Top 5 Trucks From The Ultimate Callout Challenge Show-N-Shine


The 2017 edition of the Ultimate Callout Challenge has come and gone, but the memories are still fresh. We got a kick out of the competitions, but we headed out to the show-n-shine to find ourselves the best-looking trucks.

There were the usuals that are at every show, but we wanted to find some that really caught our eyes. From sky-high trucks to trucks scraping the ground, everything we wanted to see was on display.

UCC Top 5034

5. Clean White Duramax

UCC Top 5070

With all the chaos of the show and tricked-out rigs, this clean white 2001 Chevy 3500HD Duramax really stood out. We were unable to track down the owner of the truck, but this one was too clean to pass up. Owners nowadays seem to be putting a lot of decoration on the exterior of the truck, so seeing this clean of a pickup was awesome.

Not only was the body spotless, the engine bay was a place you could eat lunch off.

4. Tyler Johnson’s Custom International

UCC Top 5040

This truck grabbed our attention because it was something we don’t see every day. It is a 1995 International 4700 with a 1978 Chevy K30 dually box owned by Tyler Johnson. “My parents own a feed mill in Pennsylvania, and the box was bad on this truck, so they ended up parking it,” Johnson explained. “They were going drag racing one weekend and left me behind to work at the mill. I got the bright idea to tear the truck apart.”

“At the time, we had a second-gen Dodge box laying around, so I was going to use that, but it was too rusted,” Johnson continued. “The Chevy box was on another project, so I grabbed the dually box.”

No fancy wheels, and tricked out engine bay here.

The International has the stock Spicer direct five-speed transmission and the stock 17,500-pound rear axle with 3.54:1 gears. “My favorite part about it is the people I’ve met driving around,” Johnson said. “I’ve stopped at intersections so people can take pictures of it.”

UCC Top 5083

3. Brett Marcum’s Drag Truck

UCC Top 5077

While walking through the show-n-shine, we had to stop by and see what was under the hood of this 2006 Dodge Ram 2500 owned by Brett Marcum. By the looks of this truck, he was ready to have his turn at the track.

“The idea behind the build was to have a 1,000-horsepower daily driver that was a crew cab with a G56 transmission,” Marcum explained. “I kept snapping input shafts, so I decided to do an auto swap. In the process, I figured I might as well put it in a regular cab just in case I had any ideas of making more power down the road.”

The bed is long gone, in its place are a transmission cooler and fuel cell.

“Well the swap happened and halfway through the build, I decided it would be a good idea to make it a drag truck and scrap the idea of a daily driver,” Marcum continued. “Within the last year and a half, things have progressed, and I’m hoping the truck sees 9s this season!”

With so much done to the truck, we had to find out what his favorite feature is. “My favorite part of the truck, other than a 20 psi 4×4 launch throwing you into the seat, is honestly being in the game,” Marcum said. “Getting to travel, meet new people, and make new friends has been really great.”

UCC Top 5076

2. Daivd Petrick’s Blue Sleeper

UCC Top 5055

This blue Dodge Ram 2500 had plenty of attention during the show and is owned by David Petrick. “I wanted to build a 10-second, 1,000-horsepower streetable truck that you could still hook to a trailer, take friends and family out, and drive on vacation,” Petrick explained. “I am very pleased that I was able to build the truck I had envisioned.”

The truck is loaded with parts. “The truck has an S467.7/83/.90 paired with an S483/97/1.32 with billet wheels and a water-to-air intercooler setup,” Petrick said. “All the piping was made in-house at the shop I work at, TSI Diesel and Performance.”

Underneath the hood is what caught our attention walking around the show-n-shine.

Petrick has also outfitted the truck with D&J 6.7-liter Cummins heads with side intake, 110 valve springs, larger exhaust valves, ARP 625 head studs, Fluidampr crank dampener, Flex-A-Lite electric fans, and is still on a stock bottom end.

In addition, the blue Ram has Dynomite Diesel Products injectors, ATS dual fueler CP3 kit with a Motorsport diesel 10.6 stroker pump and LBZ Duramax pump, Firepunk comp2 48RE transmission, Anteater transmission controller, and a Nitrous Express dual stage nitrous kit, the latter of which has yet to be used.

UCC Top 5054

1. Greg & Zach Adams’ 1978 Ford Bronco

UCC Top 5059

It was hard to miss this rig in the show-n-shine. This truck stood high above the rest of the crowd. This was a 1978 Ford bronco powered by a 12-valve Cummins that was stretched to a four door. It had on F600 front fenders and grill, along with F600 fenders worked into the rear quarters.

“We wanted to build something old-school, but make it original, too,” Zach Adams said. “We had to go big with the build. Not only to stand out, but it’s the norm for us. We own and operate the Rislone Defender monster truck full-time.”

The body lines, and subtle features made this a no-brainer choice for the top truck.

The body was placed on a frame setup similar to the one on the Adams’ use for their monster trucks. Along with MRAP axles and four-wheel steering the team used eight ORI nitrogen shocks to hold up the massive weight the body put on the suspension.

“We did all the fabrication in-house,” Adams explained. “From the roll cage that has the roof rack built into it to the bumpers that fit the line and width of the massive F600 front and rearend.”

With this much weight, the team had to use two ORI struts per corner to keep the truck afloat.

The build took a year to complete. It wouldn’t have been possible without the help of their friends that came in to lend a hand when needed. “We can’t thank those guys enough along with our sponsors,” said Adams. “Rislone products, Firewire LED’s, Milemarker winches, Diamond Eye Exhaust, NVX audio, Rightline Gear, XS Batteries, FASS fuel systems, and H3R Performance all helped out.”

Be sure to check out the rest of our coverage from the Ultimate Callout Challenge, and tell us what your favorite truck was in the comments below!

UCC Top 5066

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