Third-Gen Ram: Crafting The Ultimate Off-Road Marvel

In the realm of off-roading, where mud-caked tires become badges of honor and rugged terrain is a canvas for adventure, one man’s vision has given birth to a masterpiece. Dan Tourino, the creative genius behind Carli Suspension, whose journey to build the third-gen Ram has resulted in an off-road diesel vehicle that not only conquers any terrain but does so with undeniable style and unmatched capability.

Tourino’s quest to build his third-gen Ram truck began with modest ambitions. Little did he know that his project would metamorphose into an extraordinary masterpiece — a truck that redefines what’s possible in the world of off-roading. From the moment you lay eyes on Tourino’s creation, it’s evident that this isn’t just another truck; it’s a statement of adventure, capability, and craftsmanship.

Ingredients To An Off-Road Rig

The heart of any truck lies beneath its hood, and Tourino’s Ram is no exception. It boasts a series of performance-enhancing components that come together seamlessly to deliver unmatched power and control. A huge list of parts is what is involved in making a truck this capable. Let’s check it out.

third gen Ram

A build that will allow you to do literally anything.

The heart of this truck’s suspension system is the Carli long arm kit, delivering unmatched control and performance. Beyond enhancing off-road capability, it provides a smoother ride on and off the pavement, appealing to adventurous consumers seeking confidence in rugged terrain.

Precision and stability are upheld by the torsion sway bar, a guardian of control crucial for navigating challenging off-road terrains with precision. For those valuing precise handling in rugged environments, this component is indispensable.

Custom Deaver Spring leaf springs offer both load-bearing capacity and a comfortable ride, ideal for consumers seeking durability and a smooth journey on highways or uneven trails. These upgrades cater to drivers craving control in challenging terrains and ensure that their trucks respond precisely to every command.

Additional enhancements like Carli ball joints, Carli billet motor mounts, axle truss, hydro bumps, APEX Steering, PSC big bore steering gear, PSC hydro assist, 2014-plus R/R Ram PS pump, and Radial Dynamics power-steering reservoir further elevate off-road capabilities and steering performance. Whether it’s tackling tough trails or demanding heavy-duty tasks, these components empower the truck and its driver to conquer any challenge with reliability and precision.

A truck’s exterior protection and lighting play pivotal roles, and this third-gen Ram exemplifies this truth. The Mercenary Offroad front and rear bumpers not only fortify the vehicle against unforeseen obstacles but also infuse it with a rugged allure. For consumers who crave both style and substance, these bumpers offer assurance on the trail while making a bold visual statement.

The Warn Industries VR12S winch is a standout feature, serving as a reliable lifeline in challenging scenarios. Whether it’s extricating the truck from tight spots or aiding fellow off-roaders, this winch is a game-changer. It’s a must-have for consumers who prioritize self-sufficiency and readiness during off-road excursions.

Third-Gen ram

It may look ordinary but it isn’t. It is a healthy unit!

Factor 55 Fairlead and Ultra-hook symbolize reliability and safety during winching operations. These components ensure secure and efficient winching, appealing to consumers who seek peace of mind when navigating rugged terrain and performing recovery tasks.

Illumination takes center stage with the Baja Designs lighting setup, featuring 30-inch ONx6, Squadrons, and S2 lights that grant this third-gen Ram unmatched visibility, even in the darkest and most challenging off-road conditions. Those who yearn for nocturnal adventures and demand top-tier lighting performance will find this setup irresistible. It not only ensures safety but also enables exploration of less-traveled trails, making it an essential asset for adventure-seeking consumers.

Third-Gen Ram Transmission And Engine Upgrades

Under the hood of this Ram lies a host of performance-enhancing upgrades that beckon to truck enthusiasts. The Randy’s Transmission Stage 2 transmission is a standout feature, ensuring that power is reliably transferred to the wheels. For consumers who demand smooth and dependable power delivery, especially when navigating challenging off-road conditions, this transmission upgrade is a valuable addition.

