fact, the customer is saving more than half of what they would spend on normal oil changes and since the initial cost of the kit is half of the total cost, the longer you run this, the more money you can save.

This filtering process removes the foreign particles and water from the oil that can damage the engine. The Frantz Filter system captures carbon soot, gum residues, water, abrasives, and small metal pieces without degrading the detergents and additives in the oil.

The new Frantz Filter media, developed by LSI Laboratories, filters oil more than 10 times finer than an original equipment manufacturer filter – down to two microns. LSI is currently developing two additional filter media types designed for use in various applications. Also, by using the supplied containers, you can send your oil samples back for testing using the prepaid envelope.

Where Does It Go?

The installation doesn’t call for hours of labor, either. In fact, in only a few minutes, this kit should be on. I’m excited to get started on this, so let’s dive in. With all of the parts spread out on the tailgate, we can go through everything and make sure we aren’t short on any parts. That is just good practice for any installation.

There have been multiple mounting solutions for these kits. The original kit was a drill and bolt mounting style. While that does work, the crew at Hot Shot’s Secret found the new magnet-style mounting system to be a lot cleaner and user-friendly. As you can see, we’ve got our three magnets for our mounting plate ready to go.

All that was left was finding somewhere to put it on the frame rail. Unfortunately, due to the oversize exhaust for our compound turbo system, there wasn’t a ton of room on the frame rail. We could have put it on the passenger side frame rail, but I just didn’t like how low it would’ve had to be mounted. So, the search was on.

We ended up finding a little area in front of the passenger side fender well behind the bumper. It nestled in there just right, letting all three of the magnets make good contact. With that configuration, we were able to run our feed and return lines safely down next to the radiator away from any moving parts. Mounted at an angle, changing our filter should be a breeze.

There are two lines in this kit. One will go from the Frantz system to the oil filter housing and then the oil filter housing to the valve cover to return oil to the engine. Using the supplied AN and brass fittings, you’re able to plumb it virtually any way you want.

Once your connections are made, your installation is complete. All you really need to do now is start the truck and confirm that you don’t have any leaks. If you don’t have any leaks, you’re ready to rock and roll. With the engine running, just for fun, I pulled the oil cap off just to see the oil going back into the engine and you can already see the oil is being cleaned.

Using the supplied brass and AN fittings, it was super easy to make all of these connections. Upon detaching the quick-disconnect fitting, I could see the oil was being pumped back into the engine. It was a slow dribble, but as it was coming out, I could see through the oil. I know for a fact that before this kit was on here, you could not. The Frantz Filter worked! 

If there are any changes that could be made, my recommendation would be to change up the magnet option. While the magnet option is a lot easier than the drill and bolt method, there is room for improvement. Specifically, I think the magnets should have some sort of swivel option. This would make it easier to twist and turn each magnet into an ideal position. I understand that they’re meant for the frame rail, but all trucks are different. Others may pick a different spot for it.

I am stoked to see how this all turned out and I can’t wait to compare my oil samples from last year to this year. We should be able to physically see the difference this Frantz Filter has made as I make my oil adjustments from there. If the level is low, I can add it in. I don’t see any levels being low for a while, but this is a workhorse. We will see.

For more information on the Frantz Filter kits, head on over to the Hot Shot’s Secret’s website. For more part installs, tech articles, and truck features, stay tuned right here to Diesel Army.

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