SEMA 2017: The Progress Of LINE-X

The 2017 SEMA Show is giving us a glimpse at what’s new in the off-road market. Today, we’re looking at LINE-X and the ways it has grown and contributed to the automotive industry.

“Ten years ago, we were basically just a bedliner company,” said LINE-X’s Executive Vice President of Operations, George Lezon. “We have grown from 300 franchises to over 500. Plus, we have more than 40 master distributors around the world. Mexico is a big dealer network for us, and Australia is a franchise network for us.”

From trucks to UTVs and more, LINE-X's products have made great strides in finding the right markets.

While LINE-X has grown in leaps and strides in a relatively short period, so has its catalog. “We have grown our product line to include lots of special vehicles,” said Lezon. “Some of the vehicles here in our booth showcase our products, and they have been game-changers.”

Said vehicles included a prototype Polaris DAGOR and a 2017 Ford Raptor built by Kenny Pfitzer. Both were coated in LINE-X ULTRA, which is a thin-build, low profile coating that protects against UV rays and has a smooth, slightly textured finish.

This 2017 Ford Raptor (as well as other vehicles) showcased LINE-X ULTRA, a thin build coating that featured a slightly textured finish.

Keeping LINE-X focused is its devotion to the customer. “We want to continue to make high-end products,” asserted Lezon. “We do not make sub-par, inexpensive products. Our franchises are required to spray to certain depths and thicknesses, and our product is UV-stable. So we want to maintain a high level of quality, maintain the quality of our franchises and manufacturing customers around the world, and continue to grow our business.”

LINE-X looks to have a clear vision and constant progress. We’re glad we had a chance to hear about the company’s developments and values. For more information on LINE-X, head on over to its website.

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