Top Treads: Diesel Army’s Top Trending Tire Picks For Trucks

When it comes to these trucks of ours, we do our best to take care of them. We like to spoil them as much as we can afford because these trucks are a reflection of who we are. If the truck looks good, we feel good. One of the most popular upgrades these trucks get is wheels and tires. There are thousands of wheel options out there, but on the tire side of things, there are a few that stood out last year.

With incoming inquiries for features, traveling to truck events, and just normal everyday driving, I’ve noticed there are a lot of duplicate tires out there. There has to be a reason, right? I’ve kept a note on these tires for a cool year-ending story covering some of the most popular tires I’ve seen around. Let’s see what we’ve got.



Mickey Thompson Baja ATZ P3- The famous Baja Claw name is now implanted onto an ATZ P3 tire that offers a very pleasing look on both the tread and sidewall. A great-looking all-terrain tire for our trucks.

Toyo Open Country AT-III- Although it’s an all-terrain, the AT-III is a more mud-terrain style look in my opinion. A beefier look to the street tire look that so many people are after.

Nitto Terra Grappler G2- An aggressive all-terrain tire that offers that street look but still has enough bite to keep you safe off the beating path.

General Tire Grabber A/TX- This all-terrain tire isn’t much for looks, but it can be trusted when it comes to tearing the truck off-road. This is General Tire’s next-generation all-terrain.

What tires do you trust the most?

I’ve laid out the tires that I have seen the most of and now I’ll go through and discuss what I like about them and also list what I’ve heard about them. Some people are brand loyal to tires and although they like the tires, there are some things they don’t like. Let’s take a dive into it.

Mickey Thompson’s Baja Claw ATZ P3

That trusted Mickey Thompson name is something that people rely on, including me. I’ve always used Mickey Thompson for racing-style tires, but it seems like those non-racing people out there are as loyal as the racing side. Growing up, I knew all about the Baja Claw tire, and MT has carried that name all way to 2021 with their ATZ P3.

This newer tire has been seen all over trucks and I can see why. The tread looks great, the sidewall has plenty of bite, and they are offered in sizes in almost every wheel option you can imagine. Although I’ve never owned a set, I see these tires on quite a bit of our truck features when traveling around the country.

A great looking sidewall with an aggressive tread pattern. The P3’s look like they’ll take you anywhere you want to go.

The Baja ATZ  P3 has a unique “hybrid” design between an all-terrain and mud-terrain tread pattern to give the grip needed for weekend adventures and a smooth ride on paved conditions. The ATZ  P3 features an extra-wide footprint and tough sculptured tread blocks for great all-around traction and based on the feedback, people like these.

“My work trucks, which is a fleet of 20, run nothing but the ATZ P3 tires. They last forever it seems like. My guys need to have tires they can trust when the phone rings and that’s why we use Mickey Thompson,” Darryl K. 

“I’ve had the original ATZ tires and I’m just now getting into these newer P3 ones. So far, I’m impressed!” Adam H.

Toyo Open Country AT-III

Like the Mickey Thompson’s, the Toyo brand is something I’ve obviously heard of and trusted. My first ever set of Toyo tires were the all-new Open Country AT-III’s and I was sold after the first few miles. Unloaded, these tires would just glide down the road with virtually no noise. I’ve never been a fan of road noise and these tires did not disappoint.

15,000-pounds behind me, they still made no road noise and handled a loaded trailer with almost no squat or deflection after a few hours of driving. Many other truck owners agreed when I put a feeler out there to some friends with different types of tires and the Toyo owners swore they’ll never own anything else.

Loaded or unloaded, the AT-III looks great and works better.

The Open Country A/T III all-terrain tire delivers gripping off-road traction with responsive and predictable on-road handling. With a strong focus on wet performance, durability, and treadwear life, Toyo introduces advances in tread design, construction, and all-new tread compounding. It also provides a quiet ride with exceptional stability.

“I’m a huge fan of the Toyo Tires. It is all we use in our fleet and personal trucks. They are riding decently smooth and they aren’t noisy at all. The tread lasts forever.” Adam J.

