Modifications come in all forms whether it is to upgrade a broken part or changing up the look of your truck. In our case, it was replacing a stolen tailgate on our Ford F-250 shop truck. Instead of replacing it with a factory replacement we opted to install Covercraft‘s Pro Net.

Covercraft offers the Pro Net in multiple styles and colors.

The Pro Net is offered in three different sizes: compact, mid-size, and full. The net is also available in five different colors: black, blue, red, white, and gray. Installation of the kit is simple and minimal tools are needed to get the net on the truck.

People have different opinions on tailgate nets, but Jeff Jegelewicz of Covercraft explained, “Its main intent is to provide air flow and reduce drag to help improve gas mileage.”

Installation was a breeze, once the tail lights were out we were able to get the net installed within 30 minutes.

With the tailgate off, the installation was completed in around 30 minutes. We had to remove the tail lights, drill four holes, and attach the net with the supplied nuts and bolts. Once everything was tightened down we were able to pull the net tight and reinstall the taillights.

We will keep you update with how our net is holding up to driving around. For more information on Covercraft’s products be sure to visit their website.