Babe Of The Month: Sitting Down With The Lively, Bubbly Dani Medin


Recently we had the opportunity to chat with an individual who is quite accomplished, and has the all the beauty to coincide with her quick wit. Let us introduce you to Dani Medin, a bubbly babe who is always full of energy.

Being an on-camera talent, spokesmodel, personality, and pit reporter, Dani has a decorated background that stretches across the country. She attended the University of Wisconsin – River Falls, where she received her bachelor of science degree in journalism.

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With experience in virtually every motorsport around, she has all her bases covered. Charismatic, humorous, and tough, Dani brings her versatile personality everywhere she goes. Dani is also a formidable snowmobile racer, who dominated snowmobile racing circuits that include high performance events like Snocross and Hillcross.

Looking to make others laugh by being silly and simply herself, Dani is not your typical photoshoot model. Follow us as we get to know this awesome babe and what she’s truly all about. A girl who digs cars, bikes, and trucks, Dani is a free spirit that seeks thrills in all facets of life.


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Dani possesses immeasurable energy and positivity in all that she pursues.


Height: 5’5”

Weight: 120 lbs

Hair Color: Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Stats: 34D-25-34

Power Automedia: How did you come to being a model?

Dani Medin: To be honest, some of my racing sponsors asked me to model products and clothing. Then I took some of my work and experience to modeling agencies and asked for representation.

PAM: Tell me about your upbringing and what brought you to California.

Dani: I’m actually from a small town north of the Twin Cities in Minnesota, far from here. A guy I previously dated brought me here to California (laughing).

PAM: Are you able to use your journalism degree in your field of work?

Dani: I’m a motorsports reporter and live announcer, as well as an on-camera talent and spokesmodel. I also happen to run my own little public relations company called Medin Media, so yes, I use my journalism degree all the time. Thank God, because it wasn’t cheap!

PAM: Tell us your favorite part about modeling.

Dani: I love being on-set and being a “ham.” Having the opportunity to just be myself and put a smile on people’s faces really shows people I’m not just a model to take pictures of.

Seeing Dani be herself, we were simply amused by her outgoing personality.

PAM: Can you outline your past portfolio of modeling work?

Dani: I have shot for Harley-Davidson four times in 2015 and will also be included in the 2016 K&N Filters calendar. I’ve done commercial modeling and you can see me in Invisible Fence, Bud Light NFL ads, etc. My first big gig was being in the 2009 Double Extreme snowmobile calendar and then again in the “Best Of” 2011. The Harley-Davidson shoots were a dream come true. You’ll see me rollin’ if you keep an eye out!

dani17 copy

Admittedly, Dani loves being a “ham.”

PAM: When you’re out working an event, modeling or reporting, what kind of automobile catches your eye?

Dani: I grew up around old muscle cars. I drove a ’77 Corvette to high school some days. My brother’s first car was a ’66 Impala. What’s cool though is that my Dad is currently building a rat rod out of a ’55 Ford Truck, which was supposed to be my “first car,” but I got a pit bike instead LOL.

DSC_9390 copy

Coming from the humble state of Minnesota, Dani has made her way west to put her education and looks to the test.

PAM: Did you like any of the cars/trucks you modeled next to today?

Dani: Blown Z was pretty cool. My dad always wanted to get me into drag racing (so he could wrench), but I wanted to race snowmobiles. I thought it would be a little more exciting for me.

PAM: Would you prefer to ride up high or cruise down low?

Dani: I just like to cruise [cue Florida Georgia Line’s “Cruise” with Nelly].

PAM: If you could have a superpower, what would it be and why?

Dani: I am super woman. Duh!

PAM: What’s a typical weekend like for you?

Dani: I’m usually on an airplane flying to an AMA Pro Flat Track race, or some sort of race or motorsports event.

PAM: What is your favorite food?

Dani: Is that really a question? Everything … I don’t have any specific favorites.

PAM: Where is your dream travel destination?

Dani: I love to travel, but I need to update my passport before I can get the heck out of dodge. I would love to go back to my roots like Sweden and Norway. Greece, Italy, and of course Australia, are on my list of dream destinations.

PAM: Tell me about your dream car and what you would do to it.

Dani: My truck, a Chevy Avalanche, is actually my dream car. It is stock at the moment, so it needs a lot of work.


PAM: What are your pet peeves in general and do you have any with guys? Pet peeves with girls?

Dani: My biggest pet peeve is when people are making a turn through an intersection and don’t stay in the lane closest to them and just decide to cruise on over to whatever lane they are feeling. Did people not take drivers education here?

With girls – if you are constantly taking selfies, get off your phone, and pay attention to the world around you. Nothing looks more conceited than taking photos of yourself. Right now, my Instagram is full of selfies because that is the only mode my camera works in at the moment. I usually will post an occasional selfie.

IMG_2203 copy

Making the choice to move out West was a life-changing decision for Dani.

PAM: What do you look for in a guy?

Dani: Do you own a motorcycle? Do you know how to shoot a gun? Do you know how to change your own oil? Call me Midwestern, but that’s what I look for.

PAM: Do you have any advice for aspiring models and those who want to follow in your footsteps?

Dani: My advice to up and coming models is to shoot with a good photographer. The second thing would be to find an agent to represent.

The biggest piece of advice is to not work for free simply because it is killing the livelihood for professional models who do this for a living. Just because you have boobs doesn’t make you a model. However, getting a paycheck does.

PAM: Are there any individuals you’d like to thank?

Dani: I want to thank my parents and friends who put up with a lot of my shenanigans. I am kinda a mess, but I have a great group of fans, supporters, family, and friends who always have my back. I love all of you. You make me love what I do.

A midwestern girl who is both smart and stunning, it was a pleasure to take the time to get to know Dani. Be sure to follow us as she will be in some of our upcoming coverage.

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