NHRDA Mini-Feature: Devon Bowles’ 2006 Duramax


We all like to add our own personal touches to our vehicles. They are, after all, an extension of who we are as a person, just as much as they are a tool that we use to transport people and cargo.

While we were out at the NHRDA World Finals this past weekend, we were on the prowl for trucks that spoke to us on an individual level: what truck expresses its owner the most? We found that diesel folks in Texas are not at all shy when it comes to this notion; case in point, Devon Bowles of Italy, Texas.

Devon adopted a purple-and-green color scheme throughout his truck, with touches ranging from the headlights to the wheels, and even the undercarriage. Commenting on the looks of his truck, Devon said: "I did purple and green to change up the obvious colors other people choose like red and blue. The wrap was done by a buddy of mine and took about three hours to put on. I liked it because of the card game theme."

Though still a young buck, Devon has been around the block with diesels. “I had a 2001 second-gen Cummins, I bought it and just started building on it,” he said. “Then I got more experience from working on this truck and a few other ones.”

Devon started his build on the Duramax in 2014, giving it additional lift on top of the kit it already had installed. He went with a double-stacked tune and a cold air intake to ramp up the performance of the LLY motor, but couldn’t comment on how much power it was making (he also politely declined to let us shoot the engine bay, despite our best efforts to convince him otherwise…)

The truck rides on 20-inch Moto Metal wheels wrapped in 35-inch Toyo Open Country Xtreme tires. Inside the wheel barrel, the same green-and-purple, punk-Western wrap that covers the body can be seen.


The looks are definitely the strong points of Devon’s truck. “I redid the whole interior and put the wrap on myself,” he said. Given the work that went into improving them, the looks are definitely Devon’s favorite aspect of the Duramax. Devon was turning heads wherever he went in his truck while out at the World Finals, and will continue to do so thanks to its eye-catching aesthetic.

The truck has a 9-inch lift kit already installed, but Devon would like to lift it even more – 12 inches!

Regarding the future, Devon has some plans in the works. “I’d like to put some Fox shocks on here, and I also want to raise the truck,” he said. “It only has a 9-inch lift right now, but I’m thinking of lifting it up to 12 inches.”

Stay tuned for more coverage of the NHRDA World Finals, as we bring you more amazing vehicles that made their way to the blowout event. Also, check out our live recaps of both Day One and Day Two.

Devon is a fan of the NHRDA events, and has been ever since he started attending them back in 2011. "I just like seeing all the trucks go fast," he commented.

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