PRI 2017: EFILive’s FlashScan HD

The 2017 PRI Show is giving us a glimpse at what’s new in the diesel market. Today, we’re looking at EFILive and its FlashScan HD.

At its core, the Flashscan HD is the tuning option for big rigs. EFILive’s Jesse Bubb walked us through the product: “We basically made a super-complex chore super-simple. Instead of having to tear apart a controller and do a lot of hex editing and backdoor programming, we let you read out the controller without tearing anything apart.”

The FlashScan HD plugs directly into the electronic port and does its job, all while retaining a semblance of EFILive’s familiar user interface on light-duty trucks. “Becoming acclimated to the heavy-duty world is simple,” said Bubb. “The programming principles are about the same and we tried to name stuff the same, so users could find what they are looking for.”

In terms of numbers, the Flashscan HD has “no rules,” according to Bubb. “Users will have to figure out what they want to spend to reach the limits,” he said. “The more power you add, the more chance you have of breaking something. That would come down to boost and fueling.”

The Flashscan HD looks to be a sweet solution for not just the eighteen-wheeler crowd, but others as well. Support on the HD extends to medium-duty and heavy-duty applications, as well as buses, RVs, boats, and more. We recommend you check out more from EFILive on its website, and check out more of our PRI coverage, too.

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