UCC Qualifier Weekend On The Edge 2019: The Results Are In!

Weekend on the Edge is an annual event celebrating all things diesel.  This year was an exciting diesel event that included a dyno competition, sled pull competition, vendor row, show-n-shine, and more! Weekend on the Edge was also a UCC Qualifier to compete for their spot in the 2020 UCC as a competitor. If you’re interested in competing in the Ultimate Callout Challenge, you have to start here at one of the qualifying events.

Families, diesel enthusiasts and those who like racing and competition were welcome and encouraged to join Edge this year. Weekend on the Edge brought together the biggest, baddest and most powerful diesel trucks in the west and they put on one hell of a show. So, let us dive into the results of the action.

Photos provided by Edge Products.

Dyno Results

Stock Chevrolet

  1. Brett Munns 528 Horsepower
  2. Arie van Straalen 528 Horsepower
  3. Layne Harsha 526 Horsepower
  4. Cody Bott 524 Horsepower
  5. Byron Reynolds 503 Horsepower
  6. Nathan Zobell 495 Horsepower
  7. Owen Johnson 484 Horsepower
  8. Kyle Wilson 462 Horsepower
  9. Kade McRae 460 Horsepower
  10. Bryce Strickland 421 Horsepower

Stock Ford

  1. Richard Scott 666 Horsepower
  2. Cliff Towne 621 Horsepower
  3. Zac Gibson 602 Horsepower
  4. Easton Richardson 398 Horsepower
  5. Colter Burleigh 398 Horsepower
  6. Justin Roberts 349 Horsepower
  7. Brodey Smithey 295 Horsepower
  8. Cory Morris 281 Horsepower

Stock Dodge

  1. Jessie Price 625 Horsepower
  2. Cody Walk 516 Horsepower
  3. Dallan Rainford 482 Horsepower
  4. Dallas Barrera 473 Horsepower
  5. Andres Sencion 453 Horsepower
  6. Vincent Edwards 435 Horsepower
  7. Mason Wright 434 Horsepower
  8. Jraveon Edwards 398 Horsepower
  9. Ridge Holt 392 Horsepower
  10. Kole Richards 398 Horsepower

Photo provided by Edge Products.

Edge Products Small Single

  1. Austin Elsmore 811 horsepower
  2. Will Terry 780 horsepower
  3. Paul McClure 767 horsepower
  4. Kolton Hinton 760 horsepower
  5. Jeremy Fogel 706 horsepower
  6. Trent Dais 702 horsepower
  7. Tc Speth 698 horsepower
  8. Dylan Higley 681 horsepower
  9. Tyson Johnson 671 horsepower
  10. Mike Bryson 650 horsepower
  11. Matt Highland 615 horsepower
  12. Kevin Gentry 611 horsepower

FASS Fuel Systems Large Single

  1. Josh McCormack, 1014 horsepower
  2. Chris Voorheis, 917 horsepower
  3. Bryan Burdette, 650 horsepower
  4. Gerrit VanBeekum, 598 horsepower
  5. Dominick Miller, 582 horsepower
  6. Kelley Mitchell, 516 horsepower

Photo provided by Edge Products.

Screamin Diesel Performance Small Twin

  1. Justin Archibald, 1004 horsepower
  2. Orvis Nygaard, 945 horsepower
  3. Tyler Kipp, 884 horsepower
  4. Dustin Prestwich, 846 horsepower
  5. Wayne Yates, 797 horsepower
  6. Myer Stump, 733 horsepower
  7. Preston Lopez, 636 horsepower
  8. Kord Brown, 609 horsepower
  9. Cory Christiansen, 595 horsepower
  10. Roger Remoket, 559 horsepower
  11. Willis Adams, 494 horsepower
  12. Austin Ford, 370 horsepower

Big Twins

  1. Darryl Atkin, 1090 horsepower
  2. Morey Logue, 967 horsepower
  3. Kyslee Viterna, 590 horsepower

Pacific Performance Engineering Unlimited

  1. Wayne Yates, 1386 horsepower
  2. Josh McCormack, 1196 horsepower
  3. Morey Logue, 1016 horsepower
  4. Darryl Atkin, 1010 horsepower
  5. Quintyn Givens, 618 horsepower
  6. James Jones, 591 horsepower

Clean Diesel

  1. Skyler Regan, 512 horsepower

Sled Pulling Results

Photos provided by Daily Driven Performance.