Custom tuning enhances the driving experience, and to ensure consistent fuel delivery, a FASS Titanium Signature Series 165 lift pump takes center stage. A reliable and robust lift pump is essential for maintaining consistent fuel pressure, particularly during high-demand situations. The Industrial Injection VIPER 63/80 Turbo, paired with the Industrial Injection 60 horsepower injectors and Stage 1 CP3, brings a significant power boost to the equation. This trio of upgrades enhances both power and torque, turning this third-gen Ram into a force to be reckoned with.

Third-gen ram

No terrain can stop this monster!

For engine reliability and head gasket seal strength, ARP studs come into play and enhanced engine cooling is aided by a Fleece coolant bypass, which is vital for preventing overheating during demanding off-road adventures. The S&B cold air intake and intake elbow/horn work in tandem to improve airflow to the engine, resulting in more power. Improved engine breathing is essential for consumers seeking a boost in performance and throttle response.

For extended range during off-road journeys, the S&B 53-gallon mid-ship tank is a game-changer. It allows consumers to venture deeper into the wilderness without the constant worry of refueling. Those who embark on long-distance off-road trips will appreciate the added convenience and peace of mind this tank provides.

The Mishimoto transmission cooler with Full Send Diesel Line Kit ensures that the transmission remains reliable even under heavy loads. This is crucial for consumers who tow or carry heavy payloads, as it prevents transmission overheating and potential damage.

For off-road accessories and controls, this Ram offers a comprehensive package for adventurous enthusiasts. The SPOD 4×4 6-switch panel, equipped with a custom stainless overhead console switch mount, simplifies the management of auxiliary equipment. This is a valuable addition for those who enjoy customizing their trucks with lighting, winches, and other off-road essentials, streamlining the process of handling multiple accessories.

Staying connected in remote off-road locations is a priority, and the Kenwood TM-281A Race Radio ensures connectivity even in areas with limited cell reception. It’s an essential tool for consumers who value communication during off-road adventures and group trail rides.

third-gen Ram

A rugged look that more trucks should really embrace.

Two Odyssey 65-PC1750T batteries were relocated to the bed of the truck. This setup is particularly appealing to consumers who rely on their trucks for camping and extended adventures, providing a robust power source for peace of mind. For camping enthusiasts and overlanders, the GFC with Kalil-fab bed-cage offers a comfortable and secure sleeping area within the truck bed, allowing for deeper wilderness exploration while maintaining the convenience of a mobile shelter.

Additional bed accessories, such as the Brixton Fab Spare Tire Holder, Patton Fab Bed Supports, and Icky Concepts Bulkhead Panel, enhance cargo management and gear-carrying capabilities. These components cater to consumers who prioritize organization and utility for off-road adventures and overlanding expeditions. Completing the package, the Pro-Eagle In-Bed Jack is a vital tool for on-the-trail repairs, ensuring vehicle maintenance and peace of mind during remote expeditions.

Turning to the wheels and tires, the 17×9 KMC Grenade Beadlocks with zero offset wheels offer a blend of style and functionality. These beadlock wheels not only enhance the truck’s appearance but also provide the ability to air down the tires for improved traction on challenging terrain, appealing to those who value aesthetics and off-road performance. Paired with these wheels are the 40-inch Toyo M/T tires, delivering the necessary grip and durability to conquer any terrain.

In the department of differential and drivetrain upgrades, the Yukon 4.56 gears, Yukon Grizzley rear locker, and front Power Wagon E-Locker are foundational for the truck’s off-road prowess. These components optimize traction and power distribution, enhancing the vehicle’s capability to conquer challenging terrains, which is particularly enticing for those who relish demanding off-road conditions.

Further solidifying the truck’s off-road capabilities, the Dynatrac Freespin Kit with Dyna-Locks, in combination with the rebuilt factory drivelines and transfer case, improve front axle performance and drivetrain reliability. These enhancements cater to consumers who demand both durability and confidence when navigating rugged terrains.

Check out the video on the CJC Off Road YouTube channel where they truly put this truck to the test where it is nearly off the ground as much as it is on.

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