Welcome back to Wrecked Truck Friday – WTF – as we continue to check out the recently deceased rigs out there in need of a rescue. This week, we’re checking out a 2008 Ford F-550 out of Cleveland, Ohio.

As kids, there’s something about red trucks that instantly grabs us and never lets go. Maybe that’s why we were drawn to this crapped-out F-550, which used to work for the Toledo Division of Transportation (the cherry picker’s bucket says so).

This F-550 used to work for the city of Toledo’s Division of Transportation, and still runs and drives.

Equipped with a stout cherry picker, this vehicle was likely at a full stop and in the middle of fixing a broken traffic light when the accident happened. The damage is the left rear section, so someone wasn’t paying attention, and BAM! Took a bite out of the truck. We can only wonder what that must have felt like to the guy up high in the bucket.

The damage looks pretty bad, to be honest. The crane’s platform is tilted to the left, the tire is not perfectly in the wheel well, and the utility bed will need to be replaced. All of it adds up to nearly $33,000 of stuff to fix, for a truck worth $37,000.

However, the F-550 is running and driving, and has just under 140,000 miles. Sure, it’s a 6.4-liter Power Stroke, but we all enjoy a good challenge every now and then, don’t we?

So what is your verdict? Would you pick up this cherry red cherry picker? Or leave it to be picked apart at the junkyard? Let us know in the comments below.