Top 5 Tow Rigs: Scheid Diesel Extravaganza 2017

Everyone gets up early, gets the truck loaded full of friends and heads to the strip for a day of drag racing. We all steer towards the well funded, and some extremely fast trucks that come to the track, but there is one thing we would like to point out. If it wasn’t for a work-horse pulling a trailer, that truck wouldn’t make it to the event.

At the 2017 edition of the Scheid Diesel Extravaganza, after hours of traffic pulling in to the event we noticed a ton of different areas of the country showing up to this event and with new areas traveling here, that meant new trucks we haven’t seen. After strolling through the pits on either side we chose to pick our Top 5 Tow Rigs of the extravaganza.

Number 5: RLC Motorsports

The guys at RLC Motorsports have a lot of work to do at the track when piloting two beautiful orange rides so they must look to their tow rig to make the trip possible. This luxurious High Country edition Chevrolet was a great looking truck.

This High Country, with a flatbed, was ready to pull anything you put behind it. The High Country is wrapped in leather interior and surrounded by wood trim. While sitting in that comfort, they also enjoy the premium stereo and suspension that comes factory with the truck.

Keeping this thing cruising down the road is a set of American Force wheels wrapped in Nitto Ridge Grappler tires. The black and machined wheels, tone perfectly with the black and chrome accented truck.

Number 4: BD Diesel Performance

Something like this truck is a viable component to BD’s team. They have to rely on this truck making it to events across the country. With a bumper like that, it doesn’t look like anything will get in Harald’s way.

Even though this truck wasn’t hauling a vehicle to compete in either of the competitions at this event, it was still one of the coolest looking tow rigs on the property. Harald, of BD Diesel Performance, drives this late model Ford F-350 to pull BD’s camper around the country to promote their new products, as well as give expert advice on any questions enthusiast’s may need.

Like other trucks, this truck also featured the Nitto Ridge Grappler and red American Force wheels with the chrome face plates definitely put off the bling look when driving down the road. Harald seems to enjoy his ride as much as we do. “I enjoy the looks I get while going down the road,” He said. It puts off the vibe to others, that aren’t truck enthusiasts, truck guys can have nice looking rides as well.

Number 3: Landon Miller 2016 Dodge Ram 6.7L Cummins

This 2016 Ram was driven by Landon Miller with Firepunk Diesel. This pickup is a key component to the Firepunk racing program as it tows their Pro Street truck to all the events.

You may notice there is a bit of a trend going with all of these trucks.

This was only an emission deleted and tuned truck, which in this world isn’t really day altering to the normal track guy, but they decided today was the day that it was getting introduced to the drag racing world.

“I don’t know why, but I figured we may as well get this truck out there too,” explained Lavon Miller. We are sure glad that he did because Landon went some rounds in the ET Sportsman class on Sunday. Just before the day ending pass and losing his next round we mentioned that the truck had a good solid day. Both Landon and Lavon said, “As long as it doesn’t break.”

This truck was one of the better-looking tow rigs that we saw all weekend!

Number 2: Larson Miller 2007 Dodge Ram

Even with the wheel and tire sizes, Miller has no problem getting traction on the blacktop of the drag strip.

Larson Miller is out of Plain City, Ohio and has a beautiful Mega Cab Ram that is a masterpiece. This truck is a show truck quality, with work truck performance. Although the trailer wasn’t hooked to it today, this truck has pulled plenty of times.

This is one of those unhook, race, and win setups. Larson has been crowned victorious at multiple events for winning the ET Sportsman and the 7.70 index class. A proven set up has been doing the trick for Miller, with the help of Exergy injectors, Firepunk tuning, and a few D&J Precision hard parts.

A truck like this is hard to miss, especially when it performs off the track as well as it does on it.

Knowing that his rig must continue to be usable, he went with Nitto all-terrain tires and a large 22-inch American Force wheel. Helping with the towing, Larson installed a Pacbrake airbag system to contain the load on the truck better as well as a better ride.

“Normally I pull a truck to every event except this one,” Larson said. “I bent my airbag brackets last time.” Working at Firepunk, free time hasn’t necessarily been easy to come by for him to get it fixed. We look forward to seeing the truck in the future towing and racing.

Number 1: Diesel Life, Inc.

I’m glad this semi was parked directly next to the Show and Shine because it deserved to be in there. By far the best-looking tow rig on the property.

We are unsure if they planned to be that close to the show and shine trucks, but we’d say it worked out for the better. With all of the traffic going through there, plenty of people got to see how the Diesel Life crew rolls in style.

“It is a 2016 Peterbilt 389 Pride & Class Special Edition featuring a Fitzgerald Glider Kit,” said Ashely Feldkamp of Diesel Life. “The Peterbilt 389 Pride & Class Special Edition Glider Kit is touted as ‘The Icon of The Highway.’ It has plenty of upgraded features inside the cab and out which keeps us comfortable, safe, and proud.”

The truck is outfitted with Dynaflex Monster Stacks, Hogebuilt Stainless quarter fenders, Dark Dash Top with Blackwood Finish trim, and the premium seating with black leather and red custom stitching.

The crew at Diesel Life pilot this beauty around the country towing their mobile retail store to over fifty truck shows and drag racing events. “We really wanted to make it an eye grabber,” Feldkamp said. “We took the truck to 75 Chrome Shop in Wildwood, Florida for more upgrades.”

The new upgrades included new sleeper panels, stainless deck plating, custom steering wheel and shifter, and dual revolution lighting all around the truck that light up green as well to match the color of the truck.

What was your favorite tow rig at the event? Have you seen any of these rolling down the road? Tell us in the comments below!

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Artie Maupin is from Southeast Missouri and has an extreme passion for anything diesel. He loves drag racing of all kinds, as well as sled pulling competitions.
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