eBay Find: 2017 F-250 Lariat “FTX”

You might look at this 2017 Super Duty at first and think, “Wait, how did this happen?” The short answer is Benna Ford Superior. It’s a dealership in Superior, Wisconsin that occasionally does these customized rigs.

The longer answer is that this is the “FTX” version of an F-250. It somehow manages to be two things at once: tacky and cool, and we’re not sure how that’s the case, but we can certainly try to figure it out.

The FTX’s cladding on the doors–better with, or without? Let us know in the comments.

First and foremost, the doors are what grab our attention. Specifically, the lower part. Here, we see “FTX” emblazoned on plastic cladding that upsets the natural body lines of the vehicle.

Five vertical slats are evenly spaced here, too, but we’re not sure why. They don’t serve to draw the eyes anywhere meaningful, other than chrome. Are the doors rakes or something? If it were up to us, we would simply heat-gun the heck out of the cladding and be done with it.

Not everyone like fender flares, but they look alright here when paired with color-keyed bumpers and mirrors. The 20-inch chrome wheels are decent, and match the chrome step boards.

The bed and tonneau cover are questionable. Here, Benna put in a carpeted bed liner, which the owner will have to keep nice forever and always, as well as a hinged cover that won’t permit storage of anything taller than a tuba. That means no dirtbikes to take to Silver Lake Dunes, unless they’re stuffed in a trailer.

A carpeted bed liner and a hinged tonneau cover–short on practicality, long on style.

The interior probably looks and feels nice, but Benna only managed to get one photo in the set. The others are from a Shelby F-150. Ruh roh.

The bill on this Super Duty will set you back $85,299, assuming the other people watching this on eBay don’t beat you to the punch. Would you roll out in the F-250 FTX, or let someone else take it for himself? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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