Excitement In Indianapolis: Ultimate Callout Challenge 2023

In the realm of diesel performance, where horsepower is king and competition is fierce, one event stands above the rest as the pinnacle of diesel supremacy — the Ultimate Callout Challenge (UCC). This extraordinary gathering of diesel enthusiasts and industry titans is an annual spectacle that pushes the boundaries of what is possible in the world of diesel motorsports. As the date for the 2023 UCC approached, the anticipation built to a fevered pitch. Diesel aficionados from all corners of the globe prepared their machines, their eyes firmly fixed on the ultimate prize—the title of UCC champion. This is not an event for the faint of heart; it’s a crucible where power, skill, and determination collide.


Hunter Coffey takes the crown on race day!

Year after year, teams prepare for the toughest gauntlet the diesel motorsports industry has to offer, but things never go as planned. The UCC is a multidisciplinary challenge that combines the three pillars of diesel performance — drag racing, dyno competition, and sled pulling—into a grueling three-day battle of strength and endurance. The event serves as a proving ground for the most elite diesel vehicles and drivers, where they test their mettle against the best in the business.

UCC Drag Racing Competition

Hunter Coffey, a relative newcomer to the scene, proved that skill can triumph over experience. With calculated precision, Coffey navigated the track with a lightning-fast 5.111-second eighth-mile e.t., earning him an impressive First Place in the drag race portion of the UCC with his Firepunk Diesel-supported Cummins-powered Ram. He even did so with a much larger pickup than the other podium-goers, it didn’t matter. Next up was Tyler Burkhart with his Duramax, a somewhat seasoned racer with a reputation for lighting up the boards. As the lights flashed green, he shot off like a bullet, his truck devouring the eighth mile in a quick 5.312 seconds. Although the truck has been faster than that in the past, this was enough to hold down Second Place in the drag racing competition.

unlimited callout challenge

The Wide Open Throttle Motorsports’ build was put to the test on the 660-feet of fun.

Rounding out the podium was KC Turbos‘ Charlie Fish in a Super Duty Ford. This Power Stroke-powered machine stopped the clocks with a 5.329 on the board. After day one, the podium featured a Cummins, a Duramax, and a Power Stroke. How cool is that? The rest of the drag racing results are as follows:

4th place – Chris Patterson – 5.599

5th place- Greg Alberalla – 5.741

6th place – Josh McCormack – 5.837

7th place – Daniel Hargrove – 6.078

8th place – Brian Shew – 6.128

9th place – Robbie Garcia – 6.432

10th place – Logan Epling – 6.774

11th place – Scotty Bergeron – 8.154


This Ford was one you couldn’t have missed on the dragstrip. It was flying!

Beating On The UCC Lie Detector

On day two of the competition, competitors tested their luck (and their engines) on the chassis dyno. The Ultimate Callout Challenge dyno competition is an incredibly grueling test of both man and machine. It pushes the limits of diesel engines to their breaking points, demanding peak performance under intense conditions. Not only does the machine have to be prepared, but the driver needs to know their machine and have perfect timing.

When it was Josh McCormack’s turn, he prepared to showcase the monstrous power of his diesel machine. The engine roared as it reached its peak, unleashing a staggering 2,879.5 horsepower. The dyno numbers sent shockwaves through the crowd, solidifying McCormack’s reputation as a force to be reckoned with on dyno day. This was enough to leave day two with a First-Place finish on the dyno day which is huge for someone that takes so much pride when it comes to these tests.


Doing what he does best, Josh McCormack takes the cake on dyno day.

Hunter Coffey came back on day two, hit the rollers with his all-white Dodge Ram pickup, and pumped out an impressive 2,436 horsepower. You could see the excitement in his team’s eyes as the numbers flashed across the board. Although it wasn’t enough to take the top spot, nobody took away his silver at the end of day two.

unlimited callout challenge

With the help of the industry’s finest, Daniel Hargrove almost hit his 2,000 horsepower goal on the dyno.

