Outlaw Diesel Super Series Round 5: Scheid Diesel Extravaganza 2019

It’s August in Indiana and that can only mean one thing. The next edition of the Scheid Diesel Extravaganza is here. Although we’re expecting the same action-packed weekend as years past, this year’s action has been shortened to only two days. Some questioned this decision but after going through it and reliving the nationally-known event, it sure was nice using Sunday as a travel day.

We arrived into Terre Haute, Indiana late Thursday evening in preparation for an early start come sunrise. As expected, we hit the gates early Friday morning and the flood gates opened. For me, it’s kind of a nostalgic to see the trucks lined up out into the highway trying to get into the gate. This event really is enormous and is truly one of a king.

This year, the Show-N-Shine Contest was brought to us by the Purdue Diesel Club and sponsored by AMSOIL Inc. The show included many different classes, but only a few had what it took to take home the prize and the bragging rights from one of the biggest diesel truck shows in the country. There was Best Dodge, Best GM, Best Ford, and Best Of Show.

One thing I have noticed from going to all of these events, Scheid Diesel Extravaganza specifically, is there is starting to be more and more older trucks. There are still the souped-up and flashy late-model trucks, but I’m talking about the 1970-1980 Ford, GM, and Dodge trucks. If this trend is here to stay, I’m 100-percent okay with this. There were a ton of beautiful old trucks that have been diesel swapped on display and I am a fan.

In my opinion, the diesel industry as a whole needs to and is constantly growing. A huge portion of that is companies getting involved at events and either sponsoring classes or even bringing in a booth and showcasing their products to all of us. Without class sponsors, event vendors, or any sort of support, we wouldn’t be able to have these awesome events.

Entering the park I noticed new vendors that haven’t been there in years past and that is a good sign. That means that our industry is growing and more people are wanting to get involved. There were a ton of new parts we saw and discussed with said vendors and really look forward to what we will see in the near future. If you’re at an event, swing in and chat. Buy a t-shirt, buy a koozie, show your support to those who support us.

Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League 

Friday Night

Pro Street Diesel

2 – IN LINE ONLY – 319.3
3 – IN HARMS WAY – 316.77
4 – CRAZY TRAIN – 316.02
8 – THE BIG BLACK WOLF – 305.83
9 – DREAM EVIL – 230.26
10 – IRON WILL – Hooked/Broke

Limited Pro Stock

1 – UN-LOCKED – 321.31
2 – RECYCLED HOOKER – 318.54
3 – BAD COMPANY – 317.38
4 – HOOD RAT – 317.15
5 – HILLBILLY BONE – 316.45
6 – SIX SHOOTER – 314.38
7 – HILL BROTHERS – 313.93
8 – CUMMIN ATCHA – 313.29
9 – CUMMIN GET IT – 312.91
10 – SKETCHY HOOKER – 312.37

Pro Stock

2 – SCHEID DIESEL – 320.19
3 – RANCH HAND – 318.01
4 – LINCOLN DIESEL SPEC. 2 – 316.15
5 – TWISTED METAL – 313.87
6 – CRAZY EX – 312.63
7 – CROSS WIRED – 312.26
8 – WOUND TIGHT – 310.14
10 – LIVIN ON THE EDGE – 306.8

Super Stock Diesel

1 – SCHEID DIESEL – 338.66
2 – AGAINST THE GRAIN – 338.26
3 – CARETAKER – 337.69
5 – DEAD PULL – 331.84
7 – SMOKNYA HD – 331.03
9 – ROCK HARD RAM – 323.44
10 – THE NUT JOB – 322.7

Saturday Night

Pro Street Diesel

3 – PRIVILEDGED – 328.84
4 – HALL PASS – 321.61
5 – CRAZY TRAIN – 321.08
6 – IN HARMS WAY – 320.68
8 – IN LINE ONLY – 317.05
10 – DIG A LITTLE DEEPER – 307.99

Limited Pro Stock

1 – HILL BROTHERS – 329.99
2 – BUCK-IT – 327.33
3 – IRON MAIDEN – 324.56
4 – GIRLS NIGHT OUT – 323.95
6 – LIGHTS OUT – 321.11
7 – ANOTHER BAD HABIT – 320.41
8 – SKETCHY HOOKER – 320.39
9 – SIX SHOOTER – 319.91
10 – POWERTRIP – 317.4

Pro Stock Diesel

2 – PENN FARMS – 317.47
3 – WOUND TIGHT – 316.69
4 – THE RUMOR – 315.01
5 – BAD TIMING – 314.81
6 – MY GRAIN – 314.56
7 – CROSS WIRED – 313.22
8 – CHAPTER ELEVEN – 313.04
9 – TWISTED METAL – 312.04
10 – LINCOLN DIESEL SPEC.2 – 311.57

Super Stock Diesel

1 – ROCK HARD RAM – 324.91
2 – CREAM OF THE CROP – 324.87
3 – OVERSIZE LOAD – 324.01
4 – TRUMP – 323.01
6 – DEAD PULL – 322.5
7 – ROLLIN COAL – 321.79
8 – SCHEID DIESEL – 320.93
9 – CARETAKER – 320.59
10 – SMOKNYA HD – 318.28

Outlaw Diesel Super Series

This diesel drag racing thing is incredible. For someone like me who grew up around drag racing and to get involved in diesel’s some time ago and see this sport develop the way it has, it’s simply incredible. There was a time where a 12-second truck was fast. I’m not saying that a 12-second truck isn’t fast, I’m just saying it’s developed into a much more serious sport to a point where grassroots gasoline/alcohol-driven drag racing is taking us seriously.

