Ultimate Callout Challenge Drag098

The 2017 Ultimate Callout Challenge is off and running in Indianapolis, Indiana with the competitors hit the drag strip at Lucas Oil Raceway to start the weekend competition. With all the hype from the competitors leading up to the event with some saying they had broken the 3,000 horsepower barrier, it was time to prove it.

In an event like this, you have to do well in all three events: drags, dyno, and sled pulls. This will give you the greatest chance to win, but also allow you to make up points where the truck is strongest.

Pass after pass the drivers pushed to get the fastest time and the most points down the track.

They would only have to worry about putting the fastest time down as there were no eliminations. For four hours the drivers had as many passes as they wanted, allowing them to push their trucks further each time.

With day one in the books, it is one to the dyno tomorrow and sled pulling on Sunday. The highest combined score will be the winner of the 2017 Ultimate Callout Challenge.

Trucks normally running only a 1/8th mile would be stretched to do a full 1/4-mile. One of the most anticipated trucks to run was the truck of Wagler Competition Products. This truck is not only a twin-turbo truck it is also supercharged and was being driven by Farmtruck and AZN from Street Outlaws.

AZN lining up Farmtruck for their first hit.

AZN lining up Farmtruck for their first hit. The fastest time for the truck was an 11.457 which placed them in fifteen place for the day.

The top 10 runs were as follows:

  1. Lavon Miller, FirePunk – 8.63
  2. Derek Rose, DNR Customs – 9.164
  3. Donavan Harris, Armor Inc./Dynomite Diesel – 9.520
  4. Mike Graves, Hollyrock Customs – 9.555
  5. Justin Hyatt, Husker Diesel – 9.628
  6. Wade Minter, So Cal Diesel – 9.796
  7. Josh Gruis, Jag’s Pro Truck Shop – 9.797
  8. Cody Hale, Anarchy Diesel – 9.913
  9. Zach Fuller, Starlite Diesel – 10.039
  10. Jesse Warren, Warren Diesel – 10.059

For the full up to date standings visit the Ultimate Callout Challenge’s website.

Ultimate Callout Challenge Drag360

Fans braved the cold to come check out their favorite manufacturers. The DPI Expo will continue all weekend long.

In addition to the drags, the pit area was open for diesel enthusiasts to walk through and see the trucks up close as well as the start of the Diesel Performance Industry Expo. The expo features many of the top diesel performance manufacturers ready to answer any questions you may have.

With Day 1 in the books, it is time to get the trucks ready for the lie detector, aka the dyno. Tomorrow we will see what truck is putting out the most horsepower. Could we see 3,000 horsepower? Check back tomorrow for the results.

With Day 1 completed it is time to crank up the tune and show the world how much power you can really make on the dyno. Tomorrow’s dyno day will be the lie detector for all the trucks. Stay tuned for a full recap and highlights of the rest of the event and be sure to check out the gallery below!

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