Ultimate Callout Challenge Top 5 Show-N-Shine

Every event we attend, typically there is a truck show. This is obviously one of the crowd favorites because this gives the spectators the opportunity to be apart of something great and showcase what they can do with their hard earned money and a little elbow grease. At this year’s Ultimate Callout Challenge, the Show-N-Shine was nearly tripled in size from last year which gave us plenty to choose from in our hunt for the top 5.

Fun Fact: Brett Marcum, who made it on the top 5 of the show last year, was actually competing in the event this year. After attending in 2017, Marcum was set out to thrash all year long to prepare for a 2018 performance. Will someone from the Show-N-Shine be entering next year?

As mentioned earlier, the number of vehicles that made it to the show was pretty astronomical. The Ultimate Callout Challenge alotted enough space for a truck show and they couldn’t have offered anymore. From swapped gasoline trucks, monster trucks, bone stock trucks, to even slammed dually trucks, they had it all. So let’s dive into our top 5.

Number 5: Dakota Smith’s Big Ford Dually

Missouri native Dakota Smith has his iron in all kinds of fires when it comes to trucks, but when it comes to the fun of diesel power, he chose a 2010 Ford F-350 Lariat 6.4-liter Power Stroke. With only 60,000-miles, this truck is a cherry. Riding high into the show, Smith’s 6.4 has rolled itself into spot number 5.

This 6.4 is jacked up on an 8-inch lift with 24-inch American Force dually wheels. Keeping the truck riding smoothly on the road is credited to a set of 38 x 13.50 x 24 Nitto Trail Grappler tires. What fun is a truck like this without some horsepower to show it all off? The engine is fully deleted with an Air Raid cold air intake, H & S Performance Mini Maxx Programmer and finished off with a full 5-inch exhaust system.

Number 4: Kohltin Green’s 1995 Dodge Ram


One truck that was hard to miss what Kohltin Green’s 1995 Ram. This custom-painted Ram definitely set apart from the rest. This Columbia City, Indiana native sports a 12-valve Cummins-powered work and play truck. “I enjoy just driving the truck taking it to shows, and showing off the work that has been done to it,” Green said. “I’ve been getting into dirt drags a lot this year and plan on continuing that as well as hitting the asphalt too.”

The growing fad of wheels past the fenders was showcased heavily at this year's show.

Getting him down the dirt track in a hurry is credited to the healthy powerplant that rests under the hood. Green’s 12-valve Cummins is equipped with an Industrial Injection Super Phatshaft turbocharger, Hamilton camshaft, oversize valve springs and push tubes. The P7100 injection pump that makes all the steam is backed with a missing fuel plate, 4k governor springs, full cut delivery valves, and marine fuel injectors.

Green relies on a SunCoast Diesel Transmission to hold all the power that is pumped out of this engine.

Green has the whole package. He has the drive to do fun things with the truck like go fast, or make horsepower but he’s also into making things look good. This custom-painted truck is loaded up with flake in the paint to draw even more attention. Riding high 35-inch MT tires and 20 x 12 wheels, Green’s Ram was a sight for sore eyes.

Be sure and check out Green's Instagram page, Kohltin45.

Number 3: Alex Goulet’s High-Horsepower “CUMAPRT”

Alex Goulet’s third generation Ram may look like your ordinary Dodge pickup, but what you can’t see is what’s exciting. In one of the wildest looking engine bays we’ve ever seen, Goulet’s “CUMAPRT” has enough horsepower to break something and unfortunately for Goulet, he did.

The street tire and big wheel combo are still pretty common, but with a setup like this, it's important to obtain as much traction as possible. A bigger tire just doesn't offer that type on-track reliability. A custom nitrous oxide set up is mounted in the bed alongside a dual transmission coolers.

This two-tone Ram has a completely built engine and transmission that utilizes a monster configuration of compound turbos consisting of an S472 and an S588. The fastest speed reached with this street truck is 132-mph which could be pushing the limits on these Toyo tires. This Bloomington, Minnesota native drove the truck 10 hours to the Ultimate Callout Challenge which proves the reliability of this setup.

