Quick Hit: Superflow’s Dynamometer Trailer At 2017 UCC

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If our coverage of this year’s Ultimate Callout Challenge was any proof, the event was a blowout success. Thousands gathered in Indiana to see the best of the best duke it out in three mini-events involving drag racing, dyno running, and sled pulling.

For the dyno runs, none other than Superflow could handle all the hundreds of trucks that had to cycle through that day. We spoke with Superflow’s Mike Giles to get his thoughts on the event, and what it meant for the company.

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“We were proud to see our trailer dyno out for this event,” said Giles. “This year was its second time of doing the dyno competition, and the second year for the trailer dyno, which is owned by Northwest Dyno Circuit.”

The actual model of dynamometer used on the trailer is the SF-849, which is the highest-capacity two-wheeled dyno offered by Superflow. “The SF-849 has two eddy current absorbers on it, and they are connected to the rollers that the vehicle drives on by way of a differential,” explained Giles. “That gives us a significant mechanical advantage over other two-wheel-drive dynamometers. It makes it possible to produce more load at lower speeds, which is why so many of the diesel guys like this model.”

The SF-849 chassis dynamometer, the same found in the Superflow trailer. This dyno is the highest-capacity model of Superflow's two-wheel-drive offerings.

The SF-849 chassis dynamometer, the same found in the Superflow trailer. This dyno is the highest-capacity model of Superflow’s two-wheel-drive offerings, capable of reading over 2,400 horsepower. Its design allows for more load to be placed at lower speeds, making it a big hit with the diesel crowd.

“Along with that, the rollers are 42 inches in diameter,” continued Giles. “The larger in diameter a rollers are, the closer they get to offering a ‘flat’ surface and therefore a larger contact patch on the tires. This increases the tires’ traction on the dyno.”

Given these stats and features, it was easy to see why so many lined up to get their trucks tested. And throughout all of its use that day, the dyno never seemed to need a break; a testament to its rugged utility and proven performance.

Beyond that, however, the Ultimate Callout Challenge was just a great way for Superflow to get some face time with shop owners and diesel enthusiasts. “The UCC brought out a lot of shop owners, and for us to be able to interface with these owners was fantastic,” commented Giles. “It was fun to see what these guys brought to our dyno. We got to mix business and pleasure this past weekend, and we’re excited to do it again next year.”

This year's dyno competition winner was Shawn Baca (right). His Cummins-powered rig generated 2,447 hp and 3,311 lb-ft of torque!

For the rest of 2017, the Superflow dyno trailer can be spotted at various Northwest Dyno Circuit events, including the Jack’s General Tire Burnout Contest and Dyno Competition in Vernal, Utah on May 13th.

Find out more on Superflow by visiting the company’s website and Facebook page. And be sure to check out our full coverage of all three days of UCC!

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