We all know them, and we all want them – that’s right, I’m talking about the AM General HMMWV, better known simply as the Humvee or Hummer. Wide, Jeep-like, diesel-powered, and rugged, these machines have been the workhorses of American armed forces since the 1980s.

However, these grizzled 4x4s are not long for the military world, as they’re being slowly phased out in favor of the OshKosh Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV). This has no doubt freed up thousands of vehicles for auction to the public, which is why we’re seeing some of these ultra-rad slantback Humvees coming up for sale soon.

Is there anything sweeter than a slantback HMMWV?

Is there anything sweeter than a slantback HMMWV?

Personally, this was always my favorite configuration of Humvee. You could have the open top, doors-removed one, the soft-top or hard-top one, or even the massive Red Cross, mobile hospital variant. But in my opinion, nothing was sexier than a Hummer with that fastback style to it.

Bidding for the slantback Humvees is due to begin on May 30th through the GovPlanet website. We’ve found two slantbacks listed, both done in a woodland camouflage paint scheme. They sport all of the hallmarks of a military Humvee, from the 6.5-liter Detroit Diesel powerplant to the 37-inch Goodyear M/T tires.

These Humvees have been used and abused.

Seeing as these are military vehicles, you can definitely expect there will be wear and tear on these Humvees, and there is: cracked gauge lenses, ripped fabric, and worn-out hose lines were just a few of the problems we could see in the pictures. Still, at a $5,000 starting bid, we expect these units will get new owners very quickly.

What would you plunk down for a slantback HMMWV? Let us know in the comments below.