ODSS Round #2: Outlaw Diesel Revenge 2019 Xenia, Ohio

The Outlaw Diesel Super Series is growing faster than ever and our first of two new events was over the weekend in Xenia, Ohio. This event, Outlaw Diesel Revenge, was hosted by Firepunk Diesel at their home track of Kil-Kare Raceway, just outside of Dayton, Ohio. With Firepunk’s success over the last few years, everyone had high expectations on their first ever event, and it did not disappoint.

Although our expectations were high, mother nature was doing her best to scare us off. As the event was approaching last week, the city of Dayton was hit by a series of deadly storms which included a monster tornado crashing through the city and destroying everything in its path.

With that in mind, we were unsure if our hotel even existed at this time. After multiple calls to the hotel with no answer, it was still up in the air. So, we hit the road and made it into town with the hotel and dragstrip, Kil-Kare Raceway perfectly intact and ready for a full weekend of racing.

Pro qualifying was originally supposed to start at 1:00 PM, but the rain was keeping that from happening. Due to multiple car crashes, traffic was keeping us from making it to the track in time.

But, as we pulled into the track, they were just finishing up drying the track which made for a perfect, cool evening of racing ahead. Outlaw 5.90, Pro Street, Pro Mod, and Pro Dragster made a few qualifying passes setting up our Saturday’s eliminations ladder.

In the Firepunk Diesel Outlaw 5.90 class, qualifying was tight. Between Seth Higgins, Paul Cato, and Brett Marcum, the margin was slim to none. Both Higgins and Cato ran dead on the index 5.90 with only a few thousandths of a second separating them. That’s tight racing.

The Hot Shot’s Secret Pro Street class there were a few familiar faces. Michael Dalton, in his RLC Motorsports-backed Ram, Stainless Diesels’ Johnny Gilbert in their second-gen Ram, and your 2019 Ultimate Callout Challenge winner, Derek Rose. Rose coming off a high that was hard earned made his way down for some racing after that grueling event just a few weeks ago. As if the performance wasn’t good enough, Rose went on to qualify in the first position with a 5.32 at 137 MPH.

SunCoast Diesel Pro Mod class, the gnarliest class so far, was as spectacular as you can imagine. Being the hometown race, we kind of expected the Save The Racks S-10 to put on a show in front of their home crowd and they did. Larson Miller piloted their S10 to a 4.39 at 169 MPH pass just in front of Ben Shadday, Rawlings Barnes, and Brett Deutsch.

Race Day In Ohio

On race day, it was Jared Jones, pilot of the Scheid Diesel Dragster, taking the only qualifying position and the win on Saturday in the Flo-Pro Performance Exhaust Pro Dragster class. Looking at the qualifying ladders in the other classes, you would bet on what would happen, but anything can happen in drag racing.

Pro Street started with four trucks at the beginning but at the end of the day, there can only be one. After the first elimination round, it was Johnny Gilbert and Derek Rose in the final round. Due to a later reaction time, Rose couldn’t reel Gilbert in on the big end earning Stainless Diesel a win on the day. Gilbert’s truck ran 5.48 at 140 MPH to Rose’s chassis-certification breaking 5.28 at 136 MPH.

As if racing in this fast of a class wasn’t enough, Derek Rose made his way to the dyno mid-day to see about winning a little extra side cash. Not only did that happen, but he also set a single turbo dyno record with a run of 2,330-horsepower. “When the spool jet is a tad too small, you grab the big stage,” said Rose.

After examining the qualifying ladder for Pro Mod before eliminations, you would’ve bet on a Firepunk / Done Right Diesel Performance final. Well, this goes to show how much the qualifying ladder means. Anything can happen in drag racing and it did. Brian Gray faced the heavy favorite Larson Miller in round one, but due to some technical difficulties, Miller couldn’t get it in the beams on boost, resulting in Gray’s victory for the round.

At the end of eliminations, in the final round, it ended up being an all-Power Stroke final. The first that I can remember attending these Outlaw Diesel events. “I’m super pumped about the final round tonight,” Kyle Fischer, Director Of Sales with Hot Shot’s Secret said. “Not only is this an all Power Stroke final, but both of these trucks are also running our Hot Shot’s products. What a way to end the weekend!”

At the stripe, it was Rawlings Barnes with Rudy’s Diesel putting on a show running a nice 4.66 at 153 MPH giving them the overall win heading into round number three. Photo provided by the Outlaw Diesel Super Series.

In the Outlaw 5.90 class, once again, you can’t look at the top two qualifiers and expect to see them in the final. Although that does happen quite often, that isn’t the case every time. Due to some breakage, Seth Higgins and his KingSpeed Race and Repair crew did an overnight rebuild to be ready for eliminations but leaving on no boost resulted in a loss. Paul Cato had his truck dialed in on the money, but unfortunately, the transfer case popped out of 4×4 resulting in only two tires being powered and spinning the tires in the semi-final.

These two battled their components all day. Look out 5.90 Index, these two are hot.

In the final round, it was Brett Marcum and Mindy Jackson going for gold. Marcum, struggling with a few things over the last few months, was eager for that first win and his truck was running near perfect. Jackson, in her husbands old Pro Street chassis, is new to this class, but she is deadly.

In the final round and probably one of the best races of the weekend, Marcum barely edged out Jackson at the finish line. According to the time slips, the victory margin was on the starting line. “I am super pumped about getting the win this weekend,” said Marcum. “Some of this hard work over the last few months finally paid off!”

Maryland Performance Diesel, the new 6.70 Index class sponsor, will be pleased to know there were more 6.70 trucks than ever. The staging lanes from front to back were packed full of these high-powered trucks looking to make that perfect pass. At the end of the day, it was Kyle Hutchinson piloting his second-gen Ram to victory.

Photo provided by the Outlaw Diesel Super Series.

Ryan Riddle, another Ohio native, continued his 2018 success here in 2019 as well putting up a victory in both Sportsman E.T and 7.70 Index. Riddle’s truck runs nearly on the number every pass and he does his part as the driver to get good reaction times and drive the stripe with skill. If you’re in the lanes next to Riddle, be on your A-Game.

Photo provided by the Outlaw Diesel Super Series.

2019 Points Update

JAMO Performance Exhaust Sportsman E.T

  1. Ryan Riddle
  2. Kyle Mirieter
  3. Kamron Burchette


  1. Ryan Riddle
  2. Nick Morris
  3. Trey Sikes

Maryland Performance Diesel 6.70 Index

  1. Kyle Hutchinson
  2. Landon Miller
  3. Joshua Grahmann

Firepunk Diesel Outlaw 5.90 Index

  1. Paul Cato
  2. Mindy Jackson
  3. McCoy Black

Hot Shot’s Secret Pro Street

  1. Johnny Gilbert
  2. Emilio Blanco
  3. Michael Dalton

SunCoast Diesel Pro Mod

  1. Ben Shadday
  2. Rawlings Barnes
  3. Larson Miller

Flo-Pro Exhaust Pro Dragster

  1. Jared Jones

Our boys at Power Stroke Enginuities honoring our men and women in uniform. Excellent team, excellent competitors, and even better people.

With the 2019 Firepunk Diesel Outlaw Diesel Revenge event in the books, our next stop is at the amazing Virginia Motorsports Park in North Dinwiddie, Virginia. We can’t wait to see all of the east coasters come out and put on a show. For more information about the Outlaw Diesel Super Series, be sure and check out their website. What is your favorite class to watch? Let us know in the comments below. Stay tuned to Diesel Army and we’ll see you in Virginia.

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