Chick’s Corner: AM General’s Beef With Activision

Depending on whom you ask, Humvees are either the coolest 4x4s to have ever been invented, or they’re more trouble than they’re worth. However, if you’re currently an exec at Activision Blizzard Inc., you’re definitely going to fall into the latter camp.

That’s because recently, the gaming giant – responsible for publishing video games including Call of Duty, Guitar Hero, Destiny, and more – is getting sued by AM General, the Humvee’s creator and manufacturer. The crux of the lawsuit is copyright infringement. It alleges that Activision’s inclusion of the Humvee in certain Call of Duty titles has violated AM General’s goodwill and reputation. On top of this, it was done without permission in the first place.

Activision's Call of Duty franchise has had no shortage of Humvees depicted over the years.

To be fair, AM General more or less wrecked its own goodwill and reputation by making the Humvee in aluminum rather than bullet-stopping steel, but that’s another topic for another time. But I can see why the company would want some justice (and moolah), if its allegations are true.

AM General states that what it wants out of this lawsuit is “compensatory, punitive, and triple damages” from Activision. The company claims it has tried for “more than a year” to resolve its issues with the game maker.

Of the few instances I can recall in the CoD franchise that involved a Humvee, it wasn’t prominently referred to or called out by main characters. You couldn’t even drive one. At most, you manned a .50-cal. and went to town on the bad guys, or watched one blow up in a cutscene; but that’s about it.

I’ll always be on the side of the IP owner in cases like these, unless it’s proven that they’re lying to try and squeeze some more money out of the opposing party. But what do you guys think? Drop down below and leave a comment.

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