For a street truck, this engine bay is looking pretty racy. With the custom exhaust exiting out of the hood, props to him for driving 10 hours like that. This truck means business and isn't something you're going to want to mess with at the stoplight.

Number 2: Jeremy Gray’s Bagged Dodge Dually

When you see a dually truck, it’s usually towing. Some say its wide structure is the reason it tows better than a single wheeled truck. Well, in the Show-N-Shine, we were surprised to see a dually. But this wasn’t just any dually, this was “Snow White”, Jeremy Gray’s Dodge Ram dually that is ground level. Other than the other lowered dually in the show, Snow White was the lowest thing on the property.

Gray’s 2006 Ram has a 5.9-liter Cummins engine and an automatic transmission. This sport edition Ram is equipped with 22-inch milled wheels and low profile tires to fit the look. “I’ve got big plans for this truck in the near future,” said Gray. “If I had more time, the timeline would be a lot sooner, but it’s coming soon. The engine and transmission are coming out in a few weeks.”

We are ecstatic to see what the future holds for Gray’s slammed dually.

Number 1: 4BT swapped F150 Casey Mogensen

It’s pretty clear why this truck was chosen in our top from the show. Another showgoer from Minnesota, Casey Mogensen has one of the coolest engine swaps of the industry and when we saw it in passing, there was no way we could pass by and not get the story behind it. This Ford F-150 was destined to have a 5.4-liter gasoline engine back in the 2000’s, but Mogensen had other plans.

“The build all in all took me over a year and a half with all the body and paintwork. The truck started out with the 5.4-liter and was just a daily driver for nearly five years before I decided to get crazy with it,” said Mogensen. “I decided to do an engine swap that would set it apart from the rest.” What he’s made has definitely made a statement for all engine swap lovers out there.

This engine bay is absolutely killer. There are brand new late-model trucks that wish their engine bays looked this great.

“The complete swap was done all by myself including fabricating the engine mounts,” said Mogensen. “The transmission was built by Harmon Performance Transmissions with some help from Lentech Automatics for parts.” The truck, post swap, has become a short and long distance truck event type ride for Mogensen. It’s always turning heads and getting compliments at all the stop lights. “For what the engine is, it has a lot of power,” said Mogensen. “I’ll take the 4BT over the 5.4-liter any day.”

The engine is a Cummin 4BT with a p-pump injection system. The bottom end of the engine is stock, but it’s still filled with good aftermarket parts. 60-pound valve springs, heavy-duty pushrods, head studs, custom to fit ported and polished 12-valve exhaust manifold, and a newer HX35 turbocharger. Fueling this engine is a 4k governor spring, number 10 fuel plate, high-performance delivery valves, and a FASS 125gph lift pump.

The full Auto Meter gauge display was a nice touch in this F-150. Another funny point that wasn’t to be missed, was his “Diesel Fuel Only” sticker.

The transmission is a Harmon Performance build controlled by a PCS TCU-2000. Riding on BFG All-Terrain TA KO2’s, this F-150 has a clean set of 18-inch XD Spy wheels and surrounded by Bilstein shocks and factory suspension. Keeping an eye on all the temperatures and parameters is made easy with all Autometer Phantom gauges including oil pressure, transmission temperature, turbo boost, and a pyrometer.

There have been enormous amounts of time, money, and labor into this project and it definitely shows. "There was a ton of work that needed to be done when I started," said Mogensen. "The box had to be replaced because the rust was so great along with the rocker panels. Mogensen explained to us that all of the work completed on this project was done so inside a single stall garage.

With this year’s Ultimate Callout Challenge in the books, we can’t wait for the rest of the participating events to come. There are two more Ultimate Callout Challenge qualifiers being held in 2018. August 4th-5th is the Weekend On The Edge, in Salt Lake City, Utah, and also another qualifier event at Wagler Motorsports Park. Stay tuned as we offer all of the latest news in the industry and information about upcoming events.

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