WTF: A Mind-Bending Mess Of An F-250

Welcome back to Wrecked Truck Friday – WTF – as we continue to check out the recently deceased rigs out there in need of a rescue. This week, we’re checking out a 2001 Ford F-250 in Houston, Texas.

Some trucks we showcase here on WTF have at least a smidgen of a chance of being fixed up and repaired. Others, we can’t help but gawk in awe of the sheer damage before us. In the case of this Super Duty, it’s definitely the latter.

This perspective of the truck really lends itself well to artistic appreciation, in a weird way.

Something about the appearance of this three-quarter-ton truck really has us scratching our heads. Looking at it from the passenger fender perspective, it’s almost like an art piece – the single-dimensioned cab appears flat, and contrasts with the front end’s three-dimensionality.

So let’s consider the cab a write-off. Given how contorted and twisted it is, it’s probably better to start afresh or cut it out altogether. Who’s ever seen an open-top, convertible-style Super Duty? This could be the first…

Of course, there is the 7.3-liter Power Stroke V8 under what used to be a hood. That alone could be worth the price of admission. Unfortunately, with the destruction of the cabin and dashboard, the junkyard can’t verify the mileage on the F-250. It’s safe to say the truck has traveled at least 200,000 miles; 12,500 miles a year for 16 years.

Is the F-250 worth rebuilding? Or is it just a bashed-up curiosity destined for the crusher? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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