The Battle Of Crossville: The ODSS Rocky Top Diesel Shootout Six

After much anticipation, the sixth edition of the Rocky Top Diesel Shootout is in the books. Me, personally, have been to this event now three times and in all honesty, it gets better every single year. Mr. Michael Dalton of RLC Motorsports and his crew really do their best in providing the best show for areas biggest diesel fans. In 2019, the story is no different; It was great.

Heading into this weekend, we had a ton to look forward to. Friday night Pro Class qualifying under the lights, the Quick 8 Gas Versus Diesel Shootout, unlimited grudge racing, Saturday’s BDS Suspension-sponsored Show-N-Shine, and a day full of Outlaw Diesel Super Series drag racing. So, let’s dive in and discuss what happened.

Nate Oku was piloting Chris Buhidar’s Cummins-powered Ford all weekend in the Pro Street class all the way from Texas! With the closest diesel sanction no more, Team Texas has been traveling up to the Outlaw Diesel events and they are loving it.

Friday night’s Pro Class qualifying was obviously great. These drivers love to race in front of a crowd and while they did just that, there is an exhilarating feeling doing that at night under the lights. The Quick 8 Shootout was as good as we anticipated, and the grudge racing filled the lanes as if it was a Saturday morning of Outlaw Diesel Super Series racing.

Aaron Rudolf piloted his Rudy’s Diesel-backed Ford in some exhibition passes for the fans.

The Shootout we’ve previously hyped had some great racing. Although we would have loved a diesel versus diesel final, the gas cars and trucks were tough. The Quick 8 Shootout was finished with Firepunk Diesel‘s Larson Miller facing off against St. Mary’s, Georgia native, Beau Hugueley in his small-tire Mustang. When the boards lit up, it was Hugueley taking the win.

We would’ve loved to see a diesel in the winner circle, but we’re going to have to go back to the drawing board for next year! Congratulations, Beau, on the win.

All Class Qualifying

In qualifying, it is crucial to get a good position. If you’re the number one qualifier, you will be racing the last qualifier or the person who was farthest from the index you’re chasing, or in a heads up class, the slowest qualifying time. This gives you an advantage because the car or truck is either slower than you or could have been suffering from issues.

Each driver did their best to land themselves in the best possible qualifying position.

In the Firepunk Diesel Outlaw 5.90 class, keeping the momentum going, Mindy Jackson qualified number one with a 5.906. Following behind her is Rick Fox with a 5.912, Paul Cato with a 5.925, McCoy Black with a 5.927, Rodrigo Macmaster with a 5.979, Brett Marcum with a 5.980, Austin Doidge with a 6.211, and Cody Fisher with a 6.486.

The Hot Shot’s Secret Pro Street Class was a pretty tight field as well. Johnny Gilbert’s 5.217 pass placed him in the number one position with the rest of the field right behind him. Josh Scruggs qualifying second with a 5.256 followed by Phillip Franklin with a 5.398, Nathaniel Oku with a 6.018, and Michael Dalton with a 6.251.

The Stainless Diesel team has been working frantically to improve their personal best elapsed time but at that power level, it isn’t as easy as pressing a few buttons.

The Suncoast Diesel Transmissions Pro Mod class was looking promising for good racing as Larson Miller tops the qualifying charts with a 4.339 pass. Behind Miller was Rawlings Barnes with a 4.669, Ben Shadday with a 4.713, Daniel Pierce with a 6.344, Brian Gray with an 8.645, and Steve Royalty with an 11.45. Obviously, a few of the guys were struggling in qualifying but hoped to bring it back when it came down to eliminations.

To make this much weight go that speed, it takes some help. By the looks of the exhaust, nitrous oxide was the main ingredient in this fire-breathing machine.

Elimination Time

Maryland Performance Diesel‘s 6.70 Index class, it was Texas’s Ray Ross taking the number one spot. In the ATS Diesel Power 7.70 Index class, it was Adam Doan starting the day in the number one position. For the fifty, yes, fifty, trucks in the JAMO Performance Exhaust E.T class, they had a long day ahead of them.