Work Stock

  1. Jessie Price, Tea Party 272.76 feet
  2. Cliffe Towne, ThunderStroke 263.24 feet
  3. Michael Jefferies, Shamrock 253.36 feet
  4. Edward Schaffer, Monthly Madness 231.16 feet

Open Street

  1. Randy Reyes, Red Delicious 278.19 feet
  2. Brant Evans, No Name 272.56 feet
  3. Lyle Richmond, Daily Driven 272.15 feet
  4. Josh McCormack, 6 Point Break 269.93 feet
  5. Wayne Yates, Moby Dick 268.29 feet
  6. Amber Speth, Side Chick 248.18 feet
  7. Dylan Higle, Sha Nae Nae 246.64 feet
  8. Preston Lopez, No Name 243.78 feet
  9. Chris Vooreis, No Name 241.69 feet
  10. Corey Christiansen, Super Booty 201.54 feet
  11. Kyslee Viterna, Dodge 102.89 feet


Super Stock 4×4

  1. Shane Bowers, Burnin’ The Midnight Oil 284.27 feet
  2. Wes Espinoza, Mr. Ed II 277.55 feet
  3. Garth Beibeinger, Shot In The Dark 271.60 feet
  4. Jim Lund, Resurrected 270.86 feet
  5. Richard Martinez, Rango 261.43 feet
  6. Dave Hales, Junkyard Dawg 233.32 feet
  7. Russ Prescott, All Jacked up II 229.04 feet

Photos provided by Daily Driven Performance.

2.5 Diesel

  1. Colby Swanson, Wild Anytime 295.66 feet
  2. Tony Gonzalez, Cummin Alive 271.41 feet
  3. Austin Elsmore, The Yeti 260.73 feet
  4. Max Auker, Hay Feeder 257.09 feet
  5. Maxx Whitney, Student Loans 235.67 feet

Limited Pro Diesel 3.0

  1. Kyle Messerly, Sloppy Seconds 293.41 feet
  2. John Jenkins, total chaos 289.58 feet
  3. Chance Beecher, Semi Educated 275.78 feet
  4. Jaine Ordonez, Herd Bull 150.21 feet

Pro Stock Diesel 4×4

  1. Mark Connor, Anxiety Attack 273.75 feet
  2. Ed Tarbet, Redneck Rig, 270.86 feet
  3. Dennis Kunz, Whiskey Throttle 263.20 feet
  4. Tory VanAlfen, Nitemare 252.17 feet

Photos provided by Daily Driven Performance.

Pro Stock Diesel 3.6

  1. Tom Hansen, the Hybrid, 314.99 feet
  2. Kalaeb Hales, Gone Broke 244.81 feet
  3. Jeremy Neff, Rushed 219.27 feet
  4. Trevor Neiffenegger, Bad Intentions 186.36 feet
  5. Kortney Neiffenegger, Git U Some 34.19 feet
  6. Trevor Larkin, Up In Smoke, 2.73 feet

Super Stock Diesel

  1. Russ Prescott, All Jacked Up 284.24 feet
  2. Darik Hooser, Hooser Daddy, 84.27 feet

Photos provided by Daily Driven Performance.

King Of Diesel

  1. Tom Hansen, The Hybrid, 349.98 feet
  2. Colby Swanson, Wild Anytime 298.39 feet
  3. John Jenkins, Total Chaos, 291.77 feet
  4. Kyle Messerly, Sloppy Seconds 280.10 feet
  5. Tony Gonzalez, Cummin Alive 285.40 feet
  6. Trevor Nieffenegger, Bad Intentions 19.85 feet

It looks like the event went great as usual and we’re going to have to make it out to this next year for the action! They want to put out a special thanks to all of their new and returning sponsors of the Weekend On The Edge event. Alligator Performance , Golden Spike Event Center for Hosting SponsorIndustrial InjectionThoroughbred DieselPremier PerformanceBD PowerATS DieselDynomite DieselNitro Gear and AxleDaily Driven PerformanceNWDCUnited Truck and Tractor Pullers, and SureCan!

For more information about upcoming Ultimate Callout Challenge events, be sure and check out their website here. For more information about Edge Products and their products, check out their website here. Stay tuned as we here at Diesel Army will bring you the latest results from events from all around.

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