Rounding out the podium, wouldn’t you know it, Dirty Hooker Diesels Duramax-powered machine cranked out 2,379.1 horsepower, solidifying their preparedness for this challenge. With a great outing for dyno day, Josh McCormack has entered the chat and is in contention heading into the last and final day of competition. The rest of the dyno results are as follows:

4th place – Logan Epling – 2,367 horsepower

5th place – Greg Alberalla – 2,111.6 horsepower

6th place – Daniel Hargrove – 1,949.1 horsepower

7th place – Robby Garcia – 1,801.1 horsepower

8th place – Charlie Fish – 1,736.6 horsepower

9th place – Brian Shew – 1,516.1 horsepower

10th place – Chris Patterson – 1,513.6 horsepower

11th place – Scotty Bergeron – DNF

Crank ‘Em And Yank ‘Em

The UCC sled-pulling competition is an exciting and demanding event that showcases the sheer power and traction of these diesel vehicles. Sled pulling, for those that don’t know, involves pulling a weighted sled down a dirt track using sheer engine power, testing vehicle strength and performance.

Competitors must strategize and carefully manage their vehicle’s power delivery to maximize traction and distance. They aim to pull the sled as far as possible, known as a “full pull,” where they reach the end of the track (300 feet). The distance achieved is measured and used to determine the competitor’s score.


Dan Vallance was the test truck at UCC making sure the sled-pulling track was ready to rock and roll for our competitors.

With everyone lined up and ready, it was go time. As mentioned earlier, just because you prepared doesn’t mean that this event will go your way. For UCC veteran Chris Patterson, this is exactly what happened. He was planning on pulling the plug on the UCC competition after this year. However, things didn’t go his way, and he may return in 2024 to claim what he feels is his, the Ultimate Callout Challenge title. After a not-so-great day on the dyno, Patterson hooked to the sled with nothing to lose.

unlimited callout challenge

“Greg A” making all of the steam at the legendary Lucas Oil Raceway.

When the dust settled, he pulled 315.94 feet. He put just over four feet between him and the second farthest pull which landed him on the top of the podium after the sled-pulling competition. We’ll definitely be seeing more of him in 2024. As for the other competitors, it was Brian Shew taking Second on day three with a pull of 311.77 feet. Finishing off our podium, Tony Burkhard of Dirty Hooker Diesel finished the day with a pull of 308.3 feet.


Hunter Coffey making his near full pull on day three.

The rest of the sled pull results are as follows:

4th place – Greg Alberalla

5th place – Josh McCormack

6th place – Robbie Garcia

7th place – Daniel Hargrove

8th place – Hunter Coffey

9th place –  Logan Epling

There Can Only Be One UCC Champion

As the sun began its descent on the final day of the Ultimate Callout Challenge 2023, a sense of excitement filled the air. The fierce competition showcased the raw power, skill, and determination of the diesel community. Now, it was time to crown the champions and bid farewell to another incredible year of diesel motorsports.

With consistent results in the drag race, dyno, and sled-pulling events, Tony and Tyler Burkhart’s dreams of becoming champions of the UCC have finally come true. The crowd erupted in thunderous applause as Tony and Co. were crowned the UCC champions of 2023. Their consistent performance across all three disciplines had been nothing short of extraordinary, and their victory was a testament to their skill, dedication, and relentless pursuit of excellence. Congratulations to the entire Dirty Hooker Diesel team for getting it done.


At UCC, there is plenty of action happening all at once. In this photo, Daniel Hargrove is making his rip on the dyno while two people are doing ODSS drag racing at the same time!

Wide Open Throttle Motorsports’ Josh McCormack did what he had to do to end his weekend with one of the best performances to date. Josh’s huge number on the dyno and practice sled pulling before the event showed to aid in this performance. Congratulations to him and his team for putting together a spectacular weekend and taking home Second-Place hardware. Had Josh pulled the sled another ten or so feet, I believe that would’ve been enough to win overall.

In Third Place was Hunter Coffey and his Ram. Coffey put together one hell of a weekend at his first UCC and can leave with his chin held high as he podiumed the toughest test he’ll ever take. I can guarantee that that truck is going to be a force to be reckoned with in the future, no matter where it goes.

But the celebration didn’t end there. Each competitor was recognized for their remarkable achievements throughout the UCC. Greg Alberalla, Chris Patterson, and Daniel Hargrove took their rightful places among the top contenders, their accomplishments honored with well-deserved applause and admiration. The rest of the 2023 overall results are as follows:

7th place – Brian Shew

8th place – Robbie Garcia

9th place – Logan Epling

10th place – Charlie Fish

And so, with the memories of this extraordinary event etched in their minds, the competitors, spectators, and enthusiasts bid farewell to UCC 2023, carrying the spirit of diesel motorsports within their hearts until they would reunite once again for another unforgettable chapter in the diesel motorsports saga. Till next time, UCC.

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