Quick Hit: AMSOIL’s New Diesel Oils Are Designed For More Protection


When it comes to our trucks, we all have one thing in mind – wanting to keep them on the road as long as possible. One way to make sure this happens is to look at what is being put inside the motor. This, of course, is the strong suit for the folks over at AMSOIL. For over 40 years, the company has been formulating and blending different oils to provide exactly what the engine needs.

We had a chance to speak with Mark Nyholm of AMSOIL to get the lowdown on two new lines of product: the Signature Series Max-Duty Synthetic Diesel Oil, and the Heavy-Duty Synthetic Diesel Oil. “Our Signature Series Max-Duty is the best synthetic diesel oil we make,” Nyholm said. “It provides excellent protection and cleanliness for the engine and turbocharger cleanliness, helps reduce oil consumption, and is capable of extended service intervals. Our Heavy-Duty is also a full synthetic excellent diesel oil, and is formulated for those that religiously follow the OEM service interval, or are price-conscious.”

"This product line was designed for customers wanting to move up from conventional oil to something much better while minimizing that increased expense," Mark Nyholm explained. "It gives users great wear protection over the OEM interval."

“AMSOIL formulates lubrication products by individual component to ensure we provide your engine exactly what it needs,” Nyholm continued. “Wear protection is the most important. We provide additives and base oils to ensure wear is reduced, keeping your truck on the road for as long as possible. Everyone wants to save money, so we build in the capability for reduced oil consumption, as well as extended service intervals, for when duty calls and you just can’t get around to changing the oil.”

“Rest assured, we have built-in protection for these situations,” Nyholm said. “Engine cleanliness is very important to ensure the engine is operating at peak efficiency. Turbochargers ultimately pay the price when an oil breaks down. Oil flow is choked off from the turbocharger, which leads to increased heat and potential bearing failure.”

Both lines of oil will be available in quart, gallon, twinpacks (2.5-gallon containers), drums and toes.

“Viscosity retention is also very important and a component of wear reduction,” Nyholm explained. “Our products help to ensure viscosity is not reduced due to shear, and not increased due to oxidation. It’s important that when you pour in a 15W-40 at your oil change that you drain out as close to a 15W-40 as possible at the next oil change. When viscosity decreases or increases, it opens the door for potential wear.”

One of the big things that these oils do compared to the former lines is that they meet and exceed the new API CK-4 requirement. Nyholm let us know what exactly this requirement when he said, “In general, CK-4 is the next-generation diesel specification that sets minimum standards for saleable diesel oil in the marketplace. Our last specification, CJ-4, was introduced in 2006 and protected our engines for about a decade. Along the way, technology changes and requirements from the EPA raised the bar for diesel oil. Today’s engines are a little more harsh on engine oil and performance needed to increase to protect our engines.”


It may not seem like much, but selecting the right oil will lead down a better path for your vehicle. CK-4 oil is a direct replacement for the diesel oil you are using now as wells as being backward compatible with older engines. FA-4 is even more advanced, lower viscosity oil grades for next-generation engines to help maximise fuel economy and is not backward compatible.

When selecting a proper oil for your diesel engine, the three things you need to keep in mind are protection, cleanliness, and consumption. “Full synthetic engine oils will accomplish all three of these attributes far better than conventional oils,” Nyholm explained. “When comparing brands, or even products within a brand, make sure to read up on how that brand accomplishes these very important tasks. AMSOIL provides data behind our claims to help our customers feel comfortable with the products they are putting in their trucks. Based on your needs, we have a product to suit them. With that in mind, you can choose the appropriate viscosity based on your operating conditions or environment, and feel comfortable knowing we are providing you the best protection.”

For more information on the product line, be sure to visit AMSOIL’s website. Do you pay attention to the oil you are putting in your diesel? Tell us in the comments below!

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