Spotted In The Shop: Edge Insight Pro CTS2 And EAS Data Logging Kit


The compound turbo build continues to come together for our 2003 Dodge Ram Cummins dually. Centered around the Pusher Intakes high mount compound turbo system, we’ve already received parts from FASS, ARP, Exergy, and others, and now, we can add Edge Products to the list!

Installing a compound turbo system isn’t something to be taken lightly, and will eventually require the ability to apply a proper tune, along with the ability to take into consideration factors like exhaust gas temperature and air pressure. To that end, Edge Products has furnished us with two fantastic items that will go a long way towards a successful end – the Insight Pro CTS2 and EAS (Expandable Accessory System) Data Logging Kit.


The Insights Pro CTS2 and EAS Data Logging Kit are going to make tuning and monitoring our Cummins build possible.

The Insight Pro CTS2 is the latest evolution to come from Edge, and offers users the unique ability to store and program custom tunes. This is thanks to a partnership with HP Tuners, whose software comes installed on the device. HP Tuners has been in the industry since 2003, and has made a name for itself with its VCM software and constant updates to stay in step with OEM changes to ECUs, PCMs, FICMs, and other factory electronics.

“A lot of people who’ve come to market love the CTS2 for its ability to display multiple parameters,” said Venz. “For those that want to go the custom route, the Insights Pro was our answer. Folks can now use the CTS2 as a monitor and the tuner in one package.”

With HP Tuner software built-in, the Insights Pro CTS2 can handle custom tunes to suit a particular application. Its storage capacity allows up to four custom tunes.

With its five-inch, high-resolution touchscreen, the Insights Pro CTS2 is easy to see and navigate, which is great since there is much to discover inside. The programmer can store up to four custom tunes, display dozens of parameters, do data logging, and more.


But to really put the Insights Pro CTS2 to its highest levels of functionality, and use it safely with a compound turbo system, a way to detect vitals is necessary. That’s where the EAS Data Logging Kit comes in, as it was designed with extreme performance builds in mind, and to that end, it comes with all sorts of goodies to help us keep tabs on the drivetrain.

“If you want the ultimate monitoring package, we give you two pressure sensors, two temp sensors, and two EGT sensors. And this is on top of everything the CTS2 can monitor,” said Venz. “Fuel rail pressure, transmission temperature, and all of that can be covered. This is the go-to for anyone who wants to really fine-tune their vehicle, especially ones that surpass what the stock sensors can read. For anyone that wants to go high-end with their builds, like sled pullers and drag trucks, this kit has what it takes for them to be able to make sure everything is running smoothly.”


For the customer that wants everything, the EAS Data Logging Kit is the answer. With two of every type of sensor – EGT, PSIg, and temperature – the kit provides a way for users to monitor and data log more than ever before.

Included in the kit are two PSIg boost sensors, two EGT probe sensors, and two -40 to 300º Fahrenheit temperature sensors. Air pressure and heat, an excess of either of which can cause irreparable damage to the Cummins and transmission, can be monitored with these sensors, and will play a pivotal role when it comes time to dyno the truck and get it ready to put back to work.

Together, the Insights Pro CTS2 and EAS Data Logging Kit are a desirable duo that will give the Cummins an edge over the rest. To see more from Edge Products, look for the company online through its website and Facebook page.


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