With that being said, as expected, Crossroads Dragway conveniently next to the fairgrounds was packed full of diesel trucks looking to make their way down the eighth-mile dragstrip. As you know, the Outlaw Diesel Super Series covers every class imaginable all the way from stock pickup trucks to 2,000-horsepower, fiberglass-covered machines. Unfortunately, the track surface wasn’t quite there for that sought after three-second pass and the race is still on.

Although there weren’t any earth-shattering records made, the weekend was full and fun from dusk till dawn. E.T, 7.70 Index, 6.70 Index, Outlaw 5.90 Index, Pro Street, Pro Mod, and Pro Dragster are the usual classes but at the end of the day, there can only be one victor. So, let’s dive into the action.

Sportsman E.T

Sportsman is always the largest class as its the most relatable and affordable. Everyday street trucks that just want to have fun with possibly a few 6.70-range trucks dabbling in for extra testing, too. Between second and eighth place in points, there is only a 15-point spread between them. Ryan Riddle still holds the lead by a few rounds, but with two races to go, anything can happen.

After six rounds of action, Devin Ratliff ended up taking the victory over, believe it or not, myself. I was lucky enough to pilot a new friends truck in the E.T class and red-lighted handing the win over to Ratliff. Ratliff, being the good sportsman he is, mentioned he wished it would’ve gone green to make a good race, but it is what it is. Congratulations to him on the victory and good luck on the upcoming races.

Points: 1. Ryan Riddle-387, 2. Landon Miller-245, 3. Trent Skinner 240, 3. Artie Maupin 240

7.70 Index

As I mentioned earlier, the ET class is usually the most full. While that is true, 7.70 Index isn’t far behind. As most of you know by now, a lot of the 7.70 Index trucks will double enter into the E.T class. Ryan Riddle, the points leader in E.T thus far, is leading the 7.70 points as well. Saturday after a long day of racing, Riddle defeated Isaac Blaess in a tight one.

Blaess, although he had a truck too fast for the class, pedaled his way into the final round against and always tough Riddle, but came up just short. Congrats on the driving job to Isaac and we look forward to seeing him finish off the season strong in the next two rounds.

Points: 1. Ryan Riddle 361, 2. Nick Morris 335, 3. Trey Sikes 231

6.70 Index

Speeding things up a bit, the 6.70 Index class is shaping up to be a tight one, too. Landon Miller, although his weekend in Terre Haute didn’t go as planned, is still hanging on to that points lead. Josh Grahmann, your 6.70 Index winner in Terre Haute, has turned his luck around after having two rough outings at the last two. Grahmann is only 33 points behind Miller with the win and looks to put the pressure on with only two remaining events to go.

Caleb Brown, although he hasn’t sealed up a win in 2019, has been steady enough to lock himself into fourth place in the points race. With two races remaining, and a final round appearance under his belt, I’m sure he will have his game face on hoping to finish strong in the race.

Points: 1. Landon Miller 256, 2. Josh Grahmann 223, Kyle Hutchinson 204

Outlaw 5.90 Index

Moving into the Pro Categories, things are getting interesting. Points aren’t as they were in the beginning. Mindy Jackson, coming off a win at the last Rocky Top Diesel Shootout event, has won yet another one. This victory over a tough Brett Marcum has landed her in first place in points over Marcum by only 31-points. With Paul Cato and Rick Fox just tailing, I can’t wait to see how this field of trucks finishes at the next two.

Points: 1. Mindy Jackson 241, Brett Marcum 210, Rick Fox 198

Pro Street

Johnny Gilbert has won yet another one in the Pro Street class against Michael Dalton. Scheid brought a lot of new trucks to the class, but nobody could stop those two this weekend. Derek Rose, your 2019 Ultimate Callout Challenge champion, invested in a new style of transmission with hopes to break into some newer faster elapsed times.

After a good day of testing, and taking the number one spot in qualifying, things were looking up. But, unfortunately after a breakage, Rose wasn’t able to finish. After seeing what that truck was capable of when it wasn’t trying, that Pro Street class had better be ready. With the last two events remaining, it’s impossible for anyone to catch Gilbert.

Points: 1. John Gilbert 280, 2. Michael Dalton 125, Josh Scruggs 101

Pro Mod

After four rounds of racing, Larson Miller and the Save The Racks S-10 finally made it into the winner circle. It’s been a battle between Ben Shadday and Rawlings Barnes for most of the year, but finally, the S-10 was victorious. Miller’s consistent outings have landed himself in the number two spot in points just 14 points out of the lead. You know as well as I do these last two races are going to be awesome.

Points: 1. Rawlings Barnes 220, 2. Larson Miller 206, 3. Ben Shadday 176

Pro Dragster

I bet you’re thinking Jared Jones walked away with another win. Well, he did in fact walk away with another win, but it was hard-earned for sure. John Robinson in the Power Service Diesel dragster showed up and put on a show. His lighting fast dragster had enough to put up a fight with Jones, but in the end, it was Jones taking the win.

In just a few weeks, the Outlaw Diesel Super Series will be invading Emerald Coast Dragway in Florida where Ryan Milliken will host everyone at his local track. For more information about the ODSS, or any upcoming events, be sure and check out their website here. For more information about Scheid Diesel and their upcoming event dates, check out their website.

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