Trucks of all shapes and colors were racing this weekend. If you are interested in getting involved, you can contact anyone in the series or even us here at Diesel Army for guidance.

Sadly, all race days must come to an end. But for six individuals, they get to leave with a trophy in hand and a pocket full of money-when the check comes in. Now, I explained how crucial it was to qualify in a high position, but sometimes the number one qualifier doesn’t bring home the win. Anything can happen. In fact, look at the 6.70 and 7.70 Index classes.

That trip from Texas sure was a long haul, but it was all made worth it at the end of the day for Nathan Wheeler.

Ray Ross, coming all the way up from Texas, qualified number one in 6.70. He did manage to make it all the way to the final round but was beaten by another Texas native, and a friend, Nathan Wheeler. Wheeler’s truck, although was too fast for the class, had what it takes to win over the other 22 drivers in the class.

In 7.70, Devin Ratliff, while only qualifying in the number four position, ended the day on the podium. Ratliff’s Outlaw Diesel Super Series career has been nothing but good as he’s been in the money basically every event thus far. If you’re lining up next to him, you had better be ready.

Ratliff, all the way from Oklahoma, showed out this weekend with a win with the support of his family. Waiting patiently in the winner's circle for his trophy, he discussed his performance with fellow racers.

In the E.T class, Corey Smith, what I think is an Outlaw Diesel newcomer, drove his bone stock Ram into the winner circle battling all day through 7 rounds of racing.

Outlaw 5.90 is shaping up to be the tightest finish ever and Mindy Jackson is doing her best to put a nail in the coffin after this weekend. Jackon piloted her Cummins-powered Ford Lightning into the winner circle this weekend over Rick Fox.

In Pro Street, Johnny Gilbert put his second-gen Ram into the winner circle for the third consecutive event. Gilbert is on a roll, but Josh Scruggs is beginning to get his truck figured out and looks to be a thorn in Gilbert’s side. Although the points are pretty much sealed up, there are only a few races left, but there is no telling who could win the rest of the events.

Pro Mod was sure to be a close one, but in the end, it was Rawlings Barnes taking the win over Larson Miller. Miller’s Save The Racks’ S-10 suffered from an issue knocking him out at the hit of the race and Barnes drove himself to victory. Rawlings last win was at Outlaw Diesel Revenge and with Ben Shadday just behind him in points, he needed this win to lengthen his lead.

Points Recap

JAMO Performance Exhaust E.T-

  1. Ryan Riddle- 301 points
  2. Ken Phillips- 201 points
  3. Issac Blaess- 195 points

ATS Diesel Power 7.70 Index-

  1. Nick Morris- 292 points
  2. Ryan Riddle- 271 points
  3. Trey Sikes- 200 points

Maryland Performance Diesel 6.70 Index-

  1. Landon Miller- 236 points
  2. Kyle Hutchinson- 184 points
  3. Jacob Pierce- 146 points

Firepunk Diesel Outlaw 5.90 Index

  1. Paul Cato- 174 points
  2. Mindy Jackson- 173 points
  3. Brett Marcum- 166 points

Hot Shot’s Secret Pro Street

  1. Johnny Gilbert- 214 points
  2. Michael Dalton- 82 points
  3. Josh Scruggs- 80 points

Suncoast Diesel Transmissions Pro Mod

  1. Rawlings Barnes- 197 points
  2. Larson Miller- 150 points
  3. Ben Shadday- 144 points

Flo Pro Performance Exhaust Pro Dragster

  1. Jared Jones- 165 points

That wraps up the 2019 Edition of the Rocky Top Diesel Shootout. We can’t thank the crew at RLC Motorsports and Crossville Dragway for having the Diesel Army team in attendance and allowing us to cover their event. The event had a huge turnout and offered great action all weekend long. For more information about the Outlaw Diesel Super Series, be sure and check out their website. What was your favorite part of the weekend? Let us know in the comments below.


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