Rainy Day Racing: Rocky Top Diesel Shootout #7 Recap

I can’t tell you how excited I am to be here writing this event recap. It’s been a long time since March, and I am so glad that we’re finally back in the saddle and racing again. Once again, the Outlaw Diesel Super Series has invaded Crossville Dragway for the second event of the year. Although the pandemic has brought an end to any late-year incentives for points, the races still go on!

The racing action kicked off on Friday the 24th and they had a full evening scheduled. All of the normal ODSS Pro Class qualifying passes, a Gas vs. Diesel Shootout, and some S&S Diesel Motorsport Friday Night Grudge Racing. Right as the action kicked off, there were a few delays. It seemed as if some of these trucks forgot how to truck over the big break.

Electronic issues, mechanical issues, and some driver errors – add all of these up, and it led to pushing the schedule back. But that is just a part of it. Right as we were ready to get the action going again, in came a girl we like to call Mother Nature. She must’ve known that we wanted to go drag racing that night because she said, “No, not tonight.” It was a gully washer and that prevented us from completing the Friday night action.

There were some qualifying passes, but nothing like the show we wanted. So, heading into Saturday morning, the tension was high. Everyone was ready to qualify in pro classes and the other index classes were going to get their first whack at the track. Just about the time everyone got a run in, the rain said, “Wait a minute. Hold up.”

After the lunchtime shower, the track crew was hard at it to make the surface safe to use again. That allowed those who had issues the night before to fix their rigs up in time. For instance, 5.90 Index driver Rod MacMaster suffered a broken driveshaft the night before. He had someone come from Florida overnight to bring him a new unit just to make qualifying.

Just a few pits down, another 5.90 Index driver, Nathan Wheeler, suffered a damaged transmission. He and his team had to remove the broken parts, rebuild it, and put it all back in in a hurry to make it in time. There were a lot of people struggling, but I think everyone made the show and got at least a few passes in.

During qualifying, we had a couple of records broken too! Both in the Hot Shot’s Secret Pro Street class, as one would expect. With the recent lift of E.T. cap, teams were able to really open the trucks up and push the limit on land speed for a pickup. With both a personal and Outlaw Diesel Super Series record, Josh Scruggs drove his Ram 675 feet on a 660-foot track, stopping the clocks at 4.86 at 144mph.

Shortly after this, Johnny Gilbert and the Stainless Diesel team managed to get their truck into the four-second range after trying for so long. It took all cylinders firing, the right conditions, and everything had to line up, but they got it done. Stopping the clocks at 4.92 at 155mph, Gilbert’s weekend could go any way it wanted and he and his team would be happy.

This moment has been brewing for a long time and all teams were excited about it.

Then, what seemed to be the crowd’s favorite part happened. Derek Rose tested the durability of his brand new Hoosier tires by doing a ridiculous four-wheel-drive burnout. The tires are just begging for mercy and Rose just let it eat. I’m not sure if that is hard on things but don’t stop doing that, Derek.


In the JAMO Performance Exhaust E.T Class, the staging lanes were full of eager drivers ready to test their skills at the tree and the game of consistency. It ended with Ken Phillips on top of the podium. Ken made his way through the field and managed to pull off his first win of the year here in Tennessee.

In the ATS Diesel Power 7.70 Index class, a lot of the E.T guys circled back and got more action but at the end of the day, there can only be one. A name most of you probably haven’t heard of won: Ryan Riddle. I’m only kidding, as Riddle has been an absolute animal in his truck in both classes. He fell short in E.T, but managed to get the win in 7.70. This will only add to his points and push him towards the lead for the year.

Thoroughbred Diesel 6.70 Index class had a total of 27 trucks. I remember a time where 6.70 index struggled to get an eight truck field. It is safe to say that is no more, because when they were called to the lanes, including myself, it got packed quick. Once the ladder was made, the eliminations began. After battling rain delays, Landon Miller was crowned champion.

Miller was already leading the points in that class with a win at the only other event so far this year, so now his lead is growing more. Moving on to Firepunk Diesel Outlaw 5.90 Index, class newcomer Logan Epling pulled off a win over points leader Rod MacMaster. Epling’s first outing in 5.90 Index was a successful one. He was excited to pull off a win and is looking forward to more action soon.

After wild qualifying times, everyone was excited to see the Hot Shot’s Secret Pro Street eliminations. At the end of the day, it was Johnny Gilbert taking the win over Josh Scruggs. It was about to be a very close race, but Scruggs’ truck lost traction a few feet off the line and that ended his round winning run. Congratulations to Johnny and his crew on their victory.

The Outlaw Diesel Super Series debut of Ben Shadday’s ’63 split-window Corvette was well worth the wait. Shadday managed to put down some good runs this weekend and everyone loved the way that hot rod looked, ran, and sounded. That all-aluminum Wagler Competition engine sounded crisp all day in the SunCoast Performance Pro Mod class.

In the end, it was Larson Miller and Ben Shadday battling for the win. Miller had a clear advantage in elapsed time throughout the day and Shadday had to take a chance at the tree. He must’ve rolled her in just a little deep because he turned it -.039 red, handing the win over the Miller and the Fireupnk Diesel/Hot Shot’s Secret team.

In the Industrial Injection Pro Dragster class, Jared Jones took home another win. As you probably know, there isn’t a ton of diesel-powered dragsters out there and the ones that are out there aren’t always at the ODSS events. Easy win for Jared but always a crowd favorite to see him hit the track at almost four seconds flat at 170+.

Points Update


  1. Art Maupin- 109
  2. Ryan Riddle- 106
  3. Ken Phillips- 100

ATS Diesel Power 7.70 Index

  1. Ryan Riddle- 144
  2. Corbin Hall- 99
  3. Jacob Middleton- 76

Thoroughbred Diesel 6.70 Index

  1. Landon Miller- 190
  2. Zack Danner- 101
  3. Ethan Hodge- 93

Firepunk Diesel Outlaw 5.90 Index

  1. Rod MacMaster- 121
  2. Austin Doidge- 63
  3. Logan Epling- 63

Hot Shot’s Secret Pro Street

  1. Derek Rose- 99
  2. Johnny Gilbert- 87
  3. Paul Cato- 54

SunCoast Diesel Pro Mod

  1. Larson Miller- 122
  2. Brian Gray- 53
  3. Steve Royalty- 51

Industrial Injection Pro Dragster

  1. Jared Jones- 100

This event was nothing short of spectacular, just as I suspected it would be. Up next for the Outlaw Diesel Super Series is the 2020 Scheid Diesel Extravaganza. This legendary event has been put on in the same place for years and we’re headed to a new location; Wagler Motorsports Park. We can’t wait to see how things go at the new venue with an event of this size. Stay tuned for updates and news right here on Diesel Army.

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