2021 Outlaw Diesel Super Series Champions Crowned

Whether you’re in the stands watching your favorite trucks or piloting said trucks down the dragstrip, racing is fun. We’re blessed to have the Outlaw Diesel Super Series putting on these monster events on the east side of the United States. This year started out great, but man, mother nature was hell on us this year. Out of the seven total events, only four managed to go the distance.

Although the season didn’t get to finish all of the events as planned, that doesn’t mean there was a championship race going on. Each of the Outlaw Diesel classes crowned a champion in North Carolina just a few weekends ago and we’re here to share with you who made it to the end on top in 2021.

JAMO Performance E.T

Continuing his dominant performance in this series, Ryan Riddle was crowned the champion of the E.T class this year. He won the season opener, Rudy’s Spring Truck Jam, and then placed second place overall at the Scheid Diesel Extravaganza. His consistent attendance and competitive truck earned him another championship this year. Congrats to Mr. Riddle on a great year.

  1. Ryan Riddle – 289
  2. Ken Phillips- 286
  3. Nick Morris- 228

ATS Diesel Power 7.70 Index

Someone who is constantly in the mix in the late rounds is Nick Morris and his Duramax-powered Chevrolet. Morris’ truck is always a contender in both E.T and 7.70 Index and this was just his year. Again, his consistent attendance and quality outings earned him a championship. Finishing at the top of most of the events and winning one is what it took to hold off his fellow racers this year. Congrats to Nick on his 2021 7.70 Index championship.

  1. Nick Morris- 259
  2. Ryan Riddle- 256
  3. Dustin Canter- 197

Thoroughbred Diesel 6.70 Index

If there is a 6.70 class within 500 miles of Ohio, you better believe that Firepunk Diesel’s Landon Miller will be there. Miller is always in the late rounds it seems like and this just proves my point even more. With three event wins and some extra rounds here and there at others, Miller was crowned champion once again.

This class continues to grow and the competition is getting harder and harder to hold off. Can Landon hold them off in 2022?

  1. Landon Miller- 329
  2. Zach Tucan- 192
  3. Zack Pierce- 189

Firepunk Diesel Outlaw 5.90 Index

David Large wanted to get into a faster class of racing and as the Outlaw 5.90 class grew in popularity, his interest in driving in it followed. Large set himself up with some of his favorite companies and turned his new race-ready truck into a lethal 5.90 machine. With the help of his crew, Large and his bright red Ram put on a show and took home the 5.90 Index championship.

Followed closely by Dustin Sterling and Chad Keeter, Large was forced to be at each event and do the best he could if he had hopes of sealing the deal. With only a 22 point lead over second heading into the final event, it was all coming down to this. Unfortunately, the rain ended the weekend early and where the points stopped, Large was ahead by 9 points.

Who knows what could’ve happened had that race continued on but it didn’t. Therefore, the championship is his for 2021. 2022 looks to be even tighter because these guys are starting to get these trucks figured out.

  1. David Large- 208
  2. Chad Keeter- 199
  3. Dustin Sterling- 166

Hot Shot’s Secret Pro Street

Even though there have been a lot more trucks involved in this class, nobody stopped Johnny Gilbert. Stainless Diesel’s truck was set on kill and managed to put 4’s on the board for most of the year. His consistent performance and attendance earned him and his team yet another Outlaw Diesel Super Series championship.

Their three event wins for the year were enough to beat out the rest of the field and with their new car coming out, this may be the last time we see the truck for a while. A well earned championship by Gilbert and Co., but who will it be in 2022?

  1. Johnny Gilbert- 250
  2. Tyler Burkhard- 184
  3. Michael Dalton- 172

SunCoast Diesel Pro Mod

With one event remaining, Larson Miller and Ben Shadday were only separated by 16 points. Both vehicles are unbelievably fast and it was all going to come down to who could make it farther in this last event. Once again, the rain had other plans and the event was cut short. That being said, when the points were tallied up, Miller had edged Shaddy out by 18 points.

This could’ve gone either way because both drivers were at every event and placed near the top or at the top for all of them. But, a congratulations goes out to our champion that is Larson Miller. He and his team have had an outstanding year and I look forward to seeing what they can do in 2022. As for Shadday, his time is coming. I think we’re going to see a Corvette with a crown one of these days!

All New Look For Firepunk S10: Hot Shot's Secret Now Title Sponsor

  1. Larson Miller- 235
  2. Ben Shadday- 217
  3. Brian Gray- 114

Industrial Injection Pro Dragster

Until another dragster decides to come out and play, it is going to be Mattison Graves and Jared Jones battling for the belt all year long. Mattison Graves earned her first Outlaw Diesel Super Series win at the Rocky Top Diesel Shootout this year but Jared managed to take the rest of the completed events. If I had to bet, I’d say Mattison and Mike Graves are going to get their dragster figured out and put some pressure on Jared next year.

Jared Jones and Dan Scheid made it to all of the events this year and pulled together for some great passes and another Pro Dragster championship. Congrats to both of those guys on a fun year. I’m looking forward to more exciting competition between these two teams.

  1. Jared Jones- 205
  2. Mattison Graves- 134

Congratulations to all of our 2021 Outlaw Diesel Super Series champions and thank you to all of the sponsors that make these events possible. Stay tuned for the official dates of the 2022 Outlaw Diesel Super Series schedule. For more event coverage, stay tuned right here on Diesel Army.

We'll see you next year!

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