Welcome back to Wrecked Truck Friday – WTF – as we continue to check out the recently deceased rigs out there in need of a rescue. This week, we’re checking out a 2013 Ford F-250 out in Abilene, Texas.

You remember when you were a kid and you made a nasty face? Whether it was directed at another person or merely a response to unfamiliar food, it wasn’t something that mom would tolerate.

The contorted face of this Super Duty carries with it some hefty repair costs.

“You stop scowling right now, or else your face will freeze that way!” Or something along those lines. Usually, it was enough to get the kid to behave. But unfortunately for this truck, the psychological trickery won’t work; its face is definitely stuck this way, at least for the time being.

The worst of the damage is to the driver front side, where something large and sturdy did a number on the hood, fascia, fender, and bumper. Amazingly, none of the airbags deployed, and the rest of the F-250 looks to be in good shape.

Money is what everyone thinks about when it comes to these WTFs, and the F-250 will certainly put a drain on the old wallet. Valued at $35,000, the F-250 will take about $33,000 to get fixed, which seems extreme for the amount of damage done.

The hood won’t open, but none of the suspension or steering seems affected. Realistically, it’s a matter of wiring, plumbing, and bodywork. Even if you wanted to just drive it around as-is, you might just need a new radiator.

Would you rescue this 2013 F-250? Let us know in the comments below.