Year In Review: Top 5 Diesel Vehicles Of 2016


2016 was a year that some of us hated and some of us loved. We choose the latter, as there were definitely some choice vehicles that really made the diesel grade. It was difficult, but we managed to break down our top five favorite builds of 2016, starting with Mallory Mollet and his 1970 Dodge Sweptline truck.

#5 Mallory Mollet’s 1970 Dodge Sweptline


At first glance, a truck like this might not get much more of a reaction than, “Oh, a Sweptline! Those are pretty rare.” But Mallory and her family made it totally outstanding when they decided to build it to fit not one, but two Cummins motors! Also, this was our favorite of the Top 5 of Scheid Diesel Extravaganza 2016.

#4 Joel McKinley’s Diesel Rat Rod, “Fearless Boogie”


Rat rods are like the potatoes of the automotive world – you can do all sorts of things with them and make them turn out brilliant in the end. That notion was reinforced after discovering Joel McKinley’s “Fearless Boogie,” powered by a 7.3-liter Power Stroke and outfitted with all sorts of interesting odds and ends like artillery shells, sawblades, electrical conduit, and so on.

#3 Will Shoemaker’s 2000 Ford F-350, “Clifford”


Just like its namesake, this “Clifford” warmed our hearts when we first laid eyes on it. Built by a father and son team, the truck is more than just show; it has plenty of go too, thanks to upgraded axles, bigger injectors, and a stouter turbocharger. It was a sight to see as it ambled over the Moonrocks ORV Recreation Area.

#2 Comhghan Locke’s 2004 Mazda RX-8, “RX-H8”


Not all diesel greatness comes from the USA; in some cases, looking elsewhere bore some incredible results, as we learned from Irishman Comhghan Locke and his 2004 RX-8, a.k.a. “RX-H8.” Swapped with a 5.9-liter Cummins, the car is as amazing as it is powerful!

#1 Kris DeVault’s 2015 Ram 2500


The builds you really enjoy are the ones that have a purpose in mind. For Kris DeVault, that purpose was to lug heavy cargo up and over some of harshest terrain known to man: the Alaskan wilderness. We were in awe as we heard this man’s story, considering he started with a bone-stock 2015 Ram 2500 crew cab, and turned it into a rock-solid, do-it-all machine.

What were your favorite diesel trucks from this year? Let us know in the comments below, and have a wonderful 2017!

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