Ultimate Callout Challenge Day 2 035

With the first day of the 2017 Ultimate Callout Challenge complete, it was time for dyno day, also known as the lie detector. There was plenty of hype and bragging before the event on who would make the most power, but today was the day to prove it.

It was time to put your money where your mouth is. The dyno let everyone know just how much power you are making.

The weather held off and was perfect for the dyno, crisp cool air. The heavy hitters would come towards the end of the day, but there was still plenty of action to see.

Everyone was waiting for the battle between Shawn Baca and Lavon Miller. Both were going back and forth with each other before the event teasing how much power they were making. As anyone knows you can say you make a million horsepower, but you have to show it on the dyno.

Shawn Baca laughing off after his runs on the dyno.

Shawn Baca laughing it off after his runs on the dyno. Baca’s number may not have topped last years, but he still took home the crown for the most powerful truck.

Shawn Baca was up first and after having some starting issues was able to get the truck to run. It wasn’t great, but was less than the 2,476 horsepower he put down at last year’s event.

Lavon Miller spent all night swapping motors and putting in what he called his big motor for the dyno. The rumor mills were high with estimates of over 3,200 horsepower being put out by this motor, but when it came dyno time it put out a lot less than everyone had hoped.

Ultimate Callout Challenge Day 2 459

Lavon Miller pushing his truck and motor in one of his dyno runs.

The top five power numbers for the day were:

  1. Shawn Baca – 2,447 hp/3,311 lb-ft of torque
  2. Lavon Miller – 2,399 hp/2,712 lb-ft of torque
  3. Derek Rose – 2,047 hp/2,778 lb-ft of torque
  4. Wade Minter – 1960 hp/2,727 lb-ft of torque
  5. Ben Shadday – 1930 hp/2,254 lb-ft of torque

The pursuit for 3,000 horsepower continues, on the engine dyno, it is one thing as it comes down to what it does in the truck.

With one event left the event is still anyone's game.

After today’s runs the top five combined points for the event look as follows:

  1. Lavon Miller – 1,623.308
  2. Derek Rose – 1,525.908
  3. Wade Minter – 1,441.477
  4. Shawn Baca – 1,357.046
  5. Donavan Harris – 1,333.692

In addition to the dyno competition, there was a show-n-shine on the back side of the grandstands that showed off a whole different type of diesel truck. Anything from street trucks to show trucks was on display.

Anything you wanted to see was on display in either the show-n-shine or the DPI Expo.

Stay tuned for the final day of the 2017 Ultimate Callout Challenge as it concludes with sled pulling. Can Lavon Miller hold on and take home the win? Check back tomorrow, but in the meantime be sure to check out the gallery below!

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