Welcome back to Wrecked Truck Friday – WTF – as we continue to check out the recently deceased rigs out there in need of a rescue. This week, we’re checking out a 2011 GMC Sierra in San Antonio, Texas.

The face of this GMC gives us one picture. Everything looks as it should be, no dents or crazy damage done. It’s only when we get to the back that we see what really did this Sierra in. A massive dent to the driver’s rear fender means something going pretty fast had to come to very hard stop.

Ooooh, that's not good...

As a result, the fender is a write-off. The tire came off of its bead, and it looks like the rear axle is totally out of alignment. This could mean a bent frame, and certainly some broken shock and spring mounts. A new tailgate is in order, too.

But let’s assume the best and say the frame is fine. So is the rest of the truck, by the look of things. The interior shows a decent amount of care and cleanliness for being stuck in a junkyard. Even the paint looks alright.

200,000+ miles and a clean interior. Is this GMC a fixer-upper or a failure?

The odometer shows nearly 214,000 miles, so this was not a trailer queen of a truck. It saw more than six years of hard work before calling it quits.

But could it make a comeback? We’ll let you decide. Pop down to the comments below and let us know what you think of this GMC.