What The Truck: More Crazy Craigslist

No one famous has yet said something that perfectly encapsulates Craigslist, but if they did, they’d say, “Tread carefully.” Sometimes, though, you have to take a walk on the wild side to really see something special. That’s what we’re doing today.

Up first, we’re jumping across the pond to London to find the perfect diesel. Well, maybe “perfect” isn’t the right word for this 1973 Land Rover Defender Series III.

You all remember 101 Dalmatians? If memory serves, Cruella de Vil, before aching longingly for some Dalmatian fur, was all about zebras. Perhaps if she wanted to take a safari through Africa and see some zebras up close, this Land Rover would have served her well.

But it can still serve you well, if the seller is to be believed (“drives great with no known mechanical faults”). He’s asking £5,999 (equivalent to $8,499 USD) for his “pride and joy,” as he calls it. Powering this Rover is a 2.3-liter I4, making just 62 horsepower. That’s peanuts compared with a 4BT, so a swap is in order if you want some more heft out of this machine.

The Defender's interior looks to be in good shape. Should it stay stock, or get upgraded to racing seats and harnesses?

Back in the USA, we’re dropping down to Texas for the next offering. This one is a Ford F-650 “XUV” in the Dallas area, sporting six doors and a yellow paint job. It’s almost bright enough to attract moths.

Per the seller, the “XUV” is a one-off design, “unique in every way.” We did some sleuthing and found XUVs come from a company called SuperTruck in Augusta, Georgia. They’ve built vehicles like this one since 2001, and in multiple versions – haulers, promotional rigs, and International or Freightliner models, just to name a few.

The F-650 is most likely a creation of SuperTrucks in Augusta, Georgia. They regularly make vehicles of this type, including ones that carry the "XUV" title, like this one.

Under the XUV’s hood is a 5.9-liter Cummins diesel; yes, the same one you’ll find in a Dodge Ram from 2003-2007.5. More accurately, it’s a 2004 motor, and it’s attached to an Allison automatic transmission. The mileage is 105,000, so the drivetrain is practically a toddler at this point. The seller is asking $83,888 for his big yellow truck.

Last but not least, let us ask: Why? Wyoming, of course. That’s where we found this 1994 HMMMV. It’s riding around not on wheels, but on a set of Mattracks, which are aftermarket conversion kits that swap out wheels for continuous tracks.

Mileage and maintenance are unknown, but the seller claims it “runs and drives great.” He states it has a keyed ignition and door locks, and is fully legal for driving around. Driving around in a 6.5-liter Detroit Diesel might not be everyone’s idea of fun, but with the Mattracks on, it at least will make it through all the snow you can throw at it.

$25,000 is the asking price for this Hummer. Yeesh...

Which of our picks would you take home? Which would you take to the junkyard? Let us know in the comments below.

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