Battle In The Sticks: Scheid Diesel Extravaganza 2020 Event Recap

I’ll be honest. I wasn’t so sure that this event was even going to happen. With all the chaos going on, I was sure that this year’s Scheid Diesel Extravaganza was just going to find its spot on the list of events that didn’t survive 2020. Thankfully, with determination and the love for the sport, the guys and gals at Scheid Diesel and Wagler Motorsports Park made it happen.

Getting the event in was one thing, but having it go smoothly was another. This event is legendary to a point where people who aren’t even involved diesel trucks know what it is. The fact they loaded this event up, and dropped a pin on a new location, and sent it, and made it go this smooth says something.

Wondering what you missed out on? This is how close all of the racing was here at the Scheid Diesel Extravaganza.

I am super impressed with how everything flowed and operated. Like previous years, the layout had the Lucas Oil Pro Pulling action next door, but a lot closer at this venue. This made it really enjoyable for spectators and drivers who wanted to see action from both vantage points. It was just a short walk from either event. As a racer, it was nice to be able to race and then just walk over to the fence and see pulling.

The pit area was free of traffic, and spectators could move around without getting in the way of racers. Plus, there weren’t any shenanigans going on around the expensive vehicles (that I know of). Overall, Wagler Motorsports Park has a terrific layout. I can’t see any reason why this venue will not work for years to come.

I can honestly say after seeing this round of Outlaw Diesel Super Series drag racing that this was the best final rounds of all of my time in going. Every single race and every single class was door-to-door and a close finish. This is what makes these events fun. Good, competitive diesel-powered drag racing action. Let’s get right into it.

Just before eliminations, teams prepared their trucks for battle in the pit area.

Industrial Injection Pro Dragster

The Pro Dragster class has unfortunately been scarce on equipment in the lanes, but I knew it was getting more inevitably at some point. I know of at least two dragsters that are capable of competing, but just haven’t been able to make it to the events. Right when I thought Mr. Jared Jones in the Scheid Diesel dragster was going to take the win in his class and put on a show for us, well, I was right, but I was also wrong.

I knew of a blown Duramax-powered dragster that the team at Wagler Competition Products were working on, but, wasn’t sure if we’d see it out here and competing just yet. Well, I heard it before I saw it. Andre Dusek, the pilot of the Wagler-backed 2015 American dragster, was there for some testing. What a perfect time for our diesel-powered dragsters to square off, right?

Both were clicking off great passes, but at the end of the day, there can only be one winner. Both dragsters lined up, screaming turbos on one side, fire-breathing zoomies on the other. When the lights fell, it was Jared Jones barely edging out Dusek at the stripe. Jones’ 4.19 at 179 MPH was just enough to hold of Dusek’s 4.237 at 166 MPH.

Both teams were putting down very low four-second passes, and I think we can all agree that this new blower combo Wagler has put together will be a force in this class, as they have made great headway in just the first couple passes of testing. Congratulations to Jared and the whole Scheid team on the victory, and congrats to the new personal best times to Dusek and his team.

SunCoast Performance Pro Mod

Like Dusek in Pro Dragster, Ben Shadday has been testing and trying to dial in his Cummins-powered ’63 split-window Corvette for a few months now. Coming from a heavier two-wheel-drive truck and going to this car is quite a bit different and adjustments will have to be made. Getting back to where the old setup should take time, right?

Shadday and his dedicated team put in the time and effort and its beginning to pay off. They squared off against the always tough S-10 backed by Firepunk Diesel and Hot Shot’s Secret. Pilot Larson Miller has a hot rod that is hard to beat and he does his job as a driver pass after pass. Shadday had his hands full but anything can happen.

Shadday's new Pro Mod may be new but they are getting it figured out. This will be a car to keep an eye on for races to come.

Shadday clicked off what I think is a personal best elapsed time with a 4.406 at 166 MPH. While that is flying, it was just short of Miller’s 4.329 at 174 pass. Larson and the whole Firepunk Diesel team are really getting the S-10 lined out and I’m excited to watch both of these teams develop into even faster programs. This is a class that is changing diesel drag racing as we know it.

Hot Shot’s Secret Pro Street

Another class that never disappoints is Pro Street. A class that was once limited by elapsed time has kicked the doors open and allowed everyone to do as they wish as long as they weigh 4,400 pounds or more. With that being said, everyone has started to push the envelope on what should be possible with a 4,400-pound tank in terms of speed.

Paul Cato has his truck back together. He and his team are making up a lot of ground in getting back to where they were prior in the low five-second range. Johnny Gilbert and Josh Scruggs, however, are still clicking off passes for the books, and it actually wound up being those two in the final round. Before we get to that, I’d like to point out that the Stainless Diesel team has been fighting very hard for that coveted four-second pass and once it happened, the flood gates opened.

No matter the outcome, these teams push each other to constantly be evolving.

We knew faster passes were on the horizon but at the next event already? In qualifying, Gilbert let go of the button, aimed it straight, and stopped the clocks at a 4.82 at 156.72 MPH, crushing the Pro Street record. Win or lose, this team went home happy. They’ve toughed it out through thick and thin and they’re finally getting the payoff. Congratulations, guys, and gals!

In the final round, it was Mr. Gilbert up against Josh Scruggs in his hot rod Dodge. As they both rolled int to the water box, Gilbert’s machine wasn’t sounding great as they suffered some valvetrain issues, however, they said, “We’re here to put on a show. We’re going for it.” The lights fell, both trucks took off, and it was Josh Scruggs who made it to the cone first.

Scruggs’ Ram stopped the clocks at 5.011 at 149 MPH to Gilbert’s 5.027 at 146.38 MPH. I am impressed with Josh’s driving and how well he’s progressed over the year. Congratulations to both drivers on a stellar weekend. I can’t wait to see what you hooligans do next month!

Firepunk Diesel Outlaw 5.90 Index

A diesel event classic matchup. A big Power Stroke-powered Ford up against a Cummins-powered Ram.

To me, the Outlaw 5.90 Index class is the new 6.70 class. There is quite a bit more power, but the staging lanes are getting more and more full every event I go watch. As a competitor in this class now, I think this class will be massive soon. I believe there were 11 or 12 entries at this race, which is quite a bit more than last years’ debut.

Close friend and 5.90 Index points leader, Rod MacMaster, piloted his little white Ram to another victory in this class. Tuner Ryan Milliken basically has this truck dialed enough on the tuning side that Rod needs to do his job as a driver and he should be tough to handle. This weekend was a good example of that. Rod faced off against Austin Doidge again in his second-gen Ram.

Some teams had more problems than others, but everyone had a team and everyone made it through the weekend safe.

Both trucks were dialed in where they need to be, but it was going to be won on the starting line. Fortunately for MacMaster, he had just enough of an advantage to hold off Doidge at the finish line. It was a tight race as expected, and MacMaster’s 5.907 was just enough to hold off Doidge’s 5.918. Congratulations to both drivers for a competitive weekend of racing.

Thoroughbred Diesel 6.70 Index 

Deanna Ring has proven herself to be a threat on the dragstrip. She’s piloting her husband Jared’s old NHRDA Super Street truck in the 6.70 Index class where she went multiple rounds. Great driving, Deanna!

The 6.70 Index class is easily one of the most popular classes and if you don’t believe me, stand in the staging lanes when they get called up. There is a huge line of trucks trying to get into the lanes in this class. Firepunk Diesel’s Landon Miller was coming off of two wins in this class so far this year, and he headed into this round with plenty of confidence.

Susan Soga finished qualifying on the podium with a perfect 6.70 pass. With a ton of confidence heading into eliminations, she knew she was the one to beat. After five or six rounds of eliminations, it was down to Soga and Miller. Soga with a ton of confidence and Miller with a proven winning truck–who would win?

Both of them thundered down the racetrack side-by-side, but it was Miller who took the victory. Soga’s ’34 Chevrolet was making too good of a pass and broke out with a 6.62 pass giving Miller and his 6.79 pass the win. Congratulations to both drivers who made it hard on their competitors all weekend!

ATS Diesel Power 7.70 Index


7.70 is always a full class. To win or even be in the running for a points championship, you need skill and consistency. You don’t have to win every race, but if you’re in the hunt at every event, chances are you’re going to place pretty well. Ryan Riddle is exactly that. He’s a thorn in everyone’s side when it comes to drag racing because he is a tough guy to beat.

After rounds of qualifying and eliminations, Riddle faced off against Jesse Voiles in the final round. Voiles looked like the guy to beat for most of the day and his final round appearance only proved that. Like I said before, his hands were full with Riddle.

When it came down to it, Voiles pushed it a little too hard and broke out with a 7.61 giving Riddle and his 7.869 pass the win. Congratulations to “The Scientist” Ryan Riddle on his second 7.70 Index victory this year.

JAMO Performance Exhaust E.T Bracket

Finishing off our Outlaw Diesel Super Series drag racing action was the E.T Bracket class. Ryan Riddle circled back after his 7.70 Index victory and grabbed a lane next to me in the Hot Shot’s Secret BMW 335D. Knowing I was going to have to be on my game, I hit the tree hard but not hard enough. Riddle was going for it and just barely missed a perfect reaction time red lighting by -.003. Had he turned it green, the timeslip would’ve been much different.

His redlight handed me the win and he and I are still neck and neck in the points chase going into the last part of the series. I respect that people say E.T is an “entry-level” class, but that doesn’t mean that it is easy. There are plenty of guys like Riddle who are tough to beat and I simply got lucky. We’ll have to wait and see what happens in Florida!

Points Update

Pro Dragster

  1. Jared Jones- 145
  2. Andre Dusek- 23

Pro Mod

  1. Larson Miller- 178
  2. Ben Shadday- 78
  3. Brian Gray- 74
  4. Steve Royalty- 71

Pro Street

  1. Johnny Gilbert- 123
  2. Josh Scruggs- 100
  3. Derek Rose- 99
  4. Paul Cato- 75
  5. Michael Dalton- 70

5.90 Index

  1. Rod MacMaster- 202
  2. Austin Doidge- 120
  3. Austin Denny- 94
  4. Cody Fisher- 64
  5. Brett Marcum- 54

6.70 Index

  1. Landon Miller- 280
  2. Susan Soga- 159
  3. Ethan Hodge- 139
  4. Zack Danner- 121
  5. Chase Ringer- 87

7.70 Index

  1. Ryan Riddle- 221
  2. Corbin Hall- 142
  3. Nick Morris- 105
  4. Daniel Hargrove- 95
  5. Jesse Voiles- 92

E.T Bracket

  1. Art Maupin- 199
  2. Ryan Riddle- 176
  3. Nick Morris- 129
  4. Ken Phillips- 120
  5. Justynne Hamm- 86

Some of our favorite events of the Outlaw Diesel Super Series didn’t survive 2020, so this one in Lyons, Indiana was number three so far this year. Coming up next is the Hardway Sunshine Showdown which, in my opinion, is going to be incredible. The points are tightening up, the end of the year is closing in, and its going to take nothing but A-game to finish the season off strong. Stay tuned to Diesel Army for the event alert.

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