• Nine-man squad carrying capability
  • Payload of 3,200-pounds
  • External sling load by a UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter
  • Internal load/external lift by CH-47 Chinook helicopter
  • Low-velocity air drop by fixed-wing C-130 or C-17 transport aircraft
  • Exceptional mobility over all terrains
  • Cover a range of 300 miles in a 72-hour period

The GM Duramax is a turbo-diesel engine produced by General Motors for use in mid-size pickup trucks and SUVs. A broad torque band makes the 2.8-liter Duramax very powerful at low rpm, while the turbocharged performance provides a confident feeling of immediate and smooth horsepower on demand.

Per Army Times, eventually, 11 infantry brigade combat teams will be outfitted with 59 vehicles each under the first contract.

Ultimately, the Army plans to purchase 2,065 ISVs. Definitely some different news than what you’re used to here on Diesel Army but cool nonetheless. For more diesel industry news, part reviews, and truck features, stay tuned. What do you think about these little machines? Are they capable with that powerplant? Let us know in the comments below.