“I’ve had two sets of the AT-II’s and they have both made it past 70k miles. The AT-III’s are next on the list. Clay S.”

Nitto Terra Grappler G2

A great looking all-terrain tire that works on and off the road.

The Nitto Terra Grappler was one of the most incredible tires ever released. Literally, this tire was probably one of the most sold tires in the last five years. That trusted Nitto name attached to an all-terrain tire when the street-style tire was becoming a thing, they hit the nail on the head. I’ve had a set of the original Terra Grapplers and I loved them.

I loved the way these tires looked, I loved how they performed, they didn’t make any noise, and they lasted for what seems like forever. I didn’t do a ton of towing at the time when I had these tires, but I know I had those tires on for 60,000-miles at least with no sign of being worn out. Ever since then, I’ve always been okay with the thought of the G2.

Since I’ve never owned a G2, yet, I will say I’ve talked to quite a bit of people about the tires and they wish they had the old originals back. I’m not sure what happened to them, but it has been said that they don’t last near as long. So many different factors really make or break a tire, you know? Some people abuse them more than others and it could be coincidental but one thing that isn’t is that I see the tire everywhere.

Here is what people had to say…

“I won’t use these G2’s ever again. The original Terra tires lasted for an incredible mileage, but these new tires, even on the same truck, just don’t last as long,”- Keith B. 

“I got 80,000-miles out of my last set of Terra Grapplers” David W.

“I had the Nitto Terra’s on my 2017 ram towing a camper and race trailer all-around the south and loved them. 60,000-miles before I had to buy new ones and I only rotated them once.- Daniel T.

“My Terra Grappler’s had 45,000-miles before I sold the truck. I bet they had 100,000 miles in them still.” Neal N.

The good news is you can still get an original Grappler, but I’m not sure for how long. Ranging from 17-inch wheels all the way to 24-inch wheels, this G2 fits most applications for us truck guys. 

General Grabber A/TX

By the looks of it, these A/TX tires are good for meticulous wheeling.

General Tire’s biggest truck tire in our scene thus far has been the Grabber A/TX. It’s said to be the next-generation, aggressive all-terrain tire that provides exceptional off-road capability and durability, balanced with impressive on-road performance. Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake and stability deliver confident driving in all weather conditions.

I’ve never owned a set of General Tire tires at all, but there is quite a bit of truck out there equipped with them. I’ve seen them on the trucks that want an all-terrain tire but not too much of an aggressive look. Based on the look of the tire, I can see why. They do say “we can go off-road” but they aren’t overly excessive when it comes to tread and off-road-appeal.

I’ve gotten very few reviews from a public feeler on these tires, but on the reviews we did get, they were mixed.

Depending on what climate you’re in, maybe the General Grabber A/TX is right for you?

“Up here in Iowa, we need good tires in the snow. Our plow trucks use nothing but the A-T/X’s and they are absolute animals in the snow” -Avery M. 

“Honestly, the A/TX wasn’t what I thought it was. I purchased these tires because of the luck I had out of the Grabber AT2, but these just didn’t work near as good. They wore out fast and I wasn’t happy at all.”-Kenneth J.

I needed a 4 season light-duty tire and this fit the bill. It offered a good ride on the pavement and handles well. They did ok in light snow, but in deep snow not so much. It will get the job done with a 4X4 though. Not as good as the Grabber AT2’s in deep snow.”- Joker D. 

I put a feeler out on my social media platforms to gather this feedback and quotes and among those that replied about these specific tires, there were others that offered their opinion on other tires out there. With that being said, the tires I selected for this were the tires I have seen out and about. That doesn’t mean these are the best or the worst, it’s just the most popular tires we’ve seen at big truck events.

At any rate, you guys, the readers, may have other tires you like. I’d love to hear what tires you’re most happy with. Is it one of these I’ve listed above? Maybe you’ve got another tire we should really look at and test out for others to know about. Let us know in the comments below what tires you trust on your